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ided with all Necessaries; and the to let the Duke of Berry and the A. D. uccours aforesaid shall be maintain Duke of Orleans renounce the Crown

1712. d at the Expence of the Party that of Spain, which they accordingly in hall send them, for the Use and Be- performed in the most solemn Manoof of the Party who shall have re ner, in the Parliament of Paris on uefted them. But if it shall happen the 15th of March. The Duke of hat the Danger be fo sudden that no Shrewsbury and Mr. Prior Plenipoime is left for. Application, and so tentiaries of the Queen of Great Brireat as to require a greater Num- tain being present, as was also the er of Forces and Ships of War ; Duke d'Ofuna on the Part of King hen each Party shall be obliged, be- Philip. ig required by the other, to aug The British Minister had from sent their Succours, to declare War Time to Time declared to those of gainst the Aggressor, and to join all the rest of the Allies, that they should heir Forces by Land and Sea with sign the Queen's Peace without Dene Forces of the Party attacked. lay. And finally, they executed it

15. 'Tis agreed that all Kings, accordingly, on the urth of April, 'rinces and States that desire to N.S. On which Day the Plenipoome into this Treaty, may be in- tentiaries of her Majesty and those ited and admitted into it, provi. of France, signed the Treaty of Peace ed such Invitation and Admission and the Treaty of Commerce between roceed jointly, and not separately, the two Nations. The Ministers of rom the Queen of Great-Britain and Savoy came in also, and signed the he Lords the States General.

Peace for their Mafter with the 16. Her Majesty the Queen of French. And on the same Day the Great Britain, and the Lords the Treaties of Peace between France tates-General, shall confirm and and the Kings of Portugal and Prufatify all that is contained in the fia, as also the States General, were present Treaty, within the Space of severally signed by the Ministers of our Weeks, &c.

the respective Potentates. The Ratifications were according Thus was the War with France y exchanged at Utrecht on the 21st ended, on the Part of Great-Briof February.

tain, Portugal, Holland, and Pruffia,

But the Emperor and Empire ftill On the 25th of February the King stood out. For the Offers of France of Pruffia died, and was succeeded by were so haughty, that the Imperiahis Son.

lifts could by no means listen to The Imperial Ministers at last a. them. The French would not so greed to meet those of France, and much as own the Emperor's Title had an Interview accordingly on the till after the Conclusion of the Peace. 31st of January, wherein an Agree- By mentioning the Rhine for a Barment was proposed for transporting rier, they refused to give up Strasthe Empress

, and evacuating Cara- burg, which had been all along inlonia, which after several Meetings fifted upon, as well at the Treaty was agreed to, and on the 14th of of Ryswick, as since. The French March the necessary Instruments for demanded that the Princess Urfina the Evacuation of Catalonia and the should possess considerable Territo. Neutrality of Italy, to which the ries in the Low Countries, at the Queen was Guarantee, were signed. Expence of the Emperor, altho' it

The Peace being thus far advan was notorious that Lady had been ced, the French Court thought fit perpetually doing the House of Au

Aria cos

A. D. Atria Mischief either in Italy or the Restitution of Newfounded 1713. Spain. They insisted upon the and to see the Reduction of the Da

intire Restoration of the Elector of ties upon our Trade in France to be Bavaria, to the extream Prejudice only obtain'd upon the Conditica of the Emperor and Empire, and of our giving the same, and thereby the Elector Palatine; they demand. impoverishing ourselves ; and the ed also that the Elector of Hanover too, to see those Goods which : should be degraded from the Rank the moft beneficially sent thiche, of Eighth Elector, and the Dignity (that is, Woollen Manufactury, Fe. of Arch Treasurer, which had been Sugar, &c.) to be excepted out conferr'd upon him unanimously this Condition. All the World esby the Emperor and the Empire, pected that the Effect of our gioc and this too in Contradiction to the ous Victories would at leaf here Declaration of the Queen of Great been the stripping the French Kay Britain on the 6th of June laft, of the Conquefts he made upon is and to what her Ministers had de. Neighbours, in the many Wars be clar'd at Utrecht. They made also had commenced in the Coarse de other Dema:ods which could not be his Reign; whereas by this Peace comply'd with, and so the War on he was left in Poffefsion of all this? that Side went on.

the Ryjwick Treaty left him, and The Qu:en's Peace with Spain thereby all the great Success in be was not concluded till a Year after. War acquired ro Benefit to Est="!.

