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A. D. and People, and which tended so that you perfift in your Refolina 1726. much to the Preservation of the to put your Fleet to Sea, to earn

publick Peace. But we must own, the Designs which you may have is
that we were sensibly afflicted to View.
see our Hopes defeated by the Re But as it is our firm Intention to
turn which was made to the obli- live in Peace and Friendship with
ging and friendly Offers that were your Majesty, we with free de
made on our Part ; because, after Bottom of our Heart, that see!
a long Delay to no manner of Pur. Majetty, seriously reflecting or
pose, we found that your Majesty's the true Interest of your Stress,
Ministers insisted upon such Altera. would permit them to enjoy the
tions in the Treaty projected, as Bleffirgs of thas Peace, which ebeny
did not concern the Interest of the purchased at the Expence of
Rusian Empire, and such as were much Blood and Treasure, the
not only contrary to the solemn the Conduct of his late Altais;
Engagements, which we and his and that rather than enter in
moit Christian Majesty were under Measures, which most irenzy
to other Powers, but such as would plunge Ruffia in a War, and the
have involved all the Northern whole North in Conlafior, po
Crowns in new Troubles and Majesty would please to give your

People and all Mankind, Cocvis-
Neither can we conceal from cing Proofs of your Inclination de
your Majesty the extraordinary Peace, and of your good Dipl.
Surprize we were under, to hear, tion to live in Quiet with you
that while we were carrying on Neighbours.
amicable Negotiations, and had
not given the least Provocation on Your affc&tionate Brother,
our Part, Measures were taking at
your Court in Favour of the Pre-

tender to our Crown, and great
Encouragement given to his Ad-

Given at our Court at our Ros
After what we have now set Palace of St. James's, the 11!!!
forth, your Majesty will not be April, A. D. 1926, and tbe
surprized, that we, being indispen- Year of our Reigr.
fibly obliged to provide for the
Security of our Dominions, to
perform our Engagements with our Though the Czarina was all
Allies, and to maintain the publick provoked at the Britijk Flcers becs
Tranquillity in the North, which ing up her Ports, yet in the preet
seemech to be very much in Danger Situation of her Affairs the thorgh

: from your Majesty's late Prepara.- it neceffary to conceal her priz? tions, have thought it neceffary to Resentments, and recorded an 1: send a strong Fleet of our Men of swer to the foregoing Leist, is - War to the Baltick, and that we which the set forth, that the Re have given Orders to our Admiral son of her Armament was chicht

who commandeth it, to endeavour to put her Affairs in fuch a Pois.e, to prevent fresh Troubles in those as to be able, at all Times, 2 Parts

, by hindering your Majesty's Case of Need, to fucccur ber Ships from coming out, in case Allies, 10 periorm ber Erin


ents to them, to protect her without any Fear or Apprehension, A. D. bjects against any Insults, and carry on their Traffick in her 1726.

oppose such as should offer to Empire, equally with all other turb the Peace of her Subjects Nations in Friendthip with the Allies.

Russians; and on all Occasions be During this, Count Rabutin, the unalterably ascertained and affured mperor's Minister at the Czari- of her gracious. Protection and 's Court, laboured incessantly in Care for them; provided only warting the Negotiations propo- they themselves, through no disi by Sir Charles to the Rullians, agreeable Measures, or forbidden id frequently suggested, that the Proceedings, rendered themselves ritish Admiral being come with obnoxious. And notwithstanding ben Force to negociate an Accom- a new Battery was erecting at odation, it would be a Disparage- Revel on this Occasion, and the ent to the Court of Ruffia, to Ruffians continued Night and Day iter into

a Treaty with him, on their Guard for Fear of a Surhile his Fleet lay at Anchor só prize, Sir Charles Wager had ear an Island belonging to them; Liberty to furnish his Squadron nd that they ought at least to ob- with fresh Provisions as often as ge him to quit their Coasts, be- he pleased. At last it being judged ore his Instructions were taken that the Czarina's Affairs were nto Consideration, that the Sena. not in such a Situation, as to be ors might be left intirely at their able to make any considerable AtLiberty to determine therein as tempt this Year" ( for though they hey should think convenient. The wanted not for Ships, they were Admiral having transmitted the in great Need of able and expert Czarina's Answer to his Majesty's Seamen) the British Fleet left those Letter, continued in the same Parts, and returned to their own. Station, waiting for further Orders Harbours. and Instructions. The British Mer Neither was the Imperial Court chants in those Parts were under satisfied with spisiting up the Nor. no small Concern on Account of thern Powers against our Court these Transactions, and had reason this Summer ; but they pursued at to apprehend, that their Persons the same Time unkind Measures and Effects were in imminent Dan- in endeavouring to cramp our ger ; but the Czarina, to put Trade, in the South and that too them out of their Fears, was pleas. in that very Isand, whose Conquett ed soon after to publish a Declara- for the House of Austria was but tion, in which the assured them, a few Years since chiefly owing to that although any open Hostilities the Valour and Treasure of the hould be committed against her by British Nation. For Orders were the British Squadron, nevertheless sent from the Court of Vienna to that the said Merchants should not the Viceroy of Sicily, to publish be injured in their Persons, Goods, a Proclamation, prohibiting the Poffeffions, Ships going or coming, Importation of several English Manor in any other Manner whatlo- nufactures, as Duroys, Calamanever ; and that, as well for cors, Camlets, Druggets, and o. the present as for the Time to ther' sorts of Drapery 'Goods, in come, they might freely and at order to encourage those which their Pleasure and best Advantage, were intended to be introduced




