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rd 198, and relinquishes Tun Army article against some Mem-
ge and Poundage, ibid. Maf-

bers, ibid. the Army comes to
cre in Ireland, ibid. the Com London and seize the Tower, ibid.
ons remonstrate against Bishops, Propositions to the King at
c. ibid. the King's Answer 199, Hampton Court, ibid. Adjutators
Labble insolent at Westminster of the Army appointed 211, the
nd Whitehall, ibid. the King King escapes from Hampion.
ccused five Members of the court, and goes to the Isle of Wight,
Commons of High Treason, ib. ibid. his Concessions to the Par-
ne House vote againit it, ibid. liament, ibid. Parliament vote no
The King returns into the North more Addresses to the King 212,
coo, is denied Entrance into Hull, Periions to the Parliament for a
201, King and Parliament pre Treaty, ibid. Kentish Men take
bare for War, ibid. Parliament up Arms, ibid. defeated, ibid.
end 19 Propositions to the King, Lord Capel, Lord Goring, and o-
Ebid. the King sets up his Ssan ther Royalists, get into Colches-
Hard 202, proposes a Treaty to ter, ibid. the Navy fall off, ibid.
the Parliament, ibid. their An Earl of Holland with a Party for
(wer, ibid. Parliament vote against the King, fight at Kingston, ibid.
Peace, 203, first Action, ibid. the Scots send an Army in the
Edgehill Fight, ibid. the King King's Behalf, ibid. which is dea
enters Oxford, ibid. Parliament feated by Cromwell, ibid. Cola
invite the Scots, ibid. Propofitions chefiler yielded 213. the Parlia-
to the King, ibid. the Queen ment vote a Treaty, ibid. and
brings Supplies from Holland 204, that the King's Concessions were
Sir William Waller defeated, ibid. Grounds for a Peace, ibid. the
Bristol and Exeter yielded, ibid. Army carry the King to Hurst
Gloucester besieged, ibid. the Co-

Castle, ibid. the Army purge the
venant taken by the Parliament House, ibid. vote no Address to
205, Waller defeated again, ibid. the King. ibid. the Rump resolve
Marston Moor Fight, 206, New to try the King, ibid. the King
bury Fight, ibid. Treaty at Ux brought before the High Court
bridge, ibid. Parliament's De of Justice 214, denies their Au-
mands, ibid. Naseby Fight 207, thority, and refuses to plead, ibid.
Bridgewater and Bath yielded to Sentence pronounced against him
Fairfax, ibid. Parliament Forces 215, brought to Execution 216,
gain Ground, 208, the King His Speech on the Scaffold, ibid.
goes to the Scots Camp, ibid. Ox. beheaded 219, his Character, ib.
ford surrendered, ibid. Scots ten Wife and Issue, ibid,
der the Covenant to the King, Charles II. born 193, the Rump
ibid. his Dispute with Henderson declare against his Succession 220,
209, Scots sell the King to the and turn the Government into a
Parliament, ibid. Nineteen Pro Commonwealth, ibid, proclaim'd
pofitions to the King, ibid. Par in Ireland by the Marquis of Ore
siament divides into Presbyterian mond, ibid. and in Scotland, ibid.
and Independent Parties, ibid. the comes

to Scotland 223,
Army get the King into their crowned there 224, marches into
Possession 210, the Parliament England 225, enters Worcester,
require them to deliver him to ibid. is surrounded by the Enemy
their Commissioners, ibid. the ibid. Worcester Fight, ibid. the






King escapes to France 226, vo- Conftantine, a British Prince
ted lawful King by the English Convention, Abstract of it, and
Parliament 240, proclaimed at Complaints against it, 638
London, ibid. arrives in England Cranmer, Archbilhop of Canteras,


writes against the Pope's preits-
makes War against Holland 246, ded Authority 154, sent to a
a great Plague in London, ibid. by King Henry to justify it, ibid.
great Victory gained over the burnt in Q. Mary's Time

