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at which were present, the lord-mayor, , Welladvice; Prince's Amelia, Milo 12 aldermen, and near 150 coromoners.let; and Lansdown, Grant, are arrived

The court agreed to a memorial to at Bombay; and also the Francis, Bur. the lords of the treasury, againit the rows, at Madras. merchants' application for wet docks, 5. Government are bending their &c. which was ordered to be presented, umoit attention to the improv' ment of together with the city's plans for im- | our ships of war, with respect to the provirig the port of London ; and allo mode and plan of building. The to open a negotiation for purchasing French have long surpalled us in this the mooring chains.

respect, though we fortunately have This day the lord-mayor attended always surpailed them in the mode of the council at lord Hawkesbury's; and taking ships. from the information which his lord Admiral Harvey's destination is off thip has received of several thousand Cape Clear, in Ireland, there to await quarters of wheat being now on their , the Dutch flect, should it, as conjecpaslage from Hamburgh, we have the tured, be going north about. pleature to premise, that a confiderable A council was held at the council reduction in the price of this neceduary | office, Whitehall, to inveltigate furarticle of life will, in the course of a ther into the high price of wheat. The few daya, take place.

duke of Portland, lord Chathan, Mr. A grand council was held yesterday Pilt, the right hon. the lord mayor, at lord Haukesbury's office, White | aflilled at this mecting, which latted hall, which commenced at half past two hours and a half. twelve o'clock, and was not over all The duke of York, it is said, has given half past thrre. llis grace clic duke of l orders that no commission shall be held Portland, lord chancellor, lord Gren: by perlons under the age of fixteen; ville, Mr. l'itt, Mr. Wyndham, with and that, except for some lignal ferother commiffioners of the board of vice, no officer shall be promoted to trade, a fisica, to deliberate and devise a company, who has not been at leaft regulatious for lowering the high price two years a subaliern. of tread; the rciult of che confultation The model of the small hand ma. was sent off to his majelly at Windsor. chine, for the purpose of grinding corn

4. The following new thips of war for household consumption, Jard, 00 are just contracted for, to be built in Tuesday laft upon the table of the house the private dock yards : Renown, of l of commons, was brought from India 74 guns; Envyinion, of 50 guns ; Deu. | by colonel Ironside, who has presented calion and Syrius, of 38 guns tach; / patterns of the fame to the Bath agri. Termagant and Bittern fluops.

| cultural society, to some gentlemen in 4. This day intelligence was received the adıniniftration, and to several genat the India Houle of the death of the tlemen of landed property. nabob of Arcot. He was succeeded l A French refugee artificer from the

without any difficulty by his eldest son. | yard of Toulon is to have the imme. i By the same channel, the directors diate construction of five new tips of have received an account of the capture the line and two frigates :-he is inof three very important Durch settle-troduced under the patronage of the inents, in the Ealt Indies, namely, new shipping board, who have laid bis Cochin, a fea-port of Travancore, in models before earl Spencer, which his the Peninsula of Hindoftan; Malacca, lordship has'approved ot. a town on the Peninsula, which ex- 7. This day in the house of lords tends fouth of the kingdom of Siam; the royal affent was given by com. and Jaffera patam, a place, the third in 1 miffion to the Vote of Credit Bill, the point of in portance, in the island of Newfoundland Judicature Bill, the Ceylon. This intelligence was an- | Marine Mutiny Bill, the Exchequer nounced to the general court of pro- Bills Bill, and further Exchequer Bills prietors. What renders it still more Bill, and to thirty-three others of a agrecable is, that we understand the cap- çublic and private nature. ture was effected by our forces with very The commillioners were, the lord inconsiderable loss. It was expeted that chancellor, the archbishop of CanterBatavia would next fall into our hands. bury, and the duke of Dorset. We alto learn that the Barwell. 7. A monument to the memory of


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the late earl of Mansfield is preparing the fleet under his command, had failed for Westminster Abbey, under the will at eight o'clock that morning, for the of a person uoknown to that learned purpose of joining the squadron of rear lord, or any part of his fainily; the fum admiral Pringle, with which he is to bequeathed for this purpose is 2,500l. cruise in the North Seas.