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A. D. into Sicily by the Trieste Company. Cadogan, Ear! Cadogan, Geneal 1726. Upon which a Memorial was pre- of the Foot Forces in South Bre les

sented to the Viceroyby Mr.Chamber- tain.
layre, the British Consul general His Majesty, upon the heable. -
in that Kingdom ; but all the An- Petition of the United Cospary
swer to it was, that the Orders of Merchants trading to the
from the Court of Vienna on this East Indies, was pleated to pass
Affair being uncontrollable, the them a Charter in Angaf
punishing them would not be this Year, with power to ered
much longer deferred ; and for a Corporation within the Towe
such Şorts of Goods, already on or Factory of Madras Patzar in
the Way thither, as were com- the East Indies, by the Name of
prized in the said Prohibition, they The Mayor and Aldermee of Ma-
would only be admitted in Porto dras Patnan ; and to ered a Com.
Franco, there to remain unsold till poration within the Town and
further Directions from the Court of Factory of Bombay, on the Ibane

of Bombay in the Eaft Indies

, by But to return Home. In January the Name of The Mayor and Adre this Year died Philip Stankope, men of Bombay ; and also to eret Earl of Chesterfield; and in the another Corporation within the Beginning of March, Evelin Piero Factory of Fort William in Bengali

, point, Duke and Earl of Kingston, in the said Indies; and to geant departed this Life.

to each of the said Corporaboss May 26, 'a Chapter of the most and their Successors perpetual Suce noble Order of the Garter was cession, to have a comron Seal held at St. James's, and Charles terable at Pleasure, to make By-25 Lenox, Duke of Richmond and for the better Government of the Lenox, Knight of the Bath, and said respective Corporations, and ta Sir Robert Walpole of Houghton in try Civiland Criminal Causes, High the County of Norfolk, Knight of Treason excep:ed. the Barb, Chancellor of the Ex. In September Sir Jeba Fre, chequer, and first Commissioner who had been some Time before of the Treasury, were elected Lord Mayor of Londo? ; and RoKnights Companions of the said bert Dormer Esq; who had been Order, in the Room of Evelin about cwenty Years one of the Pierpoint Duke of Kingston, and Judges of his Majefty's Court of Charles Beauclerk, Duke of St. Common Plcas, departed this Albans, both deceased.

Life." And in the following Masuk In July, Mr. Humphry Wanley, died Sir Jiffrig Gilberi

, Let Library Keeper to the Earl of chief Baron of the Court of ExOxford, a Person famous for his chequer, and Şir Thomas Pengely great Learning in Antiquities, as his Majesty's primier Serjeant well as Skill in ancient Manuscripts, at Law, was appointed' to fucceed departed this Life. In the fame him. Month died suddenly, at Vienna, The Parliament met January 17 Duke Maximilian William of Brun- and his Majesty in his speech told swick Hanover, Colonel of a Regi- them, that the sudden and unge ment of Cuirassiers in the Empe- countable Conjunction between the ror's Service, his Britannick Ma- Emperor and the King of Spears jesty's Brother; as also William and the secres and offenüve Allan

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es concluded between them, had regardless of our own Safety, and A. D. aid the Foundations of a most ex- the common cause of Europe ; for

1727. rbitant and formidable Power, and which Purpose bis mof Christian re, said he, so direally levelled a- Majesty, hath been at a great Exainst tbe mojt valuable and darling pence, this laf rear, in augmenting nterests and Privileges of this Na- bis Forces: and the States General, ion, that we must determine either fenfible of the imminent Danger, amely to submit to the peremptory and have not only acceded to the Defennjujt Demands of the King of five Alliance concluded at Hanover, pain, in giving up Gibraltar, and but have come to strong and seasona atiently to acquiesce in the Empe- able Resolutions for an extraordinary or's usurped and extended Exercise Augmentation of their Forces both f Trade and Commerce, or must re by Sea and Land.