Dutch, ibid. second Engagement Cromwell Earl of Éjjex raised 155,
with the Dutch 249, the great procures a Law for reading the
Fire in London 247, War decla. Creed, &c. in English
red against Denmark 248, Dutch Cromwell, vide Oliver
come up to Chatham 249, Peace Crowland Abby founded

with the Dutch, ibid. the second Cross, Charing-cross, and the otta
Dutch War 253, Southwold-Bay Croffes, when and why erected 89
Fight, in which the Earl of Cunobeline, King of the Trinobarters
Sandwich is killed, ibid. Another Curcey, Earl of Ulfter, his extrao.
Engagement 255, and another, dinary Strength
ibid. Another in which the Czar of Muscovy comes to Euzkas
French stood ftill, ibid, Peace
with the Dutch 256, Preparations

for War against France 259, Po Anes invade England, buto-
pih Plot discovered 266, Rye pulsed by Ofa 31, invade it
House Conspiracy discovered 281, again, and commit great Ravage
The King's Death 299, his 34, beaten by King Alfred, ibid.
Wife, ibid. Burial

ibid. lord it very insolently over the
Charles III. King of Spain, his Visit English 34, for which they are
to Queen Anne at Windsor

455 massacred
Chaucer the Poet lived 106 Darien, Scotch Settlement there 41,
Chelred, King of Mercia 30
Cheffer made a Bishoprick 159 Defender of the Faith, that Title
Chelwin, a Saxon King

27 given to Henry VIII. by the Pope
Cherdick, first King of the West-


Denmark (George Prince of) man-
Chichester, Bishop's See, translated ed to the Lady Arne 285, dies
thither from Selley

Christianity first professed in Bri- Deroventwater (James Earl of) be-


Christ's Hospital founded 165 Dooms-Day Book, what
Cingetorix, King in Kent Ś Drake's Voyage round the World
Circuits in England for adminiftring

Justice established

67 Drink, why Englifomen drink to oce
Clawdb Offa in Wales, a Ditch another

made by King Offa 31 Druids, Priests of the Ancient Bs.-
St. Clement Danes, why so called 46 lains

Cogidunus, a King of the Britains's Dumblair Battle

Coin reformed

395 Dundee (Lord) killed in Battle 319
Comius, King of the Attrebatii

Conftantine the Great, born in Bria

tain 17, Fights against the Cale. Affer, Difference abou: the
donians and Piats,


Time of observing it



- Angles, a Kingdom of the Hep redresses Grievances, ibid. gives


the Crown of Scotland to John
Saxons, a Kingdom of the Baliol, ibid. but Baliol combining

24 against Edward, is invaded by
India Trade, Bribes to obtain Edward, vanquished and taken
Charter 394, settled by Ad of Prisoner 86, The Nobles of Scot-

413 land swear to King Edward, ib.
on College founded 126 their Coronation Chair brought
Pse, a very remarkable one 546 to England, ibid. in the King's
ar, King 40, imposed a Tribute Absence the Scots beat the Eng.
f 300 Wolves Heads yearly on lift, ibid. King Edward enters
he Prince of Wales 41, his Navy Scotland, and obtains a great Vic-
ery large, ibid. a jult Prince, ib. tory, ibid. is inhibited by the Pope
ut lascivious,

ibid. 87, flights it, ibid. fends to Rome
Far Atheling, Grandson to Iron to justify himself, ibid. the Pope
Ede 48, designed to be made requires the King to stand to his
King at Harold's Death


Award, ibid. which he refuses by
re-Hill Fight


Advice of his Peers, ibid. a List
mund, King 39, obtains a Victory of their Names, ibid. the King's
over the Danes

ibid. Death, 89, his Wives and Ifue,
mund Ironfide, King 43, Canate

the Dane made King at Southamp. Edward II, imprisons W. Langton,
ton, ibid. Edmund fights the Danes Bishop of Chester 90, marries the
at Penham, ibid. and at Shoreften, Daughter of the King of France,
ibid. at Brentwood 44, at Otte-

and brings back Gaveston, ibid.
ford, ibid. at Afhdon, ibid. By the permits Gavefton to lord it over
Treachery of Edrick the Danes the Nobles, ibid. the Parliament
get the Victory, ibid. fights fin banish him, ibid. the King recalls
gly with Canute, and agrees to di.

him, ibid. he consumes the King's
vide the Kingdom with him, ibid. Treasure 91, is banished again,
is murdered by Edrick ibid. ibid. but returning, the Lords
dred, King 39, very religious, ibid. take him Prisoner,' and kill
dward the Elder, King, obtains a him, ibid. The Scots drive the
great Victory over the Danes 37 English out, ibid.

