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In the Navigator's Islands, one island,

Savaii, in which there are five missionary London Missionary Society. The re- stations, has been the scene of a lamentcent communications from this impor- able civil war, which has more or less tant field of the society's labour con- disturbed the tranquillity, and injured the tinue to be of deep, although of some-prosperity of every one of these stations, what varied interest. In the western and caused much grief of heart to the misgroup of the New Hebrides, where Wil- sionaries. The greater proportion of the liams fell, and from one of which, namely, members of the churches remained stedTanna, their missionaries, Turner and fast, refusing to take part in the war, Nisbet, were obliged, after a short resi- and some of them rather abandoning dence, to flee, they are still anxious to their lands and houses to the will of their establish a mission, and are about to re-invaders, and escaping for their lives, new the attempt. In a late visit of the than violate the principles of peace; but missionary ship, it was ascertained that there were a good many mournful extwo of the society's teachers had been ceptions among both the members and cruelly murdered on the island of Eranan; the inquirers. Amid the violence and in another they found their teachers la- outrage of the triumphant party, the bouring with some success. In Tanna chapels, and the houses of the missionary a reaction had taken place in their fa- and teacher were spared ; or, if the provour; their visit was hailed with joy ; perty of the missionary was in the general the teachers they brought were wel- tumult plundered, it was subsequently comed; and three important stations restored. Yet the missionaries in this formed. In another island fresh teachers island have many things to narrate which were placed, under hopeful circum- are hopeful and encouraging. In the stances. The dark island of Erromanga six stations of the island of Upolee there appears to be the least accessible of the is much prospect of good, with perhaps group, and may probably be the last to one exception, where little impression receive the message of mercy. There the appears as yet to have been made. A door is still shut. The society could not boarding-school for native girls, with an in present circumstances place teachers attendance of 30, whose ages vary from in this island. The continued atrocities of 7 to 13, promises important good, in the white savages, who visit these islands training up a class of pious and educated to obtain sandal-wood, create the chief females, whether to become teachers obstruction to the settlement of Christian themselves, or suitable wives for the missionaries upon them. “A tale we native teachers. At another station a could unfold," says one of the mission-printing press is in active operation, aries at Raratonga, “about the sandal- having in the course of the year thrown wood vessels, which would make huma- off upwards of 40,000 copies of portions nity shudder. Erromanga and Sand- of the scriptures, school-books, &c. wich Island have again been the scenes They have been somewhat tried by the of savage cruelty and blood, the latter crews of some American and British island especially, where there has been vessels, who touched at a port in this an indiscriminate slaughter of men, wo- island, attempting to introduce ardent men, and children." These murderous spirits among the natives, happily withaggressions upon the unoffending natives out success. They are also threatened produce in them a distrust of every white with a colony of popish missionaries. man, accompanied with feelings of trea- The island of Tutuila, which was the cherous revenge, which must cause more scene of a happy revival of religion in or less of insecurity to any European 1839 and 1840, has been again visited missionary who may attempt to settle with a similar awakening. At one staamong them, until these unhappy island- tion there were upwards of 100 brought ers come to know that among white under conviction ; and the work has men there are men of God as well as gone on, various arousing dispensations murderers, and are able to discriminate of providence contributing to forward it. the one from the other.

Some remarkable cases of external re

formation have occurred, attended by the neighbouring, island of Eimeo not evidences of an internal change, which less than one-half of the population at encourage them to hope that real con-one station had joined the native army version has taken place. These cases in Tahiti. In the other station they had are chiefly among young men, though experienced little of the effects of the not confined to any age. In the Hervey war; but the faith of the missionary bad Islands the progress and prospects of the been severely tried by the defection of a native seminary, for the training of pious great number of the people, including young men as evangelists and teachers, several church members, whose im. are deeply interesting and encouraging. morality and licentiousness had brought In addition to their theological and ge- deep reproach upon the cause of Christ. neral studies, the youths are instructed The Society Islands have been a scene in various branches of art, especially of trying interest; in consequence of the cabinet-making and carpentry, by which Queen of Tahiti having taken refuge in it is hoped they will hereafter be able to one of them, rather than submit to the support themselves while labouring to French usurpation; and these unprirdiffuse the gospel.

