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A. D. vy Seal, and her Majesty's Plenipo- cious Speech both Houses presented 1713. tentiary at the Congress at the Hague, their Addresses of Thanks.

who was succeeded in the See of On the 2d of February Dr. Shart, Bristol, by Dr. Smalridge Dean of Lord Archbishop of York departed Cbris Church, and in the Privy Seal this Lise ; To succeed whom ber by the Earl of Dartmouth. Majesty immediately named S:

The Parliament having fat out William Dawes Lord Bifhop of (near upon) its three Years, a Pro- Chester, and soon after Dr. Glajiri clamation was published on the 18th was named Bishop of Cheffer. of Auguft to diffolve it, and appoint It was on the ift of March tha: another to be chosen against the 12th the Peace between Great-Britain and of November.

Spain was proclaimed at Lordsesta On the 30th of Auguft Duke the usual Solemnities; wherein the D'Aumont had his Audience of leave, Duke of Anjou, Grandson of Frez?, and soon after returned to France. is acknowledged to be Catholick The Duke of Shrewsbury was also King. by that Time returned to London The Emperor, as we have faiz from his Embassy to that Court. could not accept of the Conditions

On the 26th of September the De- that had been proposed at Utreb, molition of Dunkirk was begun, and chose rather to continue the under the Inspection of Col. Arm War; but the Loss of the two For Prong and Col. Clayton appointed by tresses of Landau and Friburg, wbick Patent under the Great Seal Com- the Freneb took laft Campaign, in miffioners for that Purpose.

clined him to listen to the OverIn the same Month the Marquiss tures of Peace that were made to de Miremont arrived at London from him on the part of France, and ConUtrecht, and waited upon the Queen ferences of an Accommodation were to thank her for the Release of 136 about this Time begun to be bed Protestants, who by her Procurement at Raftadt between Prince Espre were dismissed the Gallies of France, of Savoy and Marshal Villars. And and to desire her good Offices for by the middle of March the Teras the Deliverance of 185 more of for a Peace were concluded, whic those poor Sufferers still remaining were to be explained and comple: in the same Tribulation.

ed in the future folemn Treaty a The Elections for the Parliament be held at Baden in Switzerlari. of Great-Britain were

The Parliament of Great Brita? ried on with great Warmth by che went on with the Business before two Parties.

them. They voted 10,000 Men On the 17th of February the Par. for the Sea Service, and 245,00 L liament met, and Sir Thomas Han- for the Ordnary of the Nary,

was chosen Speaker of the 386,427 1. for Guards and GartiHouse of Commons. On the ad of sons. And on the 24th of Nas, March her Majesty made her Speech, 107,831 1. for the Forces in Flande wherein she fignified the Conclusion and at Dunkirk till Micbaelmas; of the Treaties of Peace and Com- together with the Monies necessary merce with Spain, asked the necef- for maintaing the Forces in the fary Supplies of the Commons, Wef-Indies, for the Half Pay complained of seditious Papers and Officers, &c. To raise which, and factious Rumours, and recommend the Money for the Soutb Sea Coc ed Unity, &c. For which moft gra- pany, they gave the Land Tax for:.




in the Pound, the Malt Tax, and fe- fand Pounds more out of the first A.D. veral Duties upon Coals, Stamps, Lea- Aids, to any who should perform so 1714. ther, &c. for a Fund of 105,000 l. great Service. The Lords also made Der Annun, to raise 1,400,000 h. by an Address of Thanks for this Proway of Lottery.

