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liament, and executed

a Wall in the North

Fifth Monarchists rebel 246 Hague, Treaty there

Fisher, Bishop of Rochester, beheaded Hamilton, Duke, beheaded
for denying the Supremacy 158 Hampton Court built

Flodden Field Battle

149 Hanover, Duke of, created Eleder
Frost, a great one,

642 385, Succession settled upon to

Arter, the Order of the Gar. Hanover Treaty

ter instituted

101 Hardicanute, Danish King 46, in-
Gaveflon, Favourite to Edward II. posed Taxes upon the Ezgiz,
causes great Disturbances 90

ibid. died suddenly
George I. crowned 543, his Progress Harold, Danish King of England 46,

to the West of England 567, ap. he imprisoned Alfred, ibid. 20:
pointeth Professors of Modern oppressed the Englijs
History and Languages at Ox Harold, Son to Earī Goodwir, usurps
ford and Cambridge 573, his Let the Crown 48, eases the People of
ter to the Czarina 585, his Taxes, and is affable 49, promiled

596 William Duke of Normandy the
George II. his Acceffion 597. Dines Crown, ib. who upon his retuang

at Guildhall, 600. Visits Cam it him invades England, ib. Tie
bridge 604. His Answer about King of Denmark invades .
the Spanish Depredations, 636, land, ibid. who is defeated and
He orders Reprisals againft Spain, slain, ibid. The Battle be fil:

639. And declares War, 640 Harold and William 50, Her's
Gertrudenburg Treaty

500 defeated and sain,
Gibralter taken by the English 461 Hengist and Horja, Saxons, come
Glaftenbury Abby built

over to England 23, and plant
Glensmill Battle

562 themselves here, ibid. King of
Glouceller made a Bishoprick 115

Gloucester William, Duke of, born Henry, Son of William the Congee-

365, installed Knight of the Gar ror crowned King of England 5
ter 375, dies


gives many Liberties to the peo
Goals, State of, enquired into, 607 ple, ibid. and revives the Laws of
Godfrey, Sir Edm. Bury murdered 267 Eduard the Confessor, ibid. mar-
Goodwin, Earl of Kent, betrayed ries the Neice of Edgar Alberg,

Alfred to Harold 46, presented a ibid. disturbed by the Welib, ibic
rich Ship to Hardicanute, ibid. imposes heavy Taxes 58, atien-
troubled King Edward 47, was

bles the States in Parliament,
choaked in declaring himself in. his Son loft at Sea, ibid. che lo
nocent of Alfred's Death

bility swear Fealty to his Daug
Goodwin-Sands, why so called


ter Maud, ibid. his Deach, itu.
Gormon, a Danish King, baptized 35

his Wife and Issue,
Granvale hanged for attempting the Henry II. crowned 62, Hugh az M-

Murder of King William 385 timer rebels againit him, ibid. ise!
Gray, Lady Jane, proclaimed King makes War upon the Here

166 ibid. crowned three times, its
Guns, when first used in England 110 very much difturbed by Becket,
Guy, Earl of Warwick, lived


Archbishop of Canterbunt 63,

does Penance for Becker's Death
Adrian the Roman Emperor 63, causes his Son to be crowned,

came into Britain, and built




id. who conspires against him, into Scotland, and obtains a Vic-
vid. his Son's Death 66, his o tory 108. The Piercies with se-
ner Sons rebel in Normandy, ibid. veral Lords conspire againft him,

is Death, ibid. his Wife and and rebel, ibid. but defeaced, ibid.

ibid. His Death 109, Wives and Il-
ery III. crowned 78, the Earl of fue, ib. Strange Apparitions, ibid.
Pembroke, his Guardian, defeats Henry V. very extravagant in his
Cewis, ibid. and forces him to Youth 110, his Submission to his
lepart, ibid. King Henry raises

