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French agents in Switzerland ; most of ready to act with the army: and great ibele purchasers came from Swabia. It numbers of troops pass this place conis said that the emperor, at the same tinually to join alio; among the rett, time, requires that these agents Mould we have remarked the infernal legion be feet away from the Swiss territory. coming from La Vendée. It does not appear that any answer has The arrival of admiral Van Stahel yet been given by the cantons.

and several engineers at this place is Italy, Feb. 18. Nine British men of war not only for the purpose of opening the and two frigates, under the command Scheldt, but in order to cleanse the port of admiral Jervis, have lately arrived at of Antwerp, which has been choaked Leghorn from Corfica.

up for ages, in fuch a manner as not to The British Iquadron which were admit thips to anchor there. There en. biocking up the port of Genoa, have gineers are employed upon a plan for a been difperfed by a storm.

general repair of the quays and piles. The polt of Cairo has been put in a They have frequent conferences with flate of defence, and a division of 4000 che merchants, in order to be able to Auftrians and Sardinians'put into it, on suit them as much as poffible. The accoust of the geperal belief that the minister of marine of the French re. French are disputed foon to open the public has written a letter on this fub. campaign. A number of imperial troops ject to citizen Brusli, commissary of the have already begun their march for directory, to ihe central adıninistration

of the department of the two NetherBrussels, Feb. 25. Different troops lands ; the fubitance of which letter is, from Thionville, &c. are ordered to the that a!l proper measures had been taken Murelle; the republican generals hav with regard to the opening of the Scheldt ing received precise orders from the di- as far as Antwerp ; and he hoped they rectory to act oficnlively. A fquadron would soon be crowned with fuccess. of gun-boats have been built, and are!

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fortunate and deluded men, nine were duke, prince William, and princess So. ordered to be hanged fixto receive cor phia of Gloucester, dukes of Portland poral punishment, and two were acquit. and Dorfer, lords chancellor, Spencer, ted.

Grenville, and Chatham; Mcffre. Pitt, Stock Exchange, Fib 15. A fecret Vincham, Dundas, and other inembers committ, orling op five gentlemen, of administration ; ladies Chatham, was appointed this way to ignorato Cremarvon, Cho'mondeley, Sidney, the lake io cry of a paper, repic Elzin, Harrington, Ardeo, Harcourt, a convention btween the emperor and &c. &c. the Fixien repuitic, and are now pro. 20. The fime disalirous fortune which ceeding in the invettigation.

befd the fleet for the West Indies, unTwo perfons Atrongly fufpected of der admiral Christian, has followed the deep concern in the forgeries of the Pa. fleet which failed from Cork on the oth ris papers on Friday, and other illicit inst. for the ame deltination. practices of a limiar nature, abfconded The Russian men of war are equipo on Saturday; and no traces of the place ping for fea, at Chatham and Sheerness, of their present retreat has been disco. with the utmost difparch. The Ruffian vered, though fought with the greateit officers declare, the torms they have diligence.

lately been witness to, exceed all they Carlton House, .Feb. 16. On the ever experienced in Russia in the worst. evening of Thursday lal, between eight seasons. and nine o'clock, her royal highness the Advices from Italy mention that infant princess, daughter of their royal the Cuiloden, of 74 guns, and the Dia-, highneiles the prince and princess of dem, of 64, and three frigates, have left Wales, was chriftened in the great the British Mediterranean fleet, in order drawing room by his grace the archbi to ci uise in the Turkiih feas, against the top of Canterbury: her royal bigliness French ships cruising there, and who was named Charlotte Augufa: the are blocking up a British convoy at fponfors were their majeflies in person, Salonica, and her royal biglinels the duchess of The lord lieutenant of Ireland has Brunswick, represented by her royal issued a proclamation, forbidding the highness the princeis royal.

exportation of corn, flour, or potatoes Leith, Feb. 18. Yesterday an express from any of the ports of that kingdom, arrived here for rear adiniral Pringle, except in such quantities as may be and the squadron of trigales now in neceflary for the crews of veftels during Leith Roads, to proceed with every di their voyages. fparch to join aduira! Duncan, the 22. Yesterday morning, at half past Dutch ficet being now in the North fix o'clock, a fire broke out at a cooperSeas; in confiquence whereof, the age belonging to the victwalling office, whatc-boats have been employed all i at Depttord, which for a short time nigiit in watering and carrying provi threatened devastation to the surroundfic?s on ixcard. They corfit of the ing buildings and dock-yard ; but by Ambulat, dox, Star, and a large kui. | the activity of the firemen it was got fian tiigate.