clamation. About the Middle of April the On the 25th of June the Bill inti. French began in earnest to fill up tuled, An Aá to prevent the Growth he Harbour of Dunkirk, and demo- of Schism, & c. having pass'd both ished the Citadel. But at the same Houses, received the Royal Assent. ime they began also to make a Ca- Which Act being since repeald, 'tis ial at Mardyke, which would have needless to say more of it. erved for all the purposes the Har On the 25th of April, Baron pour of Dunkirk had done. They Schutz (who was a Minister of the proceeded with great Industry in Elector of Hanover) made a Visit to his Work, and had very nigh the Lord Chancellor, and, after usual srought it to Perfection before the Civilities, ask'd of his Lordship, in Death of King Lewis XIV. not the Name of the Electoral Prince, vithstanding the Application made to make out a Writ for his Electoral in our Part against it ; especially Highness's ficting in the House of ifter his present Majesty came to Peers as Duke of Cambridge. The he Crown : But by the Resolution Lord Chancellor reply'd, it was not if King George it is now demolish- usual to make out Wrics for Peers d.

that were out of the Kingdom, On the 24th of May the Duke of however, he would apply to her Ma. Beauford died, and was succeeded jelty for Directions, and a Council In his Honours and Estates by his being that Evening calld, her Mason.

jesty gave Direction for the Writ The French Minister at this Time accordingly. But the Queen resentnotified to the Queen the Death of ing the Manner of Baron Schutz's the Duke of Berry, who died on the demanding it, by applying to the 4th of May 1714, N. S. after four Lord Chancellor, and not to herself, Days Sickness, and thereby the the caused him to be forbid the whole numerous Family of King Court, and soon after he return'd to Lewis XIV. (which he so much pri- Hanover. ded himself in) were reduced to the This Matter made a great Noise, fingle Person of the young Dauphin and occasion d various Speculations, late Duke of Bretaign: except Philip especially in the Minds of the Minow on the Throne of Spain. nistry, and so far affected the Queen,

The Spirits of the Jacobite Party that her Majesty wrote Letters to being at this Time high, the House the Court of Hanover in very expoof Lords addressed her Majesty a- ftulatory Terms thereupon. These gainst the Pretender ; which occafi. Letters bore Date, May 19, 1714. oned a Proclamation, dated June 21, And on the 8th of June, N. S. the offering a Reward of 5,000 l. to any Princess Sophia departed this Life, who fould apprehend the Preten. being seized with a Fit of an Apoder landed, or attempting to land, in plexy, as she was walking in her Great Britain or Ireland. Which the Garden, a Day or two after she had House of Commons were so pleased read the Queen's Letter. with, that they voted an Address of On the ad of July the House of Thanks, and therein declared they Lords took into Consideration the would grans One Hundred Thou. Treaty of Peace and Commerce


Mm 3

tween the Lord Treasurer and the Lethargick and almoft Apopruik

A. D. with Spain, and after long Debates, Lord Bolinghrcke, broke out into an 1714. and hearing the Merchants concern open Rupture as soon as the Pa-ia.

ed, during the several Days they ment was up, so the Queen (wto were upon it, (wherein the Lord. had for a great while been in but Treasurer seemed to favour the Mer. a weakly State of Health) was ferchants, whom the Lord Bolingbroke petually tormented wih their Brazstrenuously opposed) they resolved to gles ; íe often made a Reconciliapresent to her Majesty the following tion, but Bolingbrcke not being able Representation :

to bear the being Second in the MidiMoft Gracious Sovereign, We ftry, labour'd lo hard in tripping up your Majesty's molt Dutiful and the Heels of the other, that he pre

Loyal Subjects the Lords Spiri- vailed at last. And on the 27th of • tual and Temporal in Parliament July her Majesty took the Treasurer's • assembled, having taken into our Scaff from the Earl of Oxford. • ferious Confideration the present This Removal occasion'd sach Di · State of Trade between your Ma- vision, Confusion and Contention at

jesty's Subjects and Spain, do beg Court, and gave the fickly Oceca • leave humbly to repreiene to your such 'Trouble and Vexation, tha: ia

