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Ratihon, Feb. I.

| co-operation of his majesty, in restoring

a general peace to the empire, is at ON the 291h ult, the general aslem- | pretent the chief aim of our cabinet ;

bly of the empire unanimously re- and that the invitation of the minister solved, in all the three colleges, to pay

of laie, de Harderborg, and that of the further fum of 100 Roman months. | the hereditvy prince de Hohenhoe, In the act of opinion of the empire, have, in particular, that very importsent to his imperial majesty, it is ftated, ant objes in view. " That as the French government had in the most speedy manner, every refused to enter into negotiations with thing in former Poland is altering into the German empire, it was abfolutely the Prussian form of state ad.viniltranecessary to carry into effect the decree l tion. The gre?teft ifiuty, it f-ems, of the empire, made on the 22d of will be in regard to the jurisprudence December, 1794, for the express pur- that branch of adminiftration havin pose of meeting such an event, to unite hitherto been upon fuch a footing in all their strength, and put themselves Poiand, as scarcely feems capable of adin both an offensive and defenfive fitu. miiting an essential amendment, withation, so as to compel the enemy to out a total new organisation of the comply with the wish of the head of the courts of justice and the whole mode empire, and all the states, to conclude or their proceecings. The mint will a peace on the grounds already speci inortly undergo a total alteration, the fied ; and that for this purpote the chest 1 Prusian ftamp being intended to be inof the empire consenis to pay 100 Rool troduced every where; although nothing man months, the payment of which is has as yet been decided as to the forts of to be made in four different terms, the coirs, and in what manner they are to first in four, and the three others at the be stamped. end of fix weeks successively; and that The order of the white eagle will, all the arrears are to be demanded with it is said, for the future, he under the the greatest strictness.

direction of the elector of Saxony, he Lison, Feb. 2. The prince and looking upon the appointing these princess of Brasil, with the infant Don knights as a family prerogative, fince Pedro, fet off on the 7th of January for the time of his grand father. Badajos to have a correfpondence with l Vienni, Feb. 7. It appears, by our the king of Spain. Their retinue is official advices from Turin, that the very small, as besides the guards their French proposed to the Piedmonteie a only attendants are the marquis Pontz truce, fimilar to that which fublitts on de Lima, secretary of state, and the the Rhine ; but that the latter refused Spanih minister resident at Lisbon. i to content to this measure. It results

Don Diego de Norenho, 'late Por from the deciaration of the Sardinian tuguese ambassador at Madrid, is to ambilador, and the preparations of be promoted to the rank of secretary one cabinet, that the two courts are reof late for the marine department. folved to continue in concert tile war in

An African prince has arrived in a | Italy, with more vigour and energy than Portuguese veffel from Baja, to claim ever. The king of Naples has offered protection and allistance against another a confiderable body of cavalry; which of the native princes, more powerful offer has been accepied. than himself.

| General baron ce Lauer, and the ceBerlin, Feb. 6. It is believed that the lebrated col. de Chaieler, are appointed VOL, XXVII.


to affist arch-duke Charles in the com- I lions of florins from our government, mand of the army.

will likewise he refused. According to agreements between Brussels, Feb. 13. It appears certain, our court and that of St. Peter fburgh, all that the executive directory have at our frontier troops in Transylvania, Scla. length " determined to open the vonia, &c. amounting to 100 000 men, Scheldt, and to compel the flaies ge. are to take the field. Three ruillions neral to abandon their claims to the ex. of florins have been fent to the army of clusive navigation of that river.” the Rhine.

We kear that feveral ships richly . Petersburgh, Feb. 10. General Su, 1 laden are now in the ports of Holland, warrow has been to Finland, to take a only waiting to fail to Antwerp, until survey of the forts, &c. where he re. all the obitructions to the free naviga. inained eight days, and has since re- tion of the Scheldt be removed. turned to the imperial court. The in Vienna, Feb. 13. For theie two days lurrection in Georgia is said to have past the report of a peace has been reterminated.

newed. It is said that the triple alliFlorence, Feb. 12. The earthquake ance has alarmed the French govern. which we experienced on the night of the ment, which, fearful of the effcäs of so 3d was felt with much more violence at formidable an union, have defified from Arezzo. On Monday the ift inftant, their exaggerated pretensions. It is some consiJerable shocks were felt, and added that the last courier, arrived from repeated with the same violence on Base with dispatches from our minifter, Tuesday and Wednesway : at length on M. de Degelmann, has brought the Thursday evening, the earth shook with modifications which the directory have so much violence, that the inhabitants made to their first conditions. thought their laft hour was come; a Coblentz, Feb. 14. All preparations number of houfes were damaged, and for a continuation of the war are made, part of the convent of Carmelites en and the opening of a fresh campaign tirely destroyed; fortunately no lives only depends on the arrival of the gewere loft.

nerals. General Kleber is on a tour to Genoa, Feb. 12. It is said that the inspect the whole army, to see whether French general Scheref has received every thing is in proper order. In the orders speedily to recommence the vicinity of Kayserswerth is an intrench. onerations of the war. His army, con- ed French camp, confftiog of 25,000 filling of nearly 50.000 men, will soon men, for which the country of Berg is be put in motion, in order to penetrate obliged to furnih considerable quant:into Italy. It is reported also, that a ries of straw. The intrenchments at strong desertion is prevailing in this Dusseldorff are completed, and require army.

for their defence 13,000 men and ico Accounts from Turin Rate that all pieces of cannon. Those at Neufs and the officers there have been ordered to Kayserswerth also require 100 pieces of join the army. Sailors are preffud at cannon cach. Marseilles, and in the whole province of Hague, Feb. 15. On the sth inftant Provence, for the feet of Toulon. Zealand at length confented to the con

Letters from Madrid mention, that vocation of a national convention; fo advices were received there, that as soon that now all the seven provinces, with as the determina ipn of the Spanish go. Drenthe and Dutch Brabant, are una. vernment to deliver Si. Domingo up to nimous in favour of this measure; and the French, was known in that inand, every preparation was making for its an insurrection of the negroes took mecting on the 18th instant. Amfterplace, who massacred a number of dam, on the 18th instant, was to chuse Spaniards, and laid waste upwards of the 480 electors for 14 diftricts, and the 100 miles of the plantations. I day afier the representatives were to be

Our government have folemnly re-choseo. fused to deliver up to the French the Balle, Feb. 16. According to report, poffeffion of the fortresses of Sarona and a request has been made by the empeGavi. It is also afferted that a requeft ror to the canions to prevent the pure of the French, for a loan of thirty milo chase of horses, oxen, &c. by she


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