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A. D. broke out in a Gunpowder Shop the last War, and declared its 1715

near Bear Key in Thames Street, Hopes, that they would send to which burnt so furiously, that about Parliament, the fittet! Perica 22 120 Houses were either burnt or redress the present Disorders. S blown up, amongst which were William Whirlack made fome LiBakers Hall and the Trinity House, ceptions thereto as onprecedera and part of the Custom-House was and unwarrantable, but being ca damaged ; great Quantities of Su- upon to explain himself, made 2 gar, Oil

, Wine, and other rich Excuse, and dropped it ; but Goods were destroyed, and near William Wyndham persilling is : 50 Persons lost their Lives there; that the Proclamation was not the Lofs was computed at 500,- unprecedented but of dargers ooo 1.

Consequence to the very being March

9 Meff. Van Duyvenvoord Parliaments, some Members pro and Van Borfelen, Ambassadors ex- posed that he should be sent to be traordinary from the States General, Tower, on which arose very wrt made their publick Entry with Debates; and Sir Williez recere great Magnificence.

the Reprimand of the House. The Parliament met at Weft min April 9, the Commons agreed fier March 17, when his royal allow 9,950 Men for Guards si Highness the Prince was introduc- Garrilons in Great Britais for the ed into the House of Peers, and current Year, besides the 12 Cor the honourable Spencer Compton, Efq; panies of Invalids, and ; indepe:chosen Speaker of the House of dent Companies in Norib-Brizi, Commons ; aster which the Lord and voted 429,000 h. 145. 64. 6c Chancellor read to both Houfes maintaining them; 57,7591 11 the Speech delivered him by his 7 d. for the Garrisons in Viss:2, Majesty, wherein he returned them 37,192 1. 145.9 d. for Gitrallet, -*

Thanks for their Zeal in Defence 35,912 l. 19 s. 2 d. for iuppor: of the Protestant Succession, assur- the 3 Regiments in Flanders. ing them that he would never for In this Month died Dr. G: get his Obligations to those who Burnet Bishop of Salisbury, who had distinguished themselves upon his History o the Reformation, that Occasion ; recommended to political Writings in Defence : them to make Provision for the Revolution, had been much an Prince and his Family, and exhorted ed to the Reproaches of a faci them to Unanimity in pursuing the Party. lie was fucceeded by D". common Interest of their Country. Talbot Bishop of Oxford, and 13. After the usual Addresses, on a Mo- Potter was advanced to the auf tion made in the House of Commons, Oxford. his Majesty's Proclamation for cal April 12, died Toomas Vica: 3 ling a new Parliament was taken into of Wharton, a Perion of very ga: Consideration, in which some Re- ready Wit and fioc Elocution, flections were cast on the late Mi- an able Statesman. nistry as disaffected to the Protestant April 22. happened the cei Succeffion, and the King expressed markable Eclipfe that had beer i his Surprize to find on his Accesti- in Great Britain for near scolar on, the publick Affairs under the It began in London about love greatest Difficulties, and that the after Eight in the Morning. 22 national Debts had been very much ended about 21 Minutes anterior. increased since the Conclusion of There was almoft a toad Das

or a few Minutes, and several Stars fame Effect, and they were follow- A. D. vere visible. Mr.Whision and Dr. ed therein by the greatest Part of the

1715. Valley acquired no small Reputation whole Realm. ng their exact Calculation of the The Apprehensions of these Dew ['ime and Manner of it.