Majesty, That upon the Examina. the general Opinion it trocght up, • tion of Merchanis at the Bar, and on her Majesty the Fit that ended

perusing and considering several in her Death. It is certain very • Reprelentations and Papers laid warm Expoftulations and mot bie• before us by your Commislioners ter Reproaches pass’d in the Cuete's of Trade, it appears to us, that hearing, between the falling / • the carrying on the Trade be- fter and chose who were the incas

tween your Majesty's Dominions diate Promoters of his Dilgrace, • and Sjain, on the foot of the pre- which undoubtedly very much thock

fent Treaty of Commerce, as it ed and perplexed her ajetty. • stands ratified with the three ex The Removal was fo ludder :',

planatory Articles, is attended with that no Care had been previct; infuperable Difficulties; and there. taken for filling up his Place; top

fore we earnestly beseech your indeed when the Cabinet Cound • Majesy to use such effectual Means met chat Night, and sat til Two • for procuring fuch Alterations to the Morning, could they agree op “ be made in the same, as may on the Commissioners to be for the • render the said Trade practicable present made Ufe of; neither couid • and beneficial to your Majelly's the Council, which fat next Dar, • People.

conclude upon it, those to wha These Debates, together with a they were willing to offer it, de:Competition that was seen to be ning the Employment. On the arisen between the iwo chief Mini- the Sitting of the Cabinet Cound Iters, haften’d the Conclusion of the was put off by the Reason of is Seffion ; so that on the 9th of July Queen's Indisposition, which he was her Majesty came to the House, sensible was occafion'd by the best and having pafs'd the Ads, and rel among her Ministers,

and coca made her speech, the Parliament to her nearest Attendants, jbezta! was prcrogued to the roth of Au- not outlive it. guft.

Her Majefty continued extre:The Animosity which had for ly ill the remaining Dars of some Time past privately existed be- Life, being frequerely taken inte

Sits, which occafion'd a current Re Garrison of Portsmouth, which had A. D. port, on the Friday before the Sunday been ftrangely neglected, to be re 1714 hat she died, that she was dead al- inforced. Order'd Brigadier Whel eady. But being come to herself, tham down into Scotland; appointed he Dukes of Somerset and Argyll the Earl of Berkley to command the hought it proper to enter the Coun- Fleet ; and finally took all possible cil Chamber upon this so extraor Care to secure the quiet Succession in linary an Occasion, altho' not sum- the Throne to his Electoral Highnon'd for fome Time past, and pro- ness, our present gracious Sovereign posed the Duke of Shrewsbury for King George. Cord High 'Treasurer, which the rest On Sunday the ift of August, beconcurred in, and her Majesty gave tween Seven and Eight in the Mornuim the Staff accordingly.

ing, her Majesty Queen Anne expi. The coming of thele two Lords red, in the 50th Year of her Age, into the Council gave a new Spirit being born the 6th of February o that Body, and immediate Or. 1664-5, and in the 13th Year of her lers were given for putting the Reign ; having sat on the Throne Kingdom into a State of Defence, from the 8th of March 1701-2, and vhich had been of late too much so reigned 12 Years, 4 Months, and leglected. The Guards were dou- 23 Days. vled, and all possible Precaution ta Her Death was extreamly lacen to preserve the publick Peace, mented by her Subjects, who, during in Case of her Majetty's Demise. her whole Reign, had an entire AfAnd her Majesty continuing ex fection for her. reamly ill, on Saturday they wrote She died without Issue, altho' Mhe Letter to the Elector of Brunswick, had been Mother of many Children, o give his Highneis an Account of but they all died young except the he ill State of the Queen's Health, Duke of Gloucefler, who lived, as which was sent away Express by we have said, to the Tenth Year of Mr.Craggs. They also order'd the his Age.