The Manner wherein England. But when unskilful Men gain de ended this War was the Subject of cess to a Prince, and are able to great Reflection throughout the make their Counse's liftered 20, World. The Desertion of our Al. such muft be the Case of the Va. lies in breach of the Grand Alliance tion subject to that Prince. A free was much rail'd at, but the Man- our Ministers had, without having ner France dealt with us in the Peace, Security in our own Hands for te was what made us contemned by nourable Conditions ( which very our Neighbours. 'Twas faid, that probably they intended to infiftsaltho' what our Ministers alledged onf fo entirely given up their os had been true, namely that we bore Power, as the Duke of Ormers a disproportionate Share in the War not fighting amounted to, there wa (which was nevertheless far from an End of all hopes of obra? being so, for Experience has since ing any Thing but what the Erert demonstrated that both Holland and pleased ; and he, we well knew, the Emperor find themselves ex- would please to give as lizde v treamly more unable to get out of possible. "the Debts they then contracted, We have said that the Duke of than England is) yet as England by Shrewsbury was appointed her 13the glorious Conquests of her Arms, jesty's Ambassador to the Court of had it in her Power to be Mistress France, where his Grace accandiof the Terms of Peace, it was Mat- ingly arriv'd on the 12th of Ja ter of Mirth to see France talk of ary N. S. and was very gracions owning the Queen's Title at the receiv'd. In like manner, the Dzice Conclusion of the Peace, to see the d'Aumont Ambasador of Freest Pretender remove no farther than arriv'd here on the 2d of Jesudin Lorraine, to see an Equivalent in- O. S. and on the 4th had fifted upon for Dunkirk, to fee Care of her Majesty. He was very .. Briton given as an Equivalent for caress’d by the Minisers, and con


imented by those of the Nobility they granted a Land Tax .of Two A. D. hom he visited ; but with all the Shillings in the Pounds, &c. 1713 rtifices he used (throwing out Mo On the 28th of April the Ratifiey among the People as he passed cations of the Treaty of Peace were his Coach through the Streets ) exchanged at Utrecht, and being

could not acquire any real esteem brought over, the Peace was promong the People of Understand- claimed at London on the 5th of

g. The Publick Credit (that is May.
e Funds ) funk upon his coming,
nd the general Vogue murmured at On the oth of May her Majesty
3 Arrival and Entertainment be sent a Mestage to the House of Com-
re due Satisfaction was given, up- mons in these Words :
1 the Subjects on which the War Sit is the undoubted Prerogative
as the A
y the House he lived in (which and War, I have ratified the Treaties
as that of the Lord Powis in Or- of Peace and Commerce with France,
ind Street) accidently took Fire, which bad been signed by my Order ;
d was burnt down; after which and have concluded a Treaty with
e Queen gave him leave to reside Spain, which will be signed at Utrecht
Somerset House, where he lived as soon as the Spanish Ministers are
e rest of the time he tarried here; arrived there. I determined from the
d by Balls, Entertainments and first, on this extraordinary Occasion, to
asquerades, laboured to enter- communicate these Treaties to my Par-
in the Gentry, and cajole the liament, and have therefore now or.
ople into favour towards the dered them to be laid before this House.
On the 7th of April, the Lord Accordingly Copies of the Treaty
'arcourt, Keeper of the Great Seal were delivered in. “And the 8th and
as declared Lord Chancellor of gth Articles of the Treaty of Com-
reat Britain. And on the gth of merce being excepted against, it was
le fame Month the Parliament met resolved those two Articles Mould
: Westminster, to whom her Majesty be taken into Confideration. Which
tade a moft gracious Speech, inti. being begun accordingly, on the
lating the Conclusion of the Peace; 14th, occasioned great Debates.
or which both Houses made Ad. However upon the Plurality of Votes
resses of Thanks.