A cartel is now going on for the ex- Rear-admiral Chriftian hoifted his change of the Britih prisoners lately flag on board the Thunderer, of 74 arrived at Rochelle from Guadaloupe. guns, captain Bowen, on Friday evenCaptain Stovin, of the 17th regiment, ing, at Spithead, and is expected to who diftinguished himself so much when | rail in a day or two with the remainder the Britich camp at Berville was at- of the West India fleet, and the con. tacked, is just arrived with letters voy of transports, with troops and ftores from brigadier general Grahamn. He on board, for that quarter." left Rochelle the 2311 of February, | A report was current on Saturday, and left at that place the following that the Diana Hamburgh packet, cap. ' British officers, all well.

tain Deane, with the mails of the 23d Brigadier general Graham.

instant on board, was loit; but no conCaptains-Smith of the gih, Dan- firmation of this event has been received cer of the 40th, Thompson of the 43d, at the general post office. and Garfline of the 65th regiments of 16. We have the fatisfaction of being foot.

ahle to flate, that admiral Duncan faila Cornet Garfide, of the roth light ed with his squadron, confifting of fix

Tips of the line and a frigate, for the Lieutenants-Carft of the 15th, North Sea. The wind having been Keating of the 33d, Strickland of the favourable ever since, there can be no 35tb, Barkley of the 38th, Dale of the doubt of his having been joined, off 39th, Holewell of the 40th, Cameron | Yarmouth, by admiral Pringle, with and Tidy of the 43d, Phillips and Mil- the ships under his command ; and as ler of 44th, Dixon and Hamilton of the Dutch feet, we now find, have the 55th, Barkley and Johnstone, of never ventured far from the coast of the s6th, Bullock, Bates, and Symes, Holland, there is every reason to hope, of the 65th regiments of foot.

that he will be able to bring them to Enfigris-Holmes of the 35th, De- action; in which cafe, from the fupekille and Delhon of the 430, andriority of his force, the most complete Paris of the 65th regiments of foot. fucceis may be expedied.

Lieutenant-colonel Magan of the By a letter from Yarmouth, dated 39th, Captain Cameror of the 43d, and Sunday, we learn that admiral Pringle lieutenant Durnford of the engineers, got under weigh, and flood out to ineec are arrived with captain Scovin, toge: admiral Duncan, who, by a letter from ther with 248 prilocere.

| Harwich yesterday, passed that port, Dover, Marcb 8. A cariel from standing to the northward, to form a Dunkirk is just arrived, and has landed junction with the former. about fifty prisoners, amongst whom 17. We understand that the court of are seven captains of veisels ; one be- | Madrid has yielded to the remonlonging to the Roxburgh packet, who strances made by the noble lord, and s overjoyed to find his vessel here be- has removed the luspicions entertained

of its political conduct. The Spanish 9. The inhabitants of Yarmouth are miniftry have sent orders to dismantle pieparing their harbour for the recep: 20 fail of the line, lying in that port; tion of all kind of naval llores from the and a French privateer which was at Baltic, for the use of Great Britain and Alicant, and had taken some of our foreign countries. For this useful pur- velicis, has been ordered from thence to pore, the harbour is to be deepened, 1 Toulon.' and the bar removed by frme powerful Out of forty-three fhips, taken up hy Operation of Neam engines. This will the directors for the ensuing featon, make it the best 1ca.port in England. eleven have cleared out at the custom

11. Intelligence was received at the house, the commanders of which have Admiralty, from Deal, by means of the already taken leave of the court, and are Kiegraph, that admiral Duncan, with on the point of being di parched.


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To our CORRESPONDENTS. · The remainder of Derwent Priory is received, and our thanks are due to the ingenious author.

The Anecdotes of the rev. Langstop Freeman appear to us not suffici. ently pointed and striking. Our correspondent may poffibly recollect others, as he appears to have been well acquainted with this singular chasacter ; if he doos, we should be obliged to him for the communicativa of them. His other anecdotes Ihall be inferted.

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