signs, in favour of the Pretender, The House of Commons having made it necessary that the Habeas esolved to augment the Allowance Corpus Ad Mould be suspended for efore granted to his Majetty for some Time, for the better securing he better supporting of his Hous- several Persons who were suspected old and Family, fo as to make up of favouring this bold Attempt; and he yearly Sum of 700,000 l. and it was accordingly suspended by Pasaving appointed a Committee of liament for six months. And soon jecrecy to enquire into the Conduct after the Duke of Powis, the Earls of the late Ministry, ordered their of Jersey and Scarsdale, the Lords Leport to be printed, and sent to Lansdown, and Dunbar, Sir Marma. he returning Officers of every City duke Constable, Sir John Packington, .nd Borough ; and came to a Reso- Sir George Brown, Colonel Paul, ution of impeaching Henry Viscount and some others, were secured, the Bolingbroke, Robert Earl of Oxford, Coasts strictly guarded, and an Ex.nd James Duke of Ormond, of high press sent to the States-General for Creason, and other high Crimes hastening the Dispatch of the 6,000 nd Misdemeanors, and Thomas Earl Men they had engaged to furnish of Strafford of high Crimes and his Majelty with. Misdemeanors, and prepared Bills The Earl of Mar, who had been accordingly ; which not long after Secretary of State for Scotland at pafled the House of Lords, and re- the Time of the Union of the two eived the Royal Assent. They also Kingdoms, and acted in that Capaordered a Bill for preventing Tumul- city for England during the late cuous Allemblies, which were now Treaty, was undoubtedly apprevery frequent in London and other herfive that a considerable Change Places.

would be made in the Ministry on July 20, his Majesty went to the his Accession to the Government ; House of Peers ; and having sent and to secure an Intereit in the new for the Lower Houle to attend him King's Favour, he fent him a Letthere, he acquainted them, that he ter dated from Whitehuil, suguft had received certain Advices of an 30. 0. S. 1714, which his MaAttempt then actually preparing jetty afte:wards, on the breaking abroad in Favour of the Pretender ; out of the Rebellion, caused to be and gave the Royal Afient to the publithed. . In this Leiter he acBills for preventing Tumultuous quainted the King, that he was Alsemblies, and that concerning afraid he had the Misfortune of bethe Quakers Afirmation, with some ing mifrepresented to his Majesty; others. Upon which the Com- and giveth this as a Reason, that mons immediately drew up an Ad- he was the only one of the late dreis, in which they assured his Ma- Queen’s Servants, whom his Majesty's jesty they would support him with Ministers bere did not wisit. their Lives and Fortunes against Predeceffor of mine was hovour'd ruith all his open and secret Enemies, the Care of your Mojcfli's Grandand desired him to raise sufficient mother, when young ; and he was l'orces, as soon as posible, for the pleased, afierwards to expre's some Safety of the Ki gdom. The next Concern for our Family in Létiers Day the Lords addresied him to the which I jlill bare under ber Hand.


A.D. —Your Majefty shall ever find me Lorrain, under the Pretender's Det 1715. as faithful and dutiful a Subjea and Hand, promising to come over to