Father, ibid. when King acts ve-
Taxes, and revokes the Charter ry wisely uni, claims the Crown
of Liberties 79, which causes of France, ibid. Being derided,
Discontents, ibid. puts Strangers he prepares for War 112. The
nto Places of Trust 80, where French offer Peace, ibid. refused,
with the Peers are discontented, ibid. King Henry enters France,
and confederate against him, ib. ibid. The French Army, being
and refuse to appear in Parlia-

very great, assure themselves of
ment, till they be removed, ibid. Victory 113. King Henry offers
He destroys their Lands, ' ibid. Peace, ibid. refused, ibid. The
The Lords commit Hoftilities, Battle of Agincourt, ibid. he gains
ibid. He makes Peace with the the Victory 114, with great
Lords, and turns out the Stran. Slaughter of the Enemy, ib. takes
gers, ibid, goes over to recover several Cities in France 115,
Poietou, ibid. levies Taxes, and treats of Peace 116, but not a-
Spends profusely 81, reduced to greed prosecutes the War, ibid.
Penury, ibid. The Parliament Peace, wherein it was agreed,
grant him Aid, and he confirms

that King Henry should succeed
Magna Charta, ibid. but breaks to the Crown, and the Dauphin
it again, ibid. His Brother Rio disinherited, ibid. marries the K.
chard made King of the Romans, of France's Daughter, and is de-
ibid. the King profuse again, bc. clared Regent 117, goes to Pa-
ibid. The Lords come armed to ris, where, in Parliament, the
the Parliament, and forte him to Articles are ratified and sworn
grant their Demands, ibid. ap to by the Nobles, ibid. leaves the
point a new Form of Govern Duke of Clarence his Lieutenant,
ment, ibid.

War betwixt the and comes to England, ib. The
King and Barons 82, the King Dauphin grows itrong, and kills
taken Prisoner 83, is carried a the Duke of Clarence, ibid. The
bout by Mountford, ib. released, King returns to France, ibid.
ibid. His Death, ibid. His Wife keeps his Court at the Louvre,
and Iffue


ibid. His Death 118, Issue and
lenry, Duke of Lancaster, invades Character
England against Richard II. 105, Henry VI. crowned when he was
is assisted by great Numbers, ibid. but 8 Months old 118, a Predic.
Richard submits, and he is crown tion concerning him 117, a Bat.
ed 107, his Proceedings disliked, tle in France 119, the English
ibid. "A Conspiracy against him, Victors, ibid. befiege Orleans,
ibid. Endeavours made to release ibid. are forced thence 1 20. Hen-
King Richard, ibid. One sets up ry crowned King of France in
to personate him, ibid. King Paris, ibid. The English Interest
Henry marches with an Army declines in France, ibid. Paris



lost, ibid. The King marries 121. and he taken Prisoner, ibid. A
The Queen rules, to the Discon War began againit France 143,
tent of the Nation, ibid. The an honourable Peace made, itd
French gain Ground 122. The Perkin Warbeck set up, ib:.. bis
Duke of Suffolk prosecuted by Party defeated, ibid. A Turk
the Yorkifts, ibid. he is banished upon gathering a Tax 144, Per-
and killed, ibid. Rebellion head-

kin appears again 146, is taken
ed by Jack Cade, ibid. the Duke Prisoner and hanged, ibid. The
of Fork takes up Arms 123, the King applies himself to amafarg
King marches againit him, ibid. Wealth 147, Emplon and Delle
a Reconciliation, ibid. Talbot, his Instruments therein, ibid. who
Earl.of Shrewsbury, sent with an oppress the Subject, ibid. The
Army into France, ibid. is fuc-

King in his Sickness ordered the
cessful, but sain, ibid. War be Money to be restored, ibid. Ha
tween the Families of York and Death, ibid. His Wife and I lise,
Lancaster, ibid. Battle at St. l. ibid. The great Sum he left 2:
bans, ibid. the King wounded his Death
and taken Prisoner, ibid. The Henry VIII. crowned 148, married
Duke of York rules all 124. A his Brother's Widow, ibid. p.
nother Battle, ibid.

