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' and established Privileges, ftipu. Goods and Effects of our Subjects A. D.

lated for them by the said Treaties; ' residing in his Dominions, and 1739. for the Redress of which Grie has also ordered our said Subjects

vances, the strongest Instances to depart out of the Spanish Do' have been, from Time to Time,' minions within a hort limited ' made by our several Ministers re · Time, contrary, to the express

fiding in Spain, without any Ef. Stipulation of the Treaties befeat ; and whereas a Convention tween the two Crowns, even in for making Reparation to our Case of a War actually declared : Subjects for the Losses sustained by • We have taken into our Royal them, dc. was concluded between • and most serious Consideration us and the King of Spain, on

o these Injuries which have the 14th Day of January last,

been offered to us and our * N. S. by which it was ftipulated, * Subjects and the manifest Violati“That a certain Sum of Money on of the several Treaties fubfift

should be paid at London, within ing between the two Crowns. — • a Term therein specified, as a Ba . And being fully satisfied, that ' lance admitted to be due, on " the Honour of our Crown, the

the Part of Spain, to the Crown • Interest of our Subjects, and that

and Subjects of Great Britain, Regard which ought to be had • which Term expired on the 25th to the most solemn Treaties,

Day of May last, and the Payment • call upon us to make use of the

of the said Sum was not made ; • Power which God hath given us, ' by which Means the Convention for vindicating our undoubted

was manifeitly broken by the • Rights, and securing to our loving King of Spain. -- and the Me • Subjects the Privileges of Naviga

thods agreed upon by the said • tion and Commerce, to which they • Convention, in order to the ob are jusly entitled : We therefore

taining future Security for the relying on the Help of Almighty Trade and Navigation of our • God, who knows the Upright

Subjets are, contrary to goodness of our Intentions, have • Faith, frustrated and defeated : thought fit to declare, and do ' In Consequence of which, we • hereby declare War against the • found ourselves obliged ' said King of Spain ; and we will,

order, That general Reprisals ' in pursuance of such Declaration ' should be granted against the said vigorously prosecure the said War, * King of Spain, his Vaffals and being assured of the ready Con

Subjects, &c. And whereas the 'currence and Affistance of all our Court of Spain has been induced . loving Subjects in so just a Cause, to colour the open Violation of wherein the Honour of our Crown,

the Convention aforesaid, by the Maintenance of our solemn • Reasons and Pretences void of all · Treaties, and the Trade and Na. • Foundation ; and at the fame 'vigation of our Subjects are so • Time has not only published an greatly concerned. Order, figned by the said King, Soon after an Account came that • for seizing the Ships, Goods and Rear-Admiral Haddock had taken • Effects belonging to us and our two rich Caraccas Ships, the Money · Subjects, wherever they shall be and Goods on board one of which,

met with, but bach caused Sei. called the St. Joseph, as mentioned zres to be actually made, of the in the Bill of Lading, were cumpu.


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4. D. ted to be worth upwards of 100.0001. My Lords and Gentlemen, 1739

Sterling; besides Silver and other va I thank you for ebis datifal 4 luable Effects, not exprefl'd in the Bill dress, which is la agreceble se for of Lading. The Ship was brought Resolutions of barb Horses of Paris to Spithead, and the Money on ment, Your unanimous and our board was brought up in two Wag. Support, in carrying on tbe To, gors, and lodg'd in the Bank.

will be the best Means of prawne In October died his Grace the safe and bonourable Terms of Prear; Duke of Manchester, Knight of the and you may rely on my strol Care Bath, and Captain of the Yeomen and Endeavour to obtain effetul : of the Guards.

curity for the just Rights of NazigaOn Thursday the 15th of Novem: tion and Commerce belonging to sy ber the Parliament met, and his Subjeéts. Majesty told them, that the present The Penfion Bill again passed the Posture of Affairs had obliged him House of Commons, and was to to call them together, at that Time, ted by the Lords. fooner than had been ufual of late In Nocember died Sir whes Years, that he might have their im- Thompson, one of the Barons of it mediate Advice and Assistance at Exchequer, and Recorder of Lorda. that critical and important Con. He was succeeded in the former Pad juncture.

by Mr. Serjeant Wright, and in be On the 23d the Lords and Com- latter by John Strange, Esq; his lamons waited on his Majesty with the jesty's Sollicitor General. joint Resolution of both Houses, as In the same Monch died Genera follows:

Sabine, Governor of Gibralo Resolved by the Lords Spiritual Thomas Wentwortb, Earl of Straferdi and Temporal, and Commons in and Harry Earl of Stamford. Parliament asembled, That an hum In December died Lieutenant Ge ble Address be presented to his Ma. neral Nappier, Commander in Chit jelty, as a dutiful Return to his gra- of the Forces in Ireland, under the cious Desire of the Advice of his Lord Viscount Shannsa : And the Parliament at this critical and im Earls of Murray and Sterling, Sca. portant Conjuncture ; and as a far- Peers. cher Testimony of our firm Reso As intense a Frost as perhaps FI lution vigorously to support his Ma- ever known in these Parts began at jesty in the Prosecution of the War Christmas:day, and continued this against Spain, humbly to beseech January and the greatest Parc his Majeity never to admit of any Fibruary, near eight Weeks. Til Treaty of Peace with that Crown, Thames was froze so hard, tha: Nu unless the Acknowledgment of our citudes of People walked over by na:ural and undubitable Right to na and a great many Booths were vigate in the American Seas, to and erected, and a Fair kept upoat from any Part of his Majesty's Do Instructions were sent up from a minians, without being seized, great many Counties and Corpora searched, visited or stopped, under tions to their respective Reprelenta any Pretence whatsoever, fhall tives, earnestly recommending have been first obtained, as a Pre. them the promoting of a Bill to liminary thereto.

limiting the Number of Officers is His Majesty's Answer was as fol- the House of Commons, commca lows:

ly called the Place Bill. Accor

ingly on January 29. a Motion was giving an Account of the glorious A. D. made in the House of Commons for Action at Porto Bello, on the 21st 1740. the bringing in of such a Bill, but and 22d of November last; when in it was rejected by a Majority of 16. the faid Admiral, with no more

In this Month died Sir Brocas than six Men of War, entered the Gardiner, Bart. one of the Commif- Harbour, and made himself Master fioners of the Stamp-Duties : Alex. of the Town and Forts; after which, ander Wilson, 'Esq; who was Lord he took on board his Ships from the Provost of Edinburgh when Captain several Fortresses, 40 Pieces of Brass Porteous was hang’d by the Mob: Cannon, 10 Brass Field Pieces, four Sir William Stapleton, Bart, one of Brass Mortars, and 18 Brass Pattethe Knights of the Shire for the reroes; and rendered unserviceable County of Oxford: Captain Tudor above 80 Iron Cannon, by knockTrevor, Deputy Governor of Green- ing off the Trunnions, and spiking wich Hospital : And Sir Francis them up: He also took on board all Henry Drake, Bart. Member of Par. the Spaniards Shot and Ammuniliament for Borallon in Devonshire. tion, except 1 22 Barrels of Powder,

The next Month the following which he expended in springing
Persons of Note departed this Life, Mines, by which all the Fortifica-
viz. The Right Honourable Ri- tions of the Forts were blown up,
chard Lumley, Earl of Scarborough, and entirely demolished, and the
Knight of the Garter, one of his Harbour left open and defenceless.
Majesty's most Honourable Privy On the 18th the following Ad-
Council, and Colonel of the second dress was presented to his Majesty
Regiment of Foot Guards, in which by both Houses of Parliament ;
Command he was fucceeded by his
Royal Highness the Duke of Cum-

Most gracious Sovereign,
berland: The Right Honourable the
Earl of Delorain: Lieutenant Ge We

your Majesty's most dutiful neral Evans, first General of Horse,' and loyal Subje&ts, the Lords SpiColonel of a Regiment of Horse, ritual and Temporal, and Comand Governor of Chelsea Hospital : • mons, in Parliament assembled, Sir Joseph Eyles, Knight, Alderman 'do congratulate your Majesty on of Cheap Ward, and Member of the glorious Success of your MaParliament for the Devizes: And jesty's Arms in the West Indies, Sir Edmund Elwill, Bart. Comp- ' under the Command of Vice-Adtroller of the Duties arising by 'miral Vernon, by entering the Excise.

• Port, and taking the Town of On February 8, Madam Amelia 'Porto Bello, and demolishing and Sophia Walmodun, commonly called levelling all the Forts and Castles Madam Valmonte, took the Oaths' belonging thereto, with six Ships at the Bar of the House of Lords, ' of War only. in order for her Naturalization Bill · This Enterprize, so wisely conto pass that House. She was soon • certed, and so bravely conducted, after 'created Countess of Yar- ' cannot fail of giving the utmost mouth.

• Joy to all your Majesty's faithful The 13th of March, Captain Subjects, since it affords the most Rentone arrived here Express, with reasonable Hopes and ExpectatiLetters from Vice-Admiral Vernon, ons, that, by the Blefling of God

• upon

A.D. 1740.

upon your Majesty's Counsels and the Increase of Mariners and $12 Arms, it may be attended with men: An Ad for confirming as • other important Advantages, and enlarging the Powers granted by

highly contribute to the obtaining his Majefly to the Governors ir real and effectual Security of those Guardians of the Hopital for the juft Rights of Navigation and Maintenance of exposed and dirtel • Commerce belonging to your Ma- young Children ; and to several * jesty's Subjects, for the Preserva. others: After which his Majer • tion of which, your Majeity en- put an end to the Sellion with a med • ter'd into this necessary War.' gracious Speech.