The Accesion of ilove to be in a Condition to do our. the Crown of Sweden is in such a lves Justice, and to defend our Forwardness, and the Negotiations ndoubted Rights against these re- with the Crown of Denmark are iprocal Engagements, entred into so far advanced, that we may reah Defiance and Violation of all sonably depend upon the Success and Jacional Faith, and the most solemn good Effiat of them. He further realies. I have likewise received told them that the Spaniards had information from different Parts, actually assembled a great Body of n which I can entirely depend, Troops in the Neighbourhood of hat the placing the Pretender upon Gibraltar, in order to attack and be Throne of Ibis Kingdom is one besiege that Place, but that he raf the Articles of the Secret En. ther believed those publick and imagements; and if Time shall evince mense Preparations were designed hat the giving up the Trade of as an Amusement, and to disguise 'bis Nation to one Power, and the intended Invasion, which had Gibraltar and Port Mahon to ano been for some time agreed to be the 'ber, is made the Price and Reward first Step and Beginning of the long of imposing upon this Kingdom a premediated Rupture. Popish Pretender, what Indignation The King being withdrawn, the mut this raise in the Breast of every Lords soon came to a Resolution of Protestant Briton ! Nor were these addressing his Majesty on this Ocfatal Combinations confined to those casion, and the Address was preParts of the World alone, but they sented the next Day by the whole extended themselves into Russia; House. But upon a Motion made and had not the Designs of that in the House of Commons for an Cours against some of their Neigh. Address to return his Majesty the bours been prevented by the season. Thanks of the House for his most able Arrival of our Fleet in those gracious Speech from the Throne ; Seas, a Way had been opened for to acknowledge his Goodness in invading these Kingdoms, and giv- acquainting his Parliament with the ing a powerful Affiftance to any several Proceedings and Alliances Attempt. 10 be made from other entred into between the Emperor Quarters. Such Circumstances would and the King of Spain, giving such not suffer me and my Allies, among just Cause of Jealousy to the neighwhom itere hath been and is the bouring Princes and States, so formoft perfect Harmony, Union, and midable and destructive of the truc Concert, to be idle Spectators, and Balance of Power in Europe; and



À. D. itriking at the Foundation of the ters. At lalt it was carried for a 1727. most valuable Privileges and Inte- Address by a great Majority, which

rests of the Subjects of his Majefiy, was presented the next Day. Ard
and those of his Allies ; to declare the House foon after agreed that
the Resentment of the Commons of twenty thousand Men Thond be
Great Britain at the unjuft Demand imployed for the Sea Service for
of the King of Spain for the Re. the current Year.
ftitution of Gibraliar, and the un March 4, a Message was feet by
warrantable Usurpation of the Em- his Majesty's Order to M. de Pas,
peror, in erecting and carrying on the Emperor's Resident, to :
the Ostend Trade, and their mu- quaint him, that he having, in the
tual Obligations to support each o- Audience he had of the King an
ther in these unjustifiable Attemps Thursday laft, delivered into the
and Undertakings: and especially Hands of his Majelty a Mea:11
to express the highest Indignation highly injurious to his Mach's
at the Resolutions and Engage. Honour, and the Dignity of us
ments entred into, for attempting Crown, in which Memorial he loh
to place the Pretender the forgot all Regard to Truth, and the
Throne of these Kingdoms; to re- Respect due to his sacred Machi
turn his Majesty Thanks, for his and the said Memorial being ail
great Care in ftrengthening his Al. publickly dispersed next Morris
Jiances, and imploying his royal in Print, together with a Lenz
Fleet so usefully for the Security, from the Count de Zinzerdery
Advantage, and Glory of this Na him the faid Palm, ítill more izka
tion; to defire his Majesty, that lent and more injurious, if ports,
he will forthwith give the necessary than the Memorial, bis Aleja
Orders for putting this Kingdom looked upon the faid Refideat Pax
in a Posture of Defence ; and to no longer as a publick Miniter, and
assure him, that this House will not required him 'forthwith to depart
only chearfully and effectually raise out of this Kingdom.
the Supplies necessary for the pre This Memorial, after endeavou.
sent Exigency of Affairs, but willing to vindicate the Peace corela
stand by and support his Majesty in ded at Vienna, as being chiefly but
making good his Engagements with on the Quadruple Alliance, ac
his Allies ; several Objections were the Treaty of Commerce with Sye
raised, as that the Matter of Peace as calculated only to promote
and War is of the greatest Weight mutual and lawful Advantages de
that can fall under the Confidera- the Subjects of both parties

, jog tion of that Assembly; that as his Manner agreeable to the Law of Majesty's Speech contained many Nations, and in no wise to prejudice Points of the highest Moment, to the British Nation, roundly abierzeth he expected not only the Support, that the Offensivé Alliance nenti: but likewise the Advice of that oned in his Majesty's Speech wz! House; that in order thereto, they absolutely void of all Foundation ought maturely to deliberate on those as was also that of the secret Ar leveral Heads, which could not be ticles made in favour of the Pre done, before fome Papers were tender. This Affair having made communicated to them, which seem a great Noise, came under the Co ed absolutely necessary to state several lideration of Parliament, and both pccts relating to those weighty Mac- Houses agreed to an Addrefs to come

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