Battle at

nishes Emplon and Dudley, ibid.
Northampton, where King Hen. sends into France to demand
Ty's Forces are utterly vanquilh. Normandy, &c. ibid. goes cret
ed, ibid. The D. of York claims and besieges Terouanne 149. "The
the Crown, ibid. In Parliament Emperor Maximilian receivis
it is agreed that after K. Henry's his Pay, ibid. The Battle of
Death he should succeed 125. Spurs, ibid. He befieges Tsernas,
The Queen with an Army oppo and takes it, ibid. The Earl of
ses the Duke of York, ibid. a Bat. Surry marches againft the Seers,
tle between them, ibid. The ibid. Flodden Fight, ibid. The
Queen overcomes, and York is King of Scots Nain, and many of
flain, ibid. Another Battle, ibid. the Nobility, ibid. Peace be
Another, ibid. King Henry's

tween K. Henry and the Frent,
Wife and Issue, ibid. His Cha ibid. Tournay delivered back to
racter, ibid. He is imprisoned the French, ibid. The Emperor
126, proclaimed King again 128, Charles V. comes to London 159,
released after pine Years Impri War with France again, ibid. Se
fonment, and received King 129, veral Castles taken, ibid. Peace
again imprisoned, ibid. His Son with the Scots, ibid. A Rebellion
Edward murdered 130, his Death in Ireland, ibid. The King que

ibid. stions the Lawfulnefs of his Afaz-
Henry, Earl of Richmond, filed into riage 151, calls in Question the

France from Richard III. 138, Pope's Authority 154, his Alar-
invades England against him 139, riage diffolved, ibid. marries
is much affifted, ibid. conquers Anne Bullen 155, marries out
Richard in Battle 140, crowned Seymour, ibid.

A Commotica
King at Welminfter 141, marries headed by a Monk 156. Abe-
the Daughter of Edward IV. ther, ibid. fupprefs'd 157. 3.0-
142. some Disturbances, ibid. nasteries suppress'd, ibid. A Coe-
Lambert Symnell, an Impostor, spiracy to raise Cardinal Poal to
set up, ibid. bis Party defeated, the Crown, for which the Lord


Montacute and Sir Edward Ne beth married to the Eleétor Pa. will are beheaded, ibid. Marries latine, ibid. Queen Anne's Death Anne of Cleve, ibid. dislikes her, 187. The King's Death 188. ibid. Marries Katharine How His Wife and Issue.

ibid. ard, ibid. she is beheaded 158, James II. crowned 301, his first The King's Supremacy, and the Speech to the Parliament 303, Six Articles against Protestants invaded by Argyll in Scotland ordered to be subscribed to, ibid. 304, and Monmouth in England Bishop Fisher and Sir Thomas

308, puts unqualified Officers Moor put to Death, ibid. and into his Army 312, which is remany Protestants, ibid. Queen sented by the Parliament 313. Katharine Parr's Life designed his Speech to them thereupon, against 159. A Match conclu ibid. is declared to have Power ded between Prince Edward and of difpenfing with Laws 317, the Princess of Scotland, ibid. erects a Court for inspecting EcThe King makes War upon the clefiaftical - Affairs 318, which French, ibid. wins Bulloign, ib. suspends the Rishop of London, His Death, ibid. His Will, ibid. ibid. The Occasion of it, ibid His Wives and Issue, ibid. Bi The King grants Liberty of Conshoprick and Cathedral Churches : science in Scotland 320, and in erected by him

ibid. England 321, Popish Chapels ptarcby, Saxon


and Monasteries erected 322, ereford built

38 Petres, a Jesuit, made Privy- Hogue, Sea Victory there 383 Counsellor, ibid. The Vicenorius, Archbishop of Canterbury, Chancellor of Cambridge fusfirst divided England into Parishes pended by the Exclefiaftical


Court 323, the Reason of it 324, olland, Earl, beheaded


The Fellows of Magdalene Cololland, War againtt Holland by the lege, Oxon, expelled 325, their Rump 231, by King Charles II. Case, ibid. The Declaration for

151, 258 Liberty of Conscience renewed, othams beheaded


and ordered to be read in ChurchoEtide or Hoxtide, why so callid 47 es 327, Seven Bishops petition umphry, Duke of Gloucester, seiz against it, ibid. and are commited and imprisoned 121, ted to the Tower, and try'd, but Death, ibid. Character, ibid. acquitted 329. Regulations in

all Corporations 330. Bishop J.

of London's Suspension taken off Amaica in the Weft Indies taken 331.' City Charter restored, ib. by the English


Ecclesiastical Commission dissol. ames I. comes to England 182, a

The King receives Conspiracy by Brook, Cobham, Advice of the Prince of Orange's &c. 182, the King crowned, ib. Landing 334, goes down to SaDisputation between the Church lisbury to his Army 341, is left and Puritans, ibid. Peace with by several of the Nobility, ibid. Spain, ibid.

