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HAVING been requested by the Syndics of the Press to prepare a new edition of the Speech as soon after Christmas as possible, I have revised the whole book, adding correcting and rewriting, as necessity suggested and time would allow. Of the many shortcomings of the edition no one can be more deeply conscious than myself: but while I claim the reader's indulgence I may add a hope that this second issue will be found more full and far more clear than the former one.


Feb 1, 1876.



THIS book is sent forth as the best attempt at an Edition of the Pro Murena that with short time and pressing College engagements I can make. Being familiar with the speech from frequent reading, and having collected matter upon many passages myself, I have taken the best authorities as guides in the writing of notes, and striven to give brief but full acknowledgment for what I have borrowed from them. At the same time I have done more than borrow; the Introduction, with the exception of B §i, is all my own work; and in the notes, where a passage seemed to me to require fuller explanation than had been already offered, I have tried to supply the needful matter, while on the other hand I have freely rejected such notes of former Editors as appeared superfluous. It is to be understood that I address myself to University students and to the head forms of Schools.

The speech though fully commented on in Germany has been so neglected in England that I venture to hope for much indulgence from any critical scholar who may glance into my notes. If I have in any degree fulfilled the duty of a rough pioneer, it is as much as I can look for.

The works principally used in preparing the notes have been

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B. Grammars, Lexicons, &c.

6. Madvig's Latin grammar, English translation, ed 4.

7. Nizolii lexicon Ciceronianum.

8. Ernesti's clavis Ciceroniana.

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13. C G Zumpt's Annales veterum regnorum et populorum. 14. Mommsen's History of Rome, English translation.

15. Huschke's iurisprudentiae anteiustinianae quae supersunt. 16. Lord Mackenzie's Roman Law.

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One source of help must be noticed apart; namely a valuable set of MS notes (the first beginnings of a once contemplated edition), kindly lent me by the

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Rev John E B Mayor, Professor of Latin in the University of Cambridge. These I have laid under contribution for such extra matter as suited the preten

sions of my book.

To Mr J E Sandys, Fellow and Tutor of St John's College, Cambridge, my thanks are due for much friendly assistance in various ways. The Index has been made by my good friends and pupils, T E Raven of Gonville and Caius College, H W Simpkinson and R F Winch of St John's, whom I thank heartily for their help.



Aug 13, 1874.

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