Servant, as ever any of my family them shortly in Person ; and afarang
have been to the Croun, or as I have them of sufficient Supply of Arms
been to my late Mistress the Queen ; and Ammunition, as soon as they
and I beg your Majesty may be jo good, could give him an Account to sha:
not to believe any Misrepresentations Port they should be fent, producag
of me; which nothing but Party also a Commission under the Precen-
Hatred, and my Zeal for the Interest der's Hand; nominating him, the Earl
of the Crown, dotb occafion, &c. He of Mar, Lieutenant General and
was also one of those who signed the Commander in Chief, and afīured
Proclamation for declaring his Ma. them that he was and should be fo-
jesty the lawful King of this Realm ; nifh'd with Money fufficient for cas.
notwithftanding which, being, as rying on the Design, without pering
may be juftly supposed, uneasy to the Gentlemen there present to 27
see himself neglected at Court, or Expence. This had so far the de-
conscious of his own Guilt, and ap- fired Effe&, that the Pretende i
prehensive of being called to Ac. Standard was fet up, September 6,
count, he took shipping August 2, and soon after he was proclaimed in
in the Habit of a private Person, Form ac Aberdeen, Dandel, Pers,
having only Lieutenant General and several other places; and it wa
Hamilton and two Servants with computed that there were about
him, for Scotland. And being ar- 6,000 Men now in Arms in Defence
rived at his Seat at Kildrummy, he of his Title to the Crown.
gave Notice thereof to the princi The Enemy had form'd a Design
pal Men of the Party, with whom, of taking Edinburgh Castle by sur-
it is very probable, he had concer- prize, in the following Mander:
ted Measures before, and invited about 80 Persons were to BCIN
them to a great Council, which he the Wall by the West Side of the
had fixed to August 16. Several Castle, by Ladders of Rope preri-
Persons of the greatest Quality and ded for that Purpose, which were
Interest in his Party met him ac to be pulled up by some Soldies
cordingly; amongít whom were belonging to the Garrison, who bae
the Marquisses of Huntley and Tul- been bribed thereto ; but a feafor-
libardine, the Earls of Nithisdale, able Discovery being made there
Marefchal, Traqubair, Errol, South by the Vigilance of the Lord Juttio
esk, Carnwarth, Seaforth, with fe- Clerk, the Conspirators were take
veral others. Here the Earl of in the Fact. About this Time se
Mar, in a set Speech, excited them News of the Death of Lewis XIV.
all to take up Arms for King James King of France, who died in the
VIII. for so he called the Preten- Beginning of this Month, had reach
der; that for his own Part he was ed Scotland ; which fo discouraged
resolved to sommon all the fencible the Party concerned in the Rebel
Men of his own Tenants, and with lion, that fome proposed to deter
them to hazard his Life in so good any farther Attempts till the Pre-
a Cause; assuring them there would tender should be actually landed in
be a general Rising in England up- Scotland; but the Majority, depene
on the same Foor, and that they ing on an Insurrection in England
thould certainly have a powerful Al- in their Favour, resolved to para
fistance from France; he lhew'd them on their Enterprize at all Harri
some Letters he had received from The Precaucions caken by the Go-

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nment had prevented any De would not reach. In their March A. D. . ns, which they had good Reason to Presion they were joined by about 1715. apprehend had been formed of 1,500 new Men from Lancashire. Rifing in Bristol, Bath, and Ox. Being thus reinforced, and not know. d; but in the North the Earling whether to fly, they barricaded Derwentwater, Mr. Forster, and the Place as well as they could, out 250 more, appear'd in Rebel. waiting for the Arrival of the King's n, and rendezvouz'd ac Plainfield Forces under the Command of Gear Rothbury, Oktober 6, being coon neral Wills, who coming up to them er joined by the Lord Widdring. about three Days after, and having , with about thirty Horsemen, made the necessary Dispositions for . a Party of Horle from Scotland. securing the several Pastages to the ey proclaimed the Pretender at Town, began to attack che Enemy zrkworth, Morpeth, and Hexham. in Form. The King's Troops at pon this Lieutenant General Car- First were very much galled by the ter, with several Regiments of Enemy's Shot from the Windows orse and Foot, was ordered to of the Houses, and Brigadier Honeyrch into those Parts, and they wood, who began the Attack on the ived at Newcastle, O&tober 20. South Side of the Town, received s Approach put the Enemy into a Contusion on his Shoulder ; but ne Confernation, and at Har- upon Orders being given by the ck it was debated, whether they General to set Fire to the Houses uld Itand their Ground and at each End of the Town, and the ht the King's General, or march Arrival o. General Carpenter with ; Mr. Mackintosh was for the fresh Forces, the Enemy was lo t, urging the Superiority of dispirited, that they desired a Cessair Number, and that the longer tion of Arms, and soon after sub. y deferred an Engagement, the mitted themtelves to Mercy. About ater Opposition they were like 130 Men were sain on the King's meet with ; but Ms. Forster, who Side ; but how many of the Enerny s then their General, was against is uncertain. Upwards of fourteen hring, till they should be joined hundred Prisoners were taken, and h a better Body of Horse ; and among the relt General Forsier, the It of the other Chiefs gave in- Earl of Derwent water, Lord Widthis Opinion. Upon this they drington, and some other Englishrched io Langholm, and from men, to the Number of 75, the nce to Brampton, and so to Pen- Earls of Nithisdale, Wintoun, and , Appleby, Kendall, Kirkby Lount Carnwath, the Viscount Kenmure, ?, and Lancaster, proclaiming Lord Nairn, and other Scotch NoblePre:ender in most of those Pla- men and Gentlemen, in Number