cipled persecutors, following her to this To the Georgian Islands belongs the group, where they have blockaded the unhappy island of Tahiti, where the island of Raiatea, in which she had boar out of the wood has been per- sought a place of exile, and attempted, mitted to waste so sadly the heritage although in vain, to inflict their proof God, and the wild beast of the field tectorate on that and two others of to devour it. Six of the missionary these islands. The latest intelligence stations on this island have, by the dis- from the missionaries in this group astrous occupation of it by the French, is not wanting in encouragement. and the resistance or the dispersion The public services have been well atof the natives, been entirely broken tended, and the church had received an up, or left with a small remnant. In encouraging accession of members whose three stations the work goes forward knowledge and christian experience afwithout interruption ; and amid the ford great satisfaction, while the commountain fastnesses, in which many of municants generally continued to honour the Christian population have sought se- their profession of the Saviour. Weekly curity from a powerful and ungenerous meetings and classes for religious instrucinvader, and where only they can breathe tion were largely maintained, and unithe air of freedom, the suffering people formly attended with interest and profit; cleave fast to their holy faith, and enjoy the instruction communicated appearing the special presence of him who is a pre- to be blest to the souls of many of them. sent help in trouble. And there the In most of the islands of this group they missionary is still permitted to make re- had been tried with severe and fatal gular visits to them, and to witness the epidemics of various kinds, which, howconfidence with which God sustains them ever, God had made the means of spiritual in their deep affliction, and the grace blessing—a salutary warning to some, which he manifests to them. Though while others were constrained by the persecuted, they are not forsaken, though terror inspired to flee from impending cast down, they are not destroyed. In wrath to the Saviour of the world. A their camp they have all religious ordi- more afflictive trial had arisen from the nances dispensed to them; and in this encouragement given by the chiefs to the situation many, who during the most importation of ardent spirits, from which prosperous time of the mission had re- the most baneful results had flowed to mained careless and unconcerned, are those undecided in character, especially now, when their religious privileges are the young; but the members of the so few, declaring themselves upon the church had for the most part escaped. Lord's side. In returning from one of Wesleyan Missions.-In Tongatabu, the his visits to them, a missionary remarks, endeavours of the popish emissaries to “We returned in the evening, leaving counteract the influence of the mission the natives very quiet- no wish or have been unremitting. The priests thought of war-if they are not attacked have visited all the missionary stations, they will not attack. I never saw them and have endeavoured to subvert the more peaceably disposed. Upon such faith of the native converts, resorting to an occasion, you may be sure we thought every species of calumnious misreprebut little of the conduct of the French- sentation. The missionaries, however, we had higher subjects of contemplation. gratefully report that, to the best of their Not one political word was uttered." In knowledge, their traducers have not

succeeded in leading astray so much as | THE RELIGIOUS STATE OF THE JEWS IN one of their people. From Feejee, the POLAND, SILESIA, AND OTHER PARTS missionaries still communicate harrowing! OF EUROPE. details of the savage barbarities to which the rude inhabitants of these islands are (Communicated by the Rev. J. C. Brown, abandoned, and which call so loudly for

Cape Town.) every exertion by them and by us to rescue these degraded tribes of the human The removal of the Jewish population family from the dominion of him who of the frontier of Russia to the interior was a murderer from the beginning. I of the empire, has of late called the Yet the endeavours of the missionaries, attention of many to that interesting now reinforced by an addition of two to people,-and a few notices of the Jews their number, have been attended with residing in the countries bordering on marked success in spreading the gospel that empire may not be uninteresting to among this barbarous people, more than your readers. In the beginning of 1840, one thousand of them having become at St Petersburgh, the writer made members of their religious society; and the acquaintance of Pastor Boerling, a although war continued to rage in various clergyman of the Lutheran church, and places, yet the prospects of the mission himself a descendant of Israel, who stated, were very encouraging.

amongst other things, that he was stationed as a missionary for many years

at Schloss, a town in Poland, which is LABRADOR.

