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Voyage to Tunis-Pilgrims to Mecca-Ruffianism of French
Sailors-Hotels at Tunis-Jewish Tax-farmers-Interior of
Tunis-Its Reputation for Healthiness-Trade with the Inte-
rior-Expedition to Carthage-Hill of St. Louis-The Small

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Cisterns-The Byrsa and Magaria-The Cothon-Probable
Alteration of Level in the Neighbourhood-Topography given
by Polybius and Appian-Defence of Carthage like that of
Sebastopol Success of the Besieged-The Magaria-The Great
Cisterns-The Aqueduct-French Collections-English Exca-
vations-Appian a Guide for the Topographer-Operations of
Scipio His Winter Campaign-Attack on the Cothon and
the Byrsa-Limits of the Byrsa in the First and Last Days
--Djebel Gomart-Djebel Khawee-General View of Carthage
-Remains of Amphitheatre-Procopius's Account of the
Vandal War-The Lake in his Time not used as a Harbour-
Destruction of the Aqueduct


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