At Lancaster they seized se- 143, besides several Vassals and Ser. or eight Pieces of Cannon, and vants. ried them off with them to Pre Much about the same Time, vis. , where they arrived Novemb. 9, Nov. 13. the Duke of Argyll, Comg diverted from their Design mander in Chief of his Majesty's Liverpool, by the extraordinary Forces in North Britain, attacked 1 and Diligence of the Inha- the greater Body of Rebels at Dum. ints, who planted 70 Pieces of blain in Scotland, commanded by anon about the Town, laid Part the Earl of Mar. The Enemy's the Avenues under Water, and Horse stood the firit Charge very Ew a Linc wiele the Water courageouily, and fired furiously



A. D, on the King's Dragoons; but the In the Beginning of the followin? 1715. lattter, being mounted on much Month the brave Earl Forfar ord

better Horses, bore down the Ene of the Wounds he had received in
my by their Weight, and in little the Battle at Dumblair ; and Dr.
more than half an Hour put them Tennijon, Archbishop of Cetatory
to Flight. The Dragoons kept departed this Life aged 81, having
their Order in the Pursuit, and the beld the Metropolitical See zbog
flying Troops rallying several Times 21 Years ; he was fucceeded by
endeavoured in vain to form again. Dr. William Wake, then Bifh
But in the interim the Highlanders of Lincoln, to which See Dr. Es
charged the Foot in the Left Wing mund Gibson was promoted in the
with so much Fury, that they soon Room. In this Month also died D:
came up to the very Muzzles of Hicks, an eminent nonjuring Cle
their Musquets, and putting by gyman; and Dr. Benjamin Hesia
their Bayonets with their Targets, was nominated to the See of Burgos
made dismal Havock among the on the Translation of his Predeces
Royal Forces with their broad for in that Bishoprick to Meats
Swords. This unusual and savage Ireland.
way of fighting struck such a Ter The Pretender, who arrived
ror on the English Soldiery, that it Scotland the latter end of Darren
may be justly supposed, had the in a small Frenih Ship, estred De
Enemy's Cavalry on the right dee January 5 on Horseback ; the
Wing fallen in at that Time, a great Earl of Mar being on his miska
part of the Royal Army muft have Hand, and the Earl Marekhel on
been inevitably cut off. The Ene. his left, with about three Handred
my having lost this Advantage, and Gentlemen attending him. He
the Victory thereby, marched off continued on Horseback for fece
afier their Horse, who were then time in the Market Place, to stes
imployed in gathering their diffipa- himself to the People, who crous
ted Troops together; and they all ed about him in great Number:
passed on together towards Ardoch. and received him with loud Star
În fine, both Sides claimed the and Acclamations. A few Daysa?
Victory ; but this is certain that by ter he made his publick Entry in
this Means the Enemy was intirely Perth, published his Declarat
defeated in their Design of crossing fixed his Council, iffued out Preus
the Frith, their proposed March to macions for a general Thanksgirs
the South was laid aside, and never for his safe Arrival, for praying
afterwards attempted, and they were him in Churches, for a Conrebe.
forced to acknowledge the Superi- of the States, and for all festok
ority of his Majesty's Troops. The Men from 16 to 60 Years of age
Earl of Mar and his Forces soon to repair to his Standard, and a
after retired to Perth. The King's ther for his Coronation, which er
Army was much inferior in Num- fixed to January 23. In the set
ber to that of the Enemy, the for- Time he conferred several Deger
mer consisting only of about 3,500 of Honour, and received fome ...
Men, and the latter being upwards dreffes, particularly one from
of 9,000, whereof about 900 were Episcopal Clergy of the Diocese
computed to have been killed or Aberdeen, and another from the
taken ; the Loss on the other hide pilcopal Laity of the same pasa
was fomewhat more than half thac But France declining to appear :-

lickly in their Favour, nie


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