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near his park, I am resolved to father being fill confined, I devote nortify him; for I will erect some the greatest part of my time to his cottages, and place these people in amusement ; I talk to him, sing to

hiin, read to him, and your letters At length we arrived at Maple are a constant fund of entertainment Mount, iperit a very agreeable to him. Do not be frigocened, I evening, bad Mrs. Maynard's chaite only read to him fuch parts as I ain in addition to our carriages, and sure you would not object to his returned much more comfortable hearing. than we went. I am interrupted | I muit frankly confess to you that for the present, Farewcil,

we are not much pleased with lord

Derwent's charaćier ; it lias an unYours, &c.

comfortable appearance when a LAURA MERIONETH.

| man's own family are afraid of him.

His meanhefs I can by no means P.S. I am half inclined to thin's | pardon, and em liapoy that you have they have brought me here

the power as well as the inclination, to be wooed ; but I do not think

to relieve thefe dir des he fa unI finall be wun, at least not by

feelingly derides. But I much fear Albert.

his fenuments are, in 'the great

world, too generally Letter IV.

Suanseis there is to ihe pretture

of Wint, the rich and great think Miss Lumly to Lady Laura. lighily of thole difucties which the

severity of the tunes imposes on the Lunily Hoje, July 20, 1794 great mass of society.

And so you take the liberty of I Rejoice in the opportunity of fuppetiig iha: nsy heart may be in congratulating my friend on the danger from the all actions of Danlate family reconciliation, and trust vill. How could such a thought it will be productive of much feli- I enter your head ? What! a strangcity to all parties. I am certainer! a foreigner! Vvho knows but had you even found the family of he may be already married, and your uncle less deserving of your l obliged to leave the wretched paita friendship than they really are, ner of heart behind him. At you would vet have derived a great least it is hardly probable that Dansource of satisfaction from obliging ville, handsome and accomplined Mrs. Merioneth, whose fonduit as he is, thould have palled his life hopes were placed in seeing you without giving and receiving imal united. Pray make my kindeft prchons. But priy, talking of hearts, remembrance to her, and tell her I have you no fear for your own ?-fincerely participate in the happiness | Take notice that I expect a more the muit teel on this occafion. minute account of your party, and,

And so because I am not a reyu. positively, must have a description lar corretpondent you are half icot miss Rutland, that I may be alle folved to suppress your future fa- to form an 'opinion whether Me vours If i had any subject to stands any chance of gaining the write about you Mould not com- , heart of Merioneth, which you leem plain of my want of reguiarity : but to think the is actually in poflellion what entertaininent could you re- ! of, when you are oppofid io her. Live from letters which must be

idicu, continually filled with a tiocfome

Yours Sincerely, tautology of the same events? My !



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