inhabited chiefly by Jews. When he The missionary ship of the United first went there he saw no opening Brethren has returned in safety from for usefulness; and after a little time he its annual visit to this outlandish field began to fear that he had run unsent. of missionary enterprise, in which their But the cholera soon broke out in the self-denied labourers have opportunity place, and all the medical men fled; he only once a year of learning what is then concluded that he had been sent passing in other parts of the church thither of God,--for a previous residence and the world. During the past year in several towns of Asia, while the chosickness to a distressing extent and for lera prevailed in these places, had made an unusually long period had prevailed him acquainted with the most improved among both them and their flocks, and methods of treating the sufferers, and had caused a mortality unusually great now the people implored his aid. He among the natives, and to some extent cheerfully attended the sick, and soon disabled them from making the necessary I gained their affections. From that time provision for the support of their families. their houses were open to him, and he One esteemed missionary had been cut was invited to all their entertainments off on the 14th of May, after a protracted and feasts. illness, in the midst of his vigour and On one occasion he was present at a usefulness, causing a loss which would marriage feast, when, according to cusbe the more felt in consequence of the tom, all the guests presented gifts to the deep and accurate acquaintance which newly married pair. He had just rehe had with the Esquimaux language, in ceived from London a few copies of the which he has left several translations 12mo. edition of the Hebrew Old and behind him. Their report as to the New Testament bound together, and he spiritual progress of the several Esqui- presented them with one of these. It maux congregations does not present was gratefully received, and at the any thing very remarkable. With many close of the feast, when the bridegroom of their church members they have satis- held up the different presents, and anfaction, their walk being consistent, and nounced the names of the giver of each, their desires evidently fixed on heavenly exhibiting the bible last, he said, “ But things; in others they are concerned to see what our friend the missionary has perceive too great a hankering after the given us,--the scriptures! This I value things that are perishable and unsatis- more highly than silver or gold !” fying, and in some a love of sinful ways The young man took the bible reguand practices—those former things which larly to the synagogue, when he went to they had professed to put away. The worship. The reader, observing this, children, in general, afforded them plea- demanded of him how he dared to bring sure, giving diligent attendance at school, the christian book into the synagogue. and many of them appearing to be im- lle replied, that he had read it through, pressed with the truths of the gospel. and found nothing ungodly in it, that he must and would read it. Many of the He assured me that ten times the other Jews then applied for copies, with number of missionaries now labouring in which they were supplied, and the desire Poland and Silesia might find full scope for instruction became so great that the for their energies in cultivating that exinhabitants of the town requested the tensive and hopeful field. The opinion missionary to organise a school for the prevails that the Jews present a hopeless instruction of the young. He complied field for missionary culture, but there with their request, organizing one for are many things leading us to a contrary the instruction of boys, under his own conclusion, superintendence, and another for girls, God hath not cast off his people if, under the superintendence of his wife. with the apostle, we believe that God is

He met with opposition from quarters no respecter of persons—but in every whence he had least reason to expect it, nation he that feareth him and worketh but the great body of the Jews encour righteousness is accepted with him; and aged him ; and after some time a Jew if we search amongst the Jewish people, of considerable learning and influence we may find many like their fathers, who came to him and said, “ One or other of bowed not the knee to Baal; .many like us must leave this town. If you don't the godly Jews of tormer days, men like go, I go; for if things go on thus, my Simeon, “just and devout, waiting for children also will be taught to read, and the consolation of Israel.” to read the books of the Christians." I felt much interested by the descrip

He also mentioned that he was ap- tion given by Pastor Boerling of one of pointed at one time to labour in Upper bis acquaintances, an aged Rabbi, who, Silesia. He went thither, and on ap- like Anna the prophetess, the daughter proaching one town, the first he entered, of Phanuel, of the tribe of Aser, departed he was informed that all the inhabitants not from the temple, “but served God were Jews, but that he would have no with fastings and prayers night and day.” opportunity of prosecuting missionary Regularly at the hour of midnight, was labour there, for they were all rich and that aged patriarch to be found in the wanted nothing. On entering the town synagogue, making confession and suphe was soon convinced of the correctness plication unto God. He was accidentally of the information he had received ; but overheard on one occasion by Mr B., and as a few christian Jews resided there, he he repeated to me the prayer, which a resolved to spend a few days in intercourse retentive memory enabled him to recal. with them. It was then Friday, and on While I listened to it, I thought I saw the following day he went to the syna- before me Daniel, when he set his face gogue. Several of the Jews assembled unto the Lord God, to seek by prayer there, observing him to be a stranger, and supplications, with fasting, and sackwelcomed him with the usual salutation cloth, and ashes. The spirit was the of, “ Peace be with you!” When, how- same, the expressions similar to those ever, they observed that during the which characterised the prayer presented prayer which was offered he stood de- by that prophet, and recorded in the 9th voutly and still, instead of looking about chapter of the book which bears his name: as did others, they whispered aloud, He "O Lord, the great and dreadful God, is not a Jew but a missionary, for all the keeping the covenant and mercy to them missionaries pray so.