On the zoth his Grace the Duke His Majesty's Answer was as of Argyll resigned all his places a follows:


Sir Francis Child, Knight and My Lords and Gentlemen, Alderman, Knight of the She is

Middlesex, and President of Chris I thank you for your dutiful Con- Hospital died in this Month: Be gratulations on this Succes, whicbis was Lord Mayor of London in 1*** Jo much for the Honour ana Interest of About the fame Time died De any Crown and Kingdoms. The San Francis Hare, Lord Bishop of C risfaction you exprefs in the Measures chefter, and Dean of St. Paa'. I have taken, is very agreeable to Upon this Dr. Mawson was tranda

ted to the See of Chichester, and Da

John Gilbert was made Biihop of The City of London also present of Landaffe in his Room ; and D: ed an Address to his Majesty on the Butler, Lord Bishop of Bris, fame Occasion.

was made Dean of St. Paul's. A About this Time died the Right little before, the Reverend Dr. Fr honourable Alexander Hume Earl of ton, Author of the Differtatis : Marchmont, one of the 16 Peers for the Clasicks, departed this Life Scotland in the last Parliament: The On the 8th of May in the Ere Right honourable John Lord King, ning, were solemnized the Epo Baron of Ockham, Son to the late fals of the Princess Mary with Lord Chancellor King : And Mr. most serene Prince Frederick of H Justice Denton, one of the Judges Caffe, his Royal Highness the D of the Court of Common Pleas, and of Cumberland acting as Proxy. Fc Chancellor to his Royal Highnefs Marriage Portion provided by de the Prince of Wales. He was suc. of Parliament was 40,000 l. He ceeded in the latter Place by Thomas Royal Highness set out soon az Bootle, Esg; and in the former by for Heli Cafel. Mr. Baron Parker, who was fuc. On the 13th his Majesty having ceeded by Mr. Baron Reynolds of appointed Lords Juttices, let out 12 the Exchequer in Ireland.

Hanover. On Tuesday, sápril 29, his Maje On the 20th died, in the ; ed Year fly went to the House of Peers, and of his Age, Frederick William, Kirs gave the Royal Afient to An Act of Prufia, Margrave of Brati for prohibiting Commerce with Spain : burg, Arch-Chamberlain and Eleto

An net to prevent the excellive In- of the Holy Roman Empire. E crease of Horse Races : Ai As for was fucceeded by Cbarki Frederik



his eldest Son, born January 24, Part of the World soon after. But A. D. 1712.

nothing came of it, and the French 1740. His Majesty, before his Depar. Squadron after having been there ture for Hanover, conferred the Ho- some Time, returned home the Benour of Knighthood on Dudley Ry. ginning of the next Year, without ter, Esq; Attorney General, and on doing any Thing. For Strange, Esq; Sollicitor Ge We must now go a little back. heral.

About J une the following Persons In this Month died Mr. Ephraim of Note departed this Life, viz. Chambers, F. R. S. Author of the Henry de Grey, Duke and Earl of amous Dictionary, entitled Cyclo. Kent, Lord Lieutenant and Custos lædia, and was interred in the Cloys. Rorulorum of the County of Beders in Westminster Abbey.

ford, one of the Privy Council, and About this Time a Spanish Priva. Knight of the Garter : Thomas Oneer, which had very much annoy'd flow, Lord. Onslow and Baronet, sur Merchant Ships in the Channel, Lord Lieutenant of the County of 5'c. and had taken at least 22 of Surrey, and one of the Tellers of hem and carried them into St. Se. the Exchequer : Sir William Wyndaffian's was taken by one of our ham, Baronet, Knight of the Shire ships of War, and brought to Portf for the County of Somerset, and a noutb.

famous Speaker in the House of Some Time before, a large Spa Commons : And Samuel Holden, Esqi rish Man of War was taken by three Governor of the Bank, and Memof ours, after a sharp and bloody ber of Parliament for Eastlow in Ingagement.

Cornwall. The Beginning of June a Camp The 29th of une an Account vas formed on Hounslow. Heath, came of another glorious A&tion of which drew Multitudes of Peo- Admiral Vernon, viz. his taking the ole from Town and Country to see Town of Chagre, and Castle of San t.

Lorenzo. He found the CustomSir John Norris went down to the House full of Goods for the Lading Fleet at Spithead, and hoisted his of the Galleons, which he shipped Flag on board the Vistory, and his off, and then set Fire to the CustomRoyal Highness the Duke soon af- House and burnt it down, and er embarked on board the same. blew up and demolished the Ca. n their first Attempt to fail, the Atle, &c. Lyon in a Storm run foul of the Vic In July died Sir Jeremy Vanacker ory and damaged it, so that they Sambroké Baronet, Member of Parwere forced to put back. They liament for Bedford: And in August, nade several other Attempts to fail, Sir John Lade, Baronet, in Comput the Wind fill coming contrary, milion of the Peace for the County hey could not proceed.

of Surry. In the mean Time we were un. There was a great Contest this Jer Apprehensions about the Ca- Year between the Livery Men (who diz and Ferrol Squadrons, which be had again resolved to set aside Sir ing joined, failed at last for the Wef George Champion) and the Court Indies. And what added more to of Aldermen about chufing Lord our Concern was the French Brest Mayor. The Livery. returned Sir and Toulon Squadrou failing for that Robert Ġodschall the Senior Alder


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