N the Demise of the late The most illustrious Princess So-
Queen Anne without Issue, phia was the fifth and youngest

the Princess Sophia,on whom Daughter of Frederick V. Elečtor and her Jlue the Crown of Great- Palatine and King of Bohemia, and Britain in such Case had been set- of Elizabeth eldest Daughter of tled by Act of Parliament, dying al-James I. King of Great Britain. so near two Months before, the Go. She was born at the Hague the 13th vernment of these Kingdoms devol- of October 1630, and in the Year ved by Law on her eldeit Son George 1658, was married to Ernest August Lewis, at that Time Prince Electo. Duke of Brunswick Lunenburg, who ral of Brunfcuick Lunenburg. in the Year 1692, was made an

Mim 4


A. D. Elector of the sacred Roman Empire Sir Thomas Parker ; the Arcisi1714. by Leopald I. Emperor of Germany. sop of York, Sir Will Deser

George I. was born the 28th of the Dukes of Shrewsbury, Sszrt. May, 1660, married Sophia Dorothy Bolion, Devorbire, Kent, Arg4 his Cousin german the urth of No Montrols, and Roxborougó : 132 vember 1682, and succeeded his Fa- Earls of Pembroke, Arglelta, Carble, ther in all his Dominions and Titles Nottingham, Abingdon, Scarterazt, (except that of the Bishop of Ofna- and Orford; the Lord Vricoan burgb) in the Year 1698.

Townshind, Lord Halifax, and Lord As there was a considerable Par. Cowper, were nominated Regents ty among us, who were no Friends by his Electoral Highnels. His to the Settlement of the British Majesty, by Order of the Cound, Crown on this illuftrious Family, was proclaimed at London the faze and the Heir thereto had his Resi- Day, with the usual Solemnities, to dence in Germany during the Life the great Joy of all those who was of the late Queen, the Parliament, ed well to the Hangver Succefon. in the fourth Year of her Reign, The Parliament met in the A-erwisely provided against any Diltur. noon at Wejiminfer, pursuant to 23 bance which might happen on her A& 5 Anne; and the Speaker being Majesty's Diffolution, and appoint. then in Wales, Mr. Secretary Bras

: ed certain Persons' to manage the ley moved that the House foald publick Affairs of the Kingdom, till be adjourned to Wednesday follos the King's Arrival here. Proper ing; but being answered by Sir Instruments had likewise been de- Richard Onslow and others, that is posited by the Electoral Prince, un was too critical a Juncture to late der his Hand and Seal, in the Cu- any Time, they adjourned only

, 13 fody of the Archbishop of Canter. the next Day, when the Members bury, the Lord Chancellor, and Mon- of both Heules, who were preferi

, fieur Kreyenberg; the Elector's Refi- qualified themfelves by taking the dent here, impowering some others Oaths appointed by Law. His disto act, during his Abience, in Con- jesty was also proclaimed, with g:es: junction with those appointed by A& Acclamations, at Edinburgb on tt: of Parliament.

fifth, and at Dublin on the fixth o: Upon the first Notice of her Ma- the same Month. jesty's Decease, great Numbers of An Account of the Queen's being Lords and Gentlemen assembled at paft all Hopes of Recorery bad be St. James's Palace ;' where the afore- fore been dispatched to the Elector, faid three Instruments were produ- and that Day Baron Bothmar less ced, and publickly read. The seven his Secretary with an Express of her Persons appointed by the Act were, actual Death, and of his Majchy the Archbishop of Canterbury, then being joyfully proclaimed. Dr. Thomas Tennison"; the Lord The Lords Jaltices finding ** Chancellor ; Simon Lord Harcourt; Army and Fleet to have been work the Lord President, John Duke of neglected for some Time palt, tok Buckingham ; the Lord Treasurer, the necessary Precautions to Charles Duke of Shrewsbury; the against a Surprize ; ordered teca Lord Privy Seal, William Earl of Officers as they could cruft to their Dartmouth'; the first Lord Com respective Posts, and appoin:ed Me misioner of the Admiralty, Thomas Addison to be their Secretary, dr Earl of Strafford; and the Lord ing him Orders to receive the best Chief Juitice of the King's Bench, patches directed to the Lord Boy


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