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Olivia, ..

ACCOUNT of the New COMEDY, , mined to forget that there ever was

entitled The MAN OF TEN such a map in the world. Olivia's THOUSAND, performed for the guardian conceals the misfortune fir time at the Theatre Royal, from his ward, well knowing the Covent Garden, on Saturday, jun. generofity of her heart, and her 23, 1796.

love and sympathy for Mr.Doring

ton ; he gives direction to her ferDRAMATIS PERSONE. vants to iell the unfortunate gentle.

man if he should come to her door, Lord Laroon, Mr. Barrymore.

that he has given orders to be de. Sir Pertinax Pitiful, Mr. Palmer.

nied to him. Olivia at length hears Dorington, Mr. Kemble. Hairbrain, Mr. Banniller, jun. i

of Dorington's loss, and raises mo. Curfew, Mr. Dodd,

ney of Mr. Corfol for his relief. Consol, Mr. Suert.

There are two other persons who Major Rampart, Mr. R. Palmer. wish to serve him : Hairbrain, a Herbert,

Mr. We wirzer. whimical projecrot, who had before Hudson, Mr. Aickin.

borrowed money from him on some

fpeculation, and who gets the great Lady Taunton, Mis Tope. Miss Farren.

prize in the lotiery, and offers it to Annabel, Mrs. Gibbs.

his benefactor. Ao boneft farmer

also makes him a proffer of dividing The following is a sketch of the cool, a year with him. Their gnod story.

| intentions are a reeably disappoint

ed, as it turns out that the tornado The Scene is laid in London. raged at the opposite side of Barba

dous, from Dir. Dorington's plantaT AR. Dorington is pofle Ted of an tion, and that ivir. Hudson took

IV extensive estate in the island his account from the falle rumours of Barbadoes, which enables him to l of others. entertain splendidly, and to give, | This piece is the production of Mr. with a lavith hand, to those who ap- Holcroft, and has very confiderable ply for pecuniary aliiftance : he is, merit. The characters are well in confequence, furrounded by imagined, and drawn with propriemany worthleis pertons, who getty and delnacy. Dorington is in. large sums from him, for which he deed a man of ten thoniand; he has is profusely repaid by flattery. Oli- ' a generous and benevolent beat, via, a young lady, between whom, and when he hears of the wreck of and Dorington there is a mutual at- his whole fortune, is much more tachment, fets with pain that he moved by his reflections on squanders his riches, but cherishes the misery of the wretched negroes, in her heart the warmest love for bis swept away by the storm, than his virtues ; and her guardian favour's own loss ; nor is his commiseration his addrefier. About this time Mr. i of the sufferings of bis fellow citaHudson, Mr Dorington's agent intuires once interrupted bv any at. Barbadoes, arrives in London, with tention to his own misfortune ; and the new's that a dreadful tornado when he is afterwards told that the had destroyed all his property in value of his crop is doubled, he Barbadoes, &c. This has a very thinks only of employing the wealth wonderful effect on his friends, who which bas thus been preferred to are collected at his house when the him, almost miraculously, in allenews arrives. They walk off one viating the dreadful diftrets of those by one, with strong protestations of l who had fuifered by the tornado, sorrow for liis fate, but are deter- ) and rejeets with disdain the idea of


profiting by the general calamity :) the drawing-room door. Footman a sentiment which in the present below, calistimes conver's a reproof to many felf-interested dealers, which the Foot. D ARON Steinberg'scaraudience by their applause, appear

D viage is ready. ed perfectly to underítand.

Mair. d'H. (Above.) Baron SteinLord Laroon and Sir Pertinax | berg's carriage. Pitiful, are modern men of fashion, equally telf-interested, unfeeling, and | The Baron comes from the drawing. contemptible. In these characters' room-door, and defcends the stairthe mirror is held up to the flimsy cale. vice of the present age, with great judgment and ingenuity.

Foot. The ainbassador's carriage. Hairbrain is a wild thoughtless Foreign ambasador defcends. his footyouth, with an excellent and generous heart ; This portrait is, in ge

| men in gaudy livery, attending be

locu. neral, a faithful design after nature, and has considerable merit.

Foot. Lord Lackwit's coach. The character of major Rampart Semeral perions defiend has been objected to,astending to vi

together : lify the army, and the brave defen

among the reft, Lord Laroon, Maders of our country; but that such

jer Ramperi, Mr. Confol, Mr. characters are to be found among

Curfew, and Sir Portinax Pitio lone, at least, of the numerous spe

ful. of military corps now in em- | Con. (To some persons going.) Your ment, lew, we believe, will pre. | lordship will go? (To another) Good

o deny. Every profellion night to your grace! peinbers which do ii honour, Cur. (To Lord Larcon) With subamers, which reflect disgrace mislion, my Lord, do you know that

100 great a forene's with | impertinent person ? cipect to luch a satire would rather | Lord L. Certainly : fo do you. to argue a confeflion that it is It is Consol; the great court and

city broker. whole this comedy pre- Cur. Pardon me, I transact busi

pablic with rational enter- nefs with him; but I don't know ment, and excellent moral in him. I wonder our friend Doring..

Such indeed is the cha- 1 ton admits such people.

the pieces of this writer; / Sir P. Oh ! He is the right hand

"In the morality inculcated man of the whole peerage ! lomewhat of

may, lometimes, exhibit | Lord L. (Bows) And of the ba. las of peculiarity; the fin- ronets to boot, fir Pertinax. Scus of the author must! Sir P. Yes; we have him in umciently apparent to turn. of feeling and taste. I Cut. Under correction, the man

len of the style of the has all the vulgar insolence of extract, all insert the following wealth, newly and knavithly ac.


Sir P. Very true. The fellow makes himself quite familiar. By

the bye, our friend here lives in with a grand flair. prodigious fplendonr. . mated by chantei.ers: 1 Maj. Blow me to atoms! Im. a hoted on the top, at meníely rich,

but too well deserved. ,

On the whole this come

ftruction. Such indeed is the racter of all the pieces of this wi and though the morality in them, may, sometimes,

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