The Church of the Covenant: A Memorial Volume

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H.B. Ashmead, 1858 - 82 pages

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Page 13 - The condition of man, after the fall of Adam, is such, that he cannot turn and prepare himself, by his own natural strength and good works, to faith, and calling upon God : wherefore we have no power to do good works pleasant and acceptable to God, without the grace of God by Christ preventing us, that we may have a good will, and working with us, when we have that good will.
Page 13 - Original sin standeth not in the following of Adam — as the Pelagians do vainly talk — but it is the fault and corruption of the nature of every man, that naturally is engendered of the offspring of Adam ; whereby man is very far gone from original righteousness, and is of his own nature inclined to evil, so that th.3 Flesh lusteth always contrary to the Spirit; and therefore, in every person born into this world, it deserveth God's wrath and damnation.
Page 18 - Sacraments ordained of Christ be not only badges or tokens of Christian men's profession, but rather they be certain sure witnesses, and effectual signs of grace, and God's good will towards us, by the which he doth work invisibly in us, and doth not only quicken, but also strengthen and confirm our Faith in him.
Page 19 - Holy Scripture and ancient authors, that from the Apostles' time there have been these Orders of Ministers in Christ's Church ; Bishops, Priests, and Deacons.
Page 17 - The visible church of Christ is a congregation of faithful men, in the which the pure Word of God is preached, and the sacraments be duly ministered according to Christ's ordinance in all those things that of necessity are requisite to the same.
Page 14 - We are accounted righteous before God, only for the merit of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ by Faith, and not for our own works or deservings.
Page 16 - Such we are, in the sight of God the Father, as is the very Son of God himself. Let it be counted folly or frenzy or fury whatsoever : it is our comfort and our wisdom. We care for no knowledge in the world but this : that Man hath sinned, and God hath suffered ; that God hath made himself the son of man, and that Men are made the Righteousness of God.
Page 15 - God beholdeth with a gracious eye, putteth away his sin .by not imputing it, taketh quite away the punishment due thereunto, by pardoning it, and accepteth him in Jesus Christ, as perfectly righteous, as if he had fulfilled all that...
Page 14 - By this then you may well perceive, that the only mean and instrument of salvation required of our parts is faith ; that is to say, a sure trust and confidence in the mercies of God ; whereby we persuade ourselves, that God both hath, and will forgive our sins, that he hath accepted us again into his favour, that he hath released us from the bonds of damnation, and received us again into the number of his elect people, not for our merits or deserts, but only and solely for the merits of Christ's...
Page 14 - But justification is the office of God only, and is not a thing which we render unto him, but which we receive of him...

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