that love him, and to them that keep his What were the consequences ? In the commandments; we have sinned, and course of the day many of the Jews have committed iniquity, and have done visited his apartment for conversation wickedly, and have rebelled, even by deconcerning christianity; and they spent parting from thy precepts and from thy the time not in disputation as at other judgments; neither have we hearkened places, but in calm and dispassion- unto thy servants the prophets, which ate comparison of the Old Testament spake in thy name to our kings, our prophecies with the history of Jesus of princes, and our fathers, and to all the Nazareth, recorded in the gospels! In people of the land. ... O Lord, to the evening six Jews, whose heads were us belongeth confusion of face, to our silvered with age waited upon him, and kings, to our princes, and to our fathers, almost adjured him to tell them what because we have sinned against thee. had convinced him of the truth of chris- . . . O my God, incline thine ear, tianity; and they too spent their visit and hear; open thine eyes, and behold in a calm and apparently dispassionate our desolations, and the city which is examination of the attestations of the called by thy name : for we do not preMessiah,

sent our supplications before thee for our

righteousness, but for thy great mercies. There was at that time a very prevaO Lord, hear; O Lord, forgive; O Lord, lent expectation that the Messiah would hearken and do; defer not, for thine own appear in the course of that year. The sake, O my God; for thy city and thy expectation was founded on calculations people are called by thy name.”

made by many of the Talmudists, from This Rabbi led' an abstemious life. data drawn from prophecies in the Old On one occasion, when offered a little Testament Scriptures; and I was told of wine, he declined. In a short but thrill one learned Talmudist, who had declared ing reply to which I cannot do justice that if the Messiah did not appear in the in a translation), he stated his reasons course of that year, they were shut up to for acting thus—“I read,” said he, " that the conclusion, that he must have already wine makes glad the heart of man, and come; and if so, that Jesus of Nazareth I-can I be joyful while the city of the must have been he. I have had no opLord is trampled under foot ? Can I be portunity of learning the effects of the joyful while the name of Jehovah is disappointinent which followed this exblasphemed? Can I be joyful while the pectation, but if the result be to lead the people of God, having turned their back Jews to prayer, we may yet see literally upon the Lord, are weltering in sin ?" | fulfilled that ancient prediction_“I will Is not this the spirit expressed by the pour upon the house of David, and upon Psalmist—" If I forget thee, O Jerusa- the inhabitants of Jerusalem, the Spirit lem, let my right hand forget her cun- of grace, and of supplications; and they ming. If I do not remember thee, let shall look upon me whom they have my tongue cleave unto the roof of my pierced, and they shall mourn for him, mouth; if I prefer not Jerusalem above as one mourneth for his only son, and my chief joy."

shall be in bitterness for him, as one that On another occasion, he slipped away is in bitterness for his first-born. In that from a marriage feast at which he had day shall there be a great mourning in been present He was soon missed ; and Jerusalem, as the mourning of Hadaone and another of the guests exclaimed drimmon in the valley of Megiddon. at once,“ Where is the Rabbi ?” A And the land shall mourn, every family search was made, but nowhere could he apart; the family of the house of David be found. At length some one inquired, apart, and their wives apart; the family “ Have you been to the synagogue ?” of the house of Nathan apart, and their The parents of the bridegroom and bride wives apart; the family of the house of caught at the suggestion ; they hastened Levi apart, and their wives apart; the thither, and there they found him in the family of Shimei apart, and their wives dark, engaged in prayer. They entreated apart. All the families that remain, him to rejoin the party, and to bless the every family apart, and their wives youthful couple with his presence.He apart.” Zech. xii. 10-14. And " if the replied, “ No, I cannot. You are joyful, fall of them be the riches of the world, as is befitting the occasion of your meet- and the diminishing of them the riches of ing, but my heart is sad-sad, sad, when the Gentiles; how much more their fulI think of the condition of my people.”ness ?” They still urged him; when, to meet Amongst the more learned of the Jews their wishes, he consented to rejoin the in those regions, I have reason to believe party on the condition that all music there are many who are not satisfied with should be laid aside. A marriage party Judaism. I made the acquaintance of without music, is an incident almost un-one such-Dr Levaison, a learned Rabbi, known amongst the Jews ; but such was who was profoundly versed in the Talthe attachment of his flock to this Rabbi, mud, but found in it no satisfaction. that the concession was made at once. While inquiring after the truth at one of And on his rejoining the party, marked the universities of Germany, he became attention was given to several addresses acquainted with a distinguished professor, which he delivered in the course of the whose neological sentiments have secured evening, on the sins to which they and for him a soubriquet importing that he is their nation were addicted.

a personification of Pagan philosophy: From the same friend I also learned He gradually imbibed his sentiments, and that in Prussia there are few Jewish fa in proportion as he did so, he had to give milies of which some of the members or up his Talmudical iheories, but he still connexions have not been baptised. These felt that more was necessary to enable are, in general, Christians only in name; him satisfactorily to account for all the but he knew many who were also Chris- phenomena with which he was acquainttians in conduet, and Christians in heart. ed. In this state of mind he met with

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