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Lady's Magazine;

For A PRIL, 1796.

Account of the Pear of VORTI- | that we should say something more, GERN, reprefented at the Theas! After a brief sketch of the fable and TRE ROYAL, DRURY LANE, on characters, we fall proceed to noSATURDAY April 2. .. tice the grounds on which it was

condemned by every unprejudiced THIS piece was said to have been hearer-by those, who decided not I found among certain manu- from dates or MSS. but who fought, cripts in the posseflion of Mr. Ire-- and fought in vain, for passion and land, and supposed to have been for nature, for-the just impersonifiwritten by the immortal Shakespeare. cation and glowing description of The attention of the public could our immortal bard. not therefore fail to be greatly excited by the discovery, and intereft DRAMATIS PERSONÆ.' ed in the question of its authenticily. It has at length been left to a Vortigern

Mr. Kemble. British audience, fond even to en


- Mr. Benicy. thusiasm of their national poet, to

Vortimerus >

(Mr. Whitfield.

Sonis of

Catagrinus decide, from their feelings, whether,

Mr. Trueman. Pafcentius - Sport

Vürtigern, Mr. C.Kemule. as a drama, it was conceived in the Aurelius 7 Sons of į M. Barrinore. energetic spirit of our Shakespeare, Uter Conítantius / Mr. C:u field. whether it was a pofthumous garland

Land | Fool - - - Mr King.
Hengil -

Mr. Benfun. to be hung over his sacred grave,


- Mr.Phulimore. or a bastard scion, which imposture would fain graft on the stock of cre

Rowena,(Daughter of Henie !

Mrs. Millar.. dulity.

Flaviá, (Daughter of Vorti. The verdict of a numerous and


Mrs. Jordan. discriminating audience was decid. Edmuoda, (Wife of Vorti. Edly against its legitimacy. - Theyl gern).

Mrs. Powel. heard with candour, and expected

Barons, Attendants, &c. with ungratified attention. Their .. FABLE. decifun was in the end as absolute as it must be irrevocable.

Conftantius, an aged king of the Of a production to which the pub Britons, weary of the cares of yo- . lic notice bas been long and artit. vernment of his kingdom, in an alcially attracted, it will be expected sembly of the barons, surrenders a

U 2


moiety of his crown to Vortigern, of the Britons and Saxons. Hengist one of his favourite chieftains. Voris Nain-Rowena poisons herself ; tigern, with feigned reluctance, and Vortigern, engaging in lingle yields to his commands. but is no coinbat with Aurelius, is difarmed, sooner inducted into power, than, and saved by the interposition of giving a loose to his ambition, he Flavia. Aurelius efpoules Flavia ; refolves on the death of Constantius, and thus the piece concludes. and employs two wretches to effect Froin this sketch it will appear, his purpose. Imputing the mur that the wiiter of the piece, whoder to some Scots then at court, he ever he niay be, has used all the li. causes them to be apprehended, and cence which Shakespeare himself dispatches messengers to Aurelius could claim. The unities of time and his brother, then at Rome, and place are disregarded; the scene urging their return, to ease him of Jis now in Britain and then at Rome; the anxious talk of ruling ; sending but the bi each of rule is made with. at the same time his hired bravots to out atonement. The scenes are alfaffinate them on their return. changed, it is true, but all are equal

The adherents of the late king, I'ly barren. The writer travels to no violently suspe&iing Vortigern to purpose, and is accompanied by no have been guilty of his murder, con interest. There is nothing like vey intelligence of this design to the creative fancy, nothing of fervid two young princes, who land in description, nothing of that “ lacid Scotland. Their caufe is there warm. (order" which the mind of Shake. ly espoused, and a large force speare could impart even to the moft marched against Vortigern, who ap- chaotic scenes. Tiere is nothing, plies to Hengist king of the Saxonis, in fact, but what either the infancy Hengist, with a considerable body or dotage of Shakespeare must have of-Saxons, comes to his assistance. disdained-there is nothing like Aurelius is violently in love with himself. Flavia, the daughter of Vortigern, We are reminded, it is true, of who, with her brother Pascentius, the scenes and language of Shakeescapes to the Scottish army on the speare; but the recollection is exLorders. A battle is fought. Vor cited only by approximate situations, tigern is victorious. Hengist coll- and by a bald imitation of his dia. ceives the design of becoming ma- lect. Thus, Vortigern, in the tter of the kingdom by means of his first act, and after the murder of the beautiful daughter Rowena, whom king, is no other than Macbeth.he introduces to Vortigern at a ban- Flavia, her brother, and the fool, quet in celebration of the victory. are taken from As you like it ;"

Vortigern becomes violentiy ena- and Vortigern in the laft act is Richmoured ; and though his queen was hard III. itimulated by his con

till living, who had been driven to fcience, and weighed down by his niadnefs by his ill treatment, he in- despair. If every other evidence tantly declares- her queen of Eng. were as firongly in favour of this land.' This irritates his own sons, play, as it is decisively against it, we as well as the harons: and Vortigern could never believethat Shakespeare having ordered considerable largetes could borrow fo vilely from him10 be given to the soldiers, in the felf! --He, who donation of which the latter affert a right to have been consulted, they go “ Exhauled worlds, and then cre *over to the party of the princes, who

aredi new,'', are etabled in their turn, to at tak w defcar the combined forces could never have defcended to repro


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