The Gunpowder returns to London, ibid. publishes Plot, ibid. how discovered 184, a Proclamation to call a Parlia. Guy Fawks taken, ibid. The ment, ibid. fends Commissioners Conspirators executed, ibid. In to treat with the Prince 342, surrections, ibid. Prince Henry's stops the Writs for Elections 343, Death 185. The Princess Eliza orders the Earl of Feversham to


ved 332.

disband the Army, ibid. goes enad against it 75. The laterprivately away in order to leave dict taken off, ibid. The King ihe Kingdom, ibid. upon which, goes over to war agaiał the the Nobility meet, and apply to French, ibid. The Baross comthe Prince of Orange, ibid. is binę against him, ibid. He reflopt in his Voyage, and comes turns, ibid. The Barons deman! to Feve nam 344, comes back their ancient Liberties, ibid. alto London 346. A itrange A.

semble an Army, and grow poslarm in the Night of Irish, &c. erful, ibid. The King grants their ibid. The King returns to Ro Requeft, ibid. He gets Affidance cbefter, ibid. from whence he against the Barons 76, is vi&teriwent privately for France, ibid. ous, ibid. The Barons invite ebe goes over from France to Ireland Dauphin to take the Expl6 360, holds a Parliament there Crown, ibid. who comes over, 361, returns to France 373, at and is joined by the Barons, ibid. tempts to invade England 382, They iwear Fealty to him, it.2. dies

428 The King with an Army marcó. Images taken out of the Churches ing over the Walhes, his Cars 161, which causes Diftus bances, age and Provisions are loft 77.

ibid. The Barons have Remorse for Indian Chiefs

612 what they have done, and ferd Joan of Arke, a famous French submissive Letters to the King,

Virago 119, taken by the English ibid. His Death, ibid. His be and burnt

120 and Ifué, ibid. He sectied tis John admitted King notwithstan Government of Corporations, a.

ding the Right of Arthur 71. John of Gaunt, Duke of Lescar The Lords swear conditional ter, Son to Edward III. 101, Fealty to him, ibid. tropbled by hated by the People 102, who the King of France in Behalf of rebel because of him, ibid. This Arthur, ibid. by the Scots, ibid. Savoy, his Palace, burnt by then flighted by the Peers, ibid. over 103. His Death

10; throws Arthur in Battle, ibid. Jofeph of Arimatbea, planted the Arthur's Death, ibid. Cited by Gospel in Britain the King of France to be tried Ireland, Jebn, Son to Heary II. for Murder, ibid. not appearing, made Lord of Ireland tó. I. is condemned, ibid. loses Towns,

rish rebel against Herry II. -9, ibid. punishes the Lords for re against Henry VIII. 150, againt fusiog to attend him in the War Queen Elizabetb 172, 175. Re 72, threatens to throw off the bellion and Massacre there ige. Pope's Authority 73; The King of Ireland, Henry VIII. É Kingdom interdicted, ibid. The had that Title, Clergy dislike the Pope's Pro- Julius Cajar invades Britain

j ceedings, ibid. The King anathematized, ibid. His Subjects


Atbarine of Spain, married to ibid. The Pope decrees chat he be deposed, and excites the Henry VIII. 151. The Law. King of France against him 74: fulness of her Marriage que He submits to the Pope, and tioned, ibid. Her Speech to the fur:enders his Crown

to the

King in the Legate's Court, ib. Nuncio, ibid. The Parliament is perswaded to leave it to the

abfolved of their Ailegiance K Prince Areber, and after to

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