The King
dward the Martyr, King 42, Con makes the Spencers his Favourites
troversy betwixt married Priests 92, who are very insolent, ibid.
and Monks in his time, ib, killed The Barons cause them to be ba-
by the Treachery of Elfreda, ib. nished, ibid. a Battle between the
Edward the Confeffor, King_47, King and the Barons, wherein

remitted the Tax called Dane many of the Lords are killed, ib,
Gelt, ibid, selected the best Laws The Spencers Insolence causes the
of his predecessors, and establish War to renew 93. The Queen
ed them, ibid. caused his Mother takes Part with the Barons, ibid.
to pass the fiery Trial 48, very Spencer the Elder beheaded, ibid.
pious, ibid. the first that cured the the King deserted, retires to Wales,

King's Evil by Touch ibid. ibid. taken and imprisoned, ibid.
Edward I. behaved himself gallant the younger Spencer hanged, ibid.

ly in the Holy War 85, crowned the King resigns the Crown to
ibid. fubdues the Welch, and his Son, ibid. his Wife and Issue
makes his Son their Prince, ibid.

94, his Death,



129, another


Edward III. crowned 94, makes Warwick's Death

Peace with the Scots 95. By che Battle 130, the Duke of Clareer
Death of Charles King of France, put to Death, ibid. King Eduals
that Crown descends to him, ibid, Deach 131, his Chara&ter, vid.
The Queen Mother and Mortimer used to fit in the Courts of Jutice,
procure the Death of the King's ib, his Death, Wife, and flae 131
Uncle, ibid. The Queen's Dowry Edward V. but 12 Years old at ts
taken from her 96, and Mortimer Father's Death, was committed to
hang'd ibid. King Edward in the Government of Sir A Honda
vades Scotland, and conquers, ib. vill 132, but taken from him by
his Reasons for invading France, the working of the Duke of Glas
ibid, enters France with a great cefler, ibid, his Mother with her
Army 97, obtains a Victory over other Sons retire into Sanctuary
the French at Sea, ibid. challenges 133, he is prevailed on to pari
the French King, ibid. takes Ca. with her Son 134, Preparations
en, and marches almoft to the

for the King's Coronation, itd.
Walls of Paris 98, 'a bloody Bat Gloucefer causes him and his Bro
tle at Cresly, ibid. wherein the

ther to be declared Bastards isso
Black Prince commands, and ob-
tains a great Victory, ibid. besieges miserable Ends of bis Marderers
Calais, ibid, takes it 99, Scots in-
yade England, are beaten, and Edward VI. born 160, crowned

, ... !
their King taken Prisoner ibid. Batlle between the Scots and Es
Battle near Bourdeaux, where lih 161, a Peace, ibid. A Rebel-
in the French are beaten, and lion occafion'd by pulling com
their King taken Prisoner 100, Images, &c. the Rebels demas-
whom the Black Prince brings ded Reititution of the Mass, be
to London, ibid. King Edward ibid. the King's Answer, itd.
proceeds against the Scots, ibid. routed 161, a Miller's Man bang
that King surrenders his Crown ed for his Master 162, anotze:
to him, ibid. Peace with France, Rebellion headed by Kett (r.
ibid. The Black Prince dies, ibid. Tanner 163, defeated, ibid. Ab
The King's Death 101, his Wife ther Disturbance, ibid. Admin
and Iflue,

ibid. Seymour beheaded, ibid. The Son
Edward IV. Son to Richard, Duke and the French gain Ground

, :.
of York, maintains the Quarrel The Lord Protector beheaded
against Henry VI, 125, proclaim 164, the King is prevailed
ed King at London, ibid. crown'd to disinberit his Sitters, and a?
126, abtains two Victories over point the Lady Jane Gre; to be
King Henry, ibid. marries against ceed, ibid.
the Mind of his Friends, ibid. 165, his Character,
taken Prisoner by Warwick 127, Edwin the Great, King of Non
makes his Escape 128, a bloody thumberland