a Bill was ordered to be brought in On the 7th of May the House of to make effectual those two Articles. Commons voted a Supply for 30,000 The Trading Part of the Nation eamen to serve the first fix Months were extreamly alarmed at this f the Year. On the 8th they Bill, for as by those Articles the Du. oted 636,888 l. 14. s. for the Land ties on French Wines were reduced orces. On the 13th of May it was to the same that were laid on those folved, that 10,000 Men be allowed from Portugal, in directContradiction or the Sea Service for the laft se. to the Treaties already made with en Months of the Year. And that Portugal, all the profitable Trade we 00,000 l. be given for the Ordnary had for several Years paft been carf the Navy. And on the ad of June rying on with the Nation was at 83,281 1. 1 s. 6 d. for Guards and once knocked down and destroyed ; jarrisons for half the Year, and af- and as at the same Time, France had erwards the fame Sum for the other excepted out of the Tariff of 1664, Lalf of the Year. To raise which several of those sorts of Merchan



A. D. dize, the Exportation whereof was of June, when this Bill flood 1713. of the most importance, because the mitted to the whole House, to this

most beneficial to England, it was Purpose, That before he bad exact plainly seen that France left not to the Affair in question to the better, ir England the Chance for Equality of bad given bis Vote for the brizzize : * Trade, but being resolved to make the Bill to make effettual tbe 8eb esi the full Profit in Money, of that 9th Articles of the Treaty of Cos Passion our Gentry have for their merce; but that having atterty. Wines, Brandies, Silks, Linnens, maturely weighed and icrhidere t.. and Toys, had taken Advantage of Allegations of the Merchants, Tres the Ascendancy they had gained o and Manufakturers, in their lesen ver our Ministry, by the Fatal Non- Petitions and Representations, bez. fighting Order. And it no less ap- convinced, that the pathag this E peared that These, to keep up their would be of great Projudice te ". Credit, spared no Pains to get what Woollen and Silk Manufacturies they had ftipulated, ratified by Par- Kingdom ; consequently increa! liament; which they pursued not Number of the Poor, and fait withstanding it was in the Course End affeet the Land. That etti. of the Argument clearly made out, bad the Honour to fit in that is that upon the Terms they had a he would never be blindly led to greed to, the Balance of Trade Mirijiry; neither on the other ter would have amounted to above a was be bassed by what mighs ar Million of Pounds Sterling per An- with some Men, viz. tbe Fast num, to the Advantage of France. Lofing their Elections: But that is But Reason and the Publick Good Principles upon which be able tett gained the Victory, and the judici. the Interest of bis Country, and ous Men among us, altho? not inte. Conviction of bis Judgment, and a refted in Trade, could not but have these tuo Conhderations alene bir the utmost Indigna ion at this mean against the Bill. This Speech, 2Prostitution of our Honour and Pro- ded to the many excellent are fit, even after such glorious Vieto- ments brought by the Trades, ries as ought to have given us the their Pleadings before the He Right of prescribing Terms of Pro- and the many Petitions breng fit to ourselves, and not let France from all Parts against the Bill