under foun after seven o'clock, only da20. This being the day fixed to cele | maging the place where it broke out. brate the birth of the princels Charlotie 23. His majesty bas given directions Augulla, the king and queen invited to that upon all occasions during his dinner their royal highneries the prince relidence in town, the family coach and princets of Wales, duke and | fall in future be drawn by the creamdechcis of York, duke of Clarence, coloured in lead of the black horses. paie Ered, and their serene high ! Hastings, Feb. 23. A French privanates the fautholder and the prince and teer was teen off here this morning princeis of Oiange, with the hereditary | the captured a large topiuil floop going prince and princess. After dinner the | down channel, not more than two yourg princeis was iutronuced to the leagues from the shore of this place. company, and said a contiderable | The signal was immediately hoilled um.

from the signal tower, on Fairlight-hill, In the evening a gala was given to apprising the cruisers ftationed near lhe nobility, among whom were, the Dungeness and Bear's Head, that aş


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enemy was on the chalt; and it is with every posible dispatch. Severa! hoped from their vigilance and activity, officers who were in town were likethat the privateer and her prize will be wise ordered to join their reipective taken. They bore a way for Dieppe, Ihips without loss of time.. with a fresh wird rrom the northward. There never was a greater alacrity

23. This morning, at day break, the thewn than on the prefent occalion to Efpiegle flap of war, capt. Roberts, i send out a fleet to meet the enemy. As which was itationed with a cutter of the many ships as were neceílary for this Texel, to watch the motions of the service were ready to put to fea, and enemy, discovered the Dutch fleet com- , we have no doubi, ere this, have failed. ing out to fea. Captain Roberts imne. While admiral Duncan pui fues the diately patched the cutter to admiral enemy in the North Seas, it is not unDuncan in the Downs, with the intel. likrly that admiral Gardner may be ligence, while he followed the enemy to ftationed to watch them off Ireland; Tee the course they stood. The cuiter for we have reason to think that there an ived ac Dcal on Wednesday afier is pretty certain information of tie noon; and soon after, the inteligence Dutch going north about, for the purwas' conveyed to the admiralıy by posle of cider proceeding to the Cape of Eueils of the telegraph. The celerity of Good Hope, or to make forre of the the communication was quick beyond | Frenchponts. example; the news of the filing of Portjinouth, Feb. 23. This morning the onery was known at Deal in abriut the wind blowing a fine brecze from! 32 hours after; and it was oniy tour E. N. E. hii n-ajrily's frigate Hebe, and minuts and an halt in reaching the the Victorieuic iioop of war, failid from Admi:alty from Deal.

St. Helen's, with all the West India The next morning, at day-break, a merchant Mifs uniter,convoy. At eleSquadron of four fail of men of war, ven o'clock, they had weaiheied Dunbelonging to o ral Pringie's diviliun, nose, and tood down channel with a of wh ch the Gleitor, caps. Troikope, line and favourable breeze, was one, jell in with the Durchficei, Sailed, at the same time, the Media and was in fome nealure furrounded. terrancan fect, oder convoy of the The enemy's force confifted of fix two Boston and Terpinchore ; and ihe Atridecked thips, eight font frigatesz molly can thips under convoy of the Dromc44 guns, and three faller vertels; and dary. op descrying our divifion, formerline Admiral Gardner failed this morning line. Our ihips made bil to get away, with the Queen, Royal George, La and the enemy showed no difpofitionio Juite, Triuniph, Valiant, and Bellerochale them. Soon after, admiral Pris phoi). gle, coming from Leith Roads in a Arrived yesterday from the Downs, fingle frigare, likewile fell in with the with a convoy, the Unicorn and Hind Duichi.ct, and quickly joined the above frigates. Squadron of Engliin ships, which aie ail Arrived this day from the Downs, a returned into Yarmouth Roads, toge Aeet of coallers, under convoy of the ther with the Eipiegle.

Probe, captain Barlow. Yelterlay morning, -capt. Trollope And a fleet of about twenty fail of arrived in town at the Admiralty with traníports from ide Eine, iail from the this r. ws, bor in the evening returned Downs, under convuy wf inc Aliæ, and again to Yarmouth.

Aurora frigares. The Dutch ficer, when laft feen, was Duver, F.-5. 24: The Dutch fleet, forty leagues N. E. of Yarmouth, contiiting of 14 fail, icit the Texel yer. fteering a cou:fe N. by E.

terday morning, leering their courte to As foon as this news was known in the north ward. 10#1, orders were cut off to adiniral 29. The preparatiors for wár conDuncan, who was at the Nore, and inue without miernuillion, by all the has fix fail of the line, including a Rur. powers ; and almoli ail the German sian snip, under his commani, to join | papers fpeak of the recewal of hostili. admiral Pringle; and, at the same tine, les as a mat:er determined on. dispatches were sent to Portsmouth, or- | March 1. Tiris day a court of comGering admiral Harvey to put to fca | mon council was held at Guilului,

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