Battle, ibid. Warwick forced to Christianity, -
Ay, but returns and gets a great Edry, King 40, very irreligio',
Army, ibid. Edward forced be. ibid. banithes Sc. Dunian, iba
yond Sea 128, declared a Tray. Egbert, the first Saxon Alonarch :
ior in Parliament, ibid. arrives Epfryd, King of Mercia,
again in England 129, comes to Elfric, a learned Abbot

, bis Judo
London, and again imprisons ment concerning the Real Pit
Henry, ibid. gains a Victory with sence

The King's Dec

converted to

[ocr errors]

n Elizabeth born 155, com home, and is confined, ibid. ga-
tted to the Tower by Queen thers his Friends, and confines
ary 169, crowned 172, reitores those the Queen sent to him, ib.
e Reformation, ibid. demands goes in a tumultuous Manner into
zlais of the French, ibid. assists London, ibid fortifies his House,
e Protestants in France, ibid. ibid. taken Prisoner, ibid. be..
Rebellion but quickly sup-


effed 173, Pope Pius's Bulla. Elix (Robert) Earl, General of the
ainst her, ibid. The Spaniard Parliament Army, againit King
Hists the Irish Rebels 173, the

Charles I.

Queen assiits the Hollanders a Ethelbald, King of Mercia 31
ainst the Spaniards, ibid. The Ethelbald or Eibelwald, Saxon Mo.
Queen of Scots beheaded 175,


Tilbury Camp, ibid. The Spanish Ethelbert, a Sazon King 27, married
Armado arrives upon the English a Christian, and permitted the Go-
Coaft 176, routed by the English spel to be preached by Austin 28
Ebid. their Loss 177, the Queen Ethelbert, King of England, disqui-
fends Afiftance to the Portuguese eted by the Danes all his Time 33
against the Spaniards, ibid. Ca. Etheldred, King of Mercia 30
diz taken by the Earl of Esex, Ethelred, disturbed by the Danes 34,
ibid. An Expedition to the Azores and killed by them in Battle, ib.
under Esex 178, Patrick Cullen Erbelred, King 43, Danes make
and others attempt to kill the great Spoil in his Time, ibid, to
Queen, ibid. Efex fent againft whom he paid Tribute, ib. sends
the Irish, ibid. Lord Montjoy sent

out a Command secretly to every
against the Irish 179, is success City to massacre them, ibid.
ful, ibid. The Spaniard assists Ethelian, King 38, by the evil
the Irish, ibid. but forced to leave Suggestion of his Cupbearer, put
them, ibid, they submit, ibid. ES his Brother to Death, ibid. for
sex, and others, beheaded and which he did seven Years Pe.
hanged 180, the Queen's Death, nance, ibid. and executed the
ibid. her Character,

ibid. Cup-bearer, ibid. is victorious a.
Ella, firft King of the South-Saxons 27 gain't the Dane, Scots, and Welsh,
Emma, Mother to Edward the Con ibid. presented with Reliques and
feffor, underwent the Tryal of

rich Gifts by the Emperor, King

of Tirance, and King of Norway,
Emperor's Death,

646 ibid. enriched many Abbies and
Empfon and Dudley oppress the Sub Cities,

ject in wresting Money from them Erbelwolph, Saxon Monarch 33,
for Henry VII. 147, beheaded by married the Daughter of the Em-
Henry VII.

148 peror Charles the Bald. ibid.
England, why so called 2, Dimen. Eugene, Prince, his Death,

sions of it, ibid. how divided in Excise Scheme,

the Time of the Romans, ibid. Exiter, Henry, Duke of, constrain-
divided into Parishes 30, divided ed to live in Exile, and reduced
into Shires and Hundreds

35 to fuch Necessity that he begged
Efex, Earl, successful against the


Spaniards at Cadiz 177, sent a-

gainst the Irib 178, parlies with Airfax made General of the
Tyrone, ibid.' The Queen is dis-

Parliament Army 207
pleased with him 179,
comes Fenwick, Sir John, attainted by Pare




a 2

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