, i dietate what was indeed extreamly duced a Majority (of 194 293 advantageous to her, but mult in the 185 ) againit engroting the BIL End have proved cur Ruin. So that On the 20th of May Dr. Sy the Debates in Conversation, the Bishop of Rocheller and Dean Pamphlets printed upon this Occa- Westminfier departed this Life. A. fion, and the Pleadings of the Mer- about 3 Weeks after Dr. Ars? chants before the House (whereby Dean of Chrift-Cburcb, Ora, w the extream Folly of this Condé- named to succeed him, and the scension to France was most mani. Smallridge Dean of Carimal feitly illustrated) faggered the Mi- made Dean of Chrif-Cburce. niftry; and altho'ton great a Num On the 25th of June Air. Con ber of the Members of the House cellor of the Exchequer pretende of Commons were strangely delu- the House of Commons a les ded, and went on in this grand Mif- from her Majesty, importing.T:. take, yet could they not gain their * her Majetiy thinks fit to say Point, for even Sis' Thomas Hanmer the House with the Dizix himself made a Speech on the isih which in a particulas de


' lies under by the Debts contracted fine Firework, built on Barges in A. D. ' in her Civil Government, occafi- the Thames be'ore Whitehall, was let 1713.

oned by several extraordinary Ex- off, and the Bells, Bonfires, Illumipences formerly incurr'd ; so that nations, and Acclamations proclaim.

her Majesty thinks herself obliged Rd the People's Joy. ' in Justice to many Credi: ors, to On the 6th of July the Queen

order an Eitimate to be laid be came to the House of Lords, co which 'fore the House of what was ow the Commons being call'd up as u'ing on the Civil List in the Year sual, her Majesty pafled several Bills, 1710, and desired the House to and made a most gracious Speech ; impower her Majesty to raise so after which the Pariiament was promuch Money on the Civil Lift rogued to the 28th of August. · Funds, as may enable her to dis We have omitted two Matters charge the Debts,&c.

that pass'd this Parliament, namely, Which Message being the next That on the 3d of June the ComDay taken into Consideration in a mons address'd the Queen, desiring Committee of the whole House, it to know what was the Equivalent vas declared by an eminent Mem. to be given to the French King for jer, That to his certain Know- the Demolition of Dunkirk, &c. To ledge the Debts of the Civil List, which her Majesty, on the 20th of in the Month of August 1710, did that Month, answer'd, That the Enot amount to above 150,000 l. quivalent was already in the Hands For the Payment of Part of which of the King of France. And that Soin, there were some Monies both Houses address’d the Queen to standing out, besides great Quan: desire that her Majesty would be tities of Tin; whereas by the E- pleased to use her most pressing In: itimate now laid before the Com- itances with the Duke of Lorraine, mons the said Debts to Midsummer and with all Princes and States in

1710, that is, two Months be- Amity and Correspondence with 'fore, were made to amount to her Majesty, that they will not re

400,000 l. However it was voted ceive or suffer to continue within any that her Majesty should be impow- of their Dominions, the Pretender er'd to appropriate 35,000 l. per An- to the Imperial Crown of these num for.3 2 Years, to raise, by such Realms. Methods as her Majesty should ap On the 14th of July, Robert Benpoint, the Sum of 50,000 h. to dif- fon, Esq; Chancellor of the Exchecharge the Arrears and Debts owing quer, was created a Peer of Greatto her Servants or others : And that Britain, by the Title of Baron of the said yearly Sums be charg'd up- Bingley. on the Funds granted for the Civil About this Time a Person arrived Lists. Which was enacted accord- here, named Tuggbe, deputed by the ingly, and the Sum raised by a Magistrates of Dunkirk, to solicite Lottery.

the Queen to spare the Harbour and The 7th of July being appointed Port of that Town. But this was a Day of Publick Thanksgiving for what could not be granted. the Peace, both Houses of Parlia On the 7th of July Dr. Compton, ment went with great Solemnity to who had been many Years Lord BiSc. Paul's Cathedral to celebrate it. shop of London, departed this Life Her Majesty, who had intended to in thc 811 Year of his Age, And do the same, was prevented by In was soon after succeeded by Dr. disposition. In the Evening a very Robinjin, Bishop of Bristol, Loid Pri

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