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Naples, February 4. after, as I never heard before, but am

happy to say no damage was done by IN Naples, plots and conspiracies are it in this capital, as I have yet heard "laid to exist for the destruction of the of. court. The government, who viewe On the 230 we felt another shock, awith alarm the diffusion of liberty, and bout the same time in the morning as the deep root it has taken in the minds the 17th; it did not continue so long, of the people, have resorted to measures but fully equalled it in severity ; the inof coercion, lo rigorous in their nature, habitants again left their houses, and that even the provinces participate in were much more alarmed' than at the tbole agitations that have so often con- first, having an idea that they were the vulled the capital.

i fore-runners of a similar affair to that A conspiracy at Abruzza, when being of 1755. It appears that fome of the noon the point of bursting into rebellion, bility and gentry, who pofiefs quintas, was lately discovered by an accomplice. or country houses, left their town reliOn his information the minister ordered dence on account of these earthquakes, troops to attack the village, and put the which I asTure you were dreadful, hearinhabitants to the sword. On ihe ap- ing the different fixtures fall againft proach of the military, however, the each other, and expecting every inftant people abandoned their houses, and fled to be smothered in the ruins. with arms in their hands to the fields Conflantinople, Feb. 9. A squadron of and woods, where they defended them. lix or eight fail is ready to fail to bring felves against the satellites who were home the Asiatic tributes, and protect sent in pursuit of them.

the Turkish merchantmen from any acThis event has increased .the fufpi- cidents in consequence of the appearcions of government, and several thou. ance of English and French squadrons lands of individuals have been confign- in the Archipelago. ed to dungeons to languish with other! All the palaces of the foreign mini.' victims, who seemed to feel the allure. Iters, the houses of the principal Franks, ments of liberty. Neither age, nor &c. ftill remain shut in consequence of rank, por condition, can allay the anx. the plague, the symptoms of which ftill lety and confternation of govern. | appear ; between twenty and thirty ment.

| bodies have been carried through Pera Lifoon, Feb. 6. On the 7th ult. we and the port of Adrianople, in the telt a thock of an carthquake : ic began course of leveral days. French officers, about ten minutes after five in the engineers, &c. arrive, here almost every morning, and is said to have laited a: | day. bout 70 seconds. According to advices | Feb. 12. The works in the arserials from Spain, &c. it was general.

and other military departinents have By the violence of the shaking back recommenced with the greatest activity. ward and forward in my bed, I was a- | Ministers flatter theinfelves that they woke, and by the cries of the people will have 20 fail of the line and frigates who were in the house with me. The nearly ready for fea hy April. Some inhabitants affirm it to be the most se fay. this force is to cruise in the ArchiTere felt here for many years ; they allo pelago; others, that its destination is of fed from t.eir houses to the squares, more importance, viz. to seek out and &c. where they conceived themselves to combat the Ruilian feet. In the mean be moft fecure: our bells of the house while orders have been fent to all the fung, and such an unpleasant clamour ports, (o collect all the workmen that and confulon ensued for fome minutes can be found, and to haiten the con. Vol. XXVII.



i fredlion of a number of vessels to be , frequent arrivals of merchant vessels finished in the courte of the year. The froin Marseilles with valuable articles Julean has also ordered the pachas of l are a clear demonstration of the activity Asia and Europe to affemble their re l of commerce and manufactures on the fpe&t ve troops, to be in readiness to part of France. march at the fnorteft notice. Several Petersburg, Feb. 20. Russia has taken movements are remarked in the maga. the alarm at the preparations carried zines and laboratories, and the French, 1 on by the Turks, and is taking every above any other ftrangers, are busy in precaution to guard again ft a sudden de. circulating the report of an ap-' Claration of war; elpecially as the amproaching rupture. The fortress of baffador has not been able to obtain a Widdin, with some others, is in the decifive aniwer from the Reis Effendi hands of the rebels. The rebellious respecting the armaments. The empacha at that place, it is lupposed, will press has given strict orders for auge be attacked before he has completed | menting the number of troops in Volo the fortifications with 'which he is now hinia, Podolia, and the Ukraine, where cccupied. The Porte, knowing he has large magazines are forming for the received a great quantity of provisions | Russian armies. A large body of troops from Wallachia, feem disposed to im. have been sent to reinforce the garrison pure the circumstance to Morusi, the of Ockzakow, and all the Rusian prefent hospodar, as a crime ; and his fortrefles upon the Turkish frontiers deposition is already announced as cer: are put in a respectable state of de. tain. Several perfons are nominated to succeed him. The Turkish ministry / Spire, Feb. 26. Within there few having telected from the numerous days a French general has entered into frangers, French, English, Poles, and a friendly conversation at the advanced Swedes, that came to offer themfelves, I posts, with an officer of the Auftri. a certain number of officers, have dis an husfars. The following are a few charged the rest; which has caused of the observations he made to him: birter complaints again the ministry, “ Should a new campaign take place, I, efpecially from the Polish and French am certain that we shall not be very emigrants, who are totally deprived of successful. Our troops are in general the means of lubriftence.

wearied with the war ; an universal Leghorn, Feb. 16. France, Spain, discontent prevails among them; the and Genoa, being well-flocked with national repelentatives keeping them corn from this porr, the price has con- from one inonth to another in the vain fiderably fallen. Great quantities have expectation of receiving their pay in been exported from Naples.

ipecie. The reason for this measure Petersburgh, Feb. 18. Nothing more has just been delayed to the first of the decitive can be said respecting the rup enfuing If at that time they ture apprehended between the Ruffians fiould agaiu fail in their promise, the and Turks, than the certainty of the discontent will be fill augmented, more fact, that this court is waiting for the especially as there is no longer any disulterior declaration of the Forte, in an. cipline, infomuch that the officer who fwer to the last reprefentation on the attempts to maintain any, runs the rise part of the empreis.

of his life. The French troops are, beLeghorn, Feb. 20. This morning ad. fides, abfolutely in want of every thing, miral Jervis put to sea with ten lail of and there is great defertion in the cathe lins, including the Tancredi and le valry." veral trigates : their deftination remains' Paris, March 1. The garden of the a fecret. lle have at the same time Thuilleries, once planted with potatoes, intelligence that the Toulon feet had when the wants of the people required failed. . The il portation of a prodigia | this facrifice, offers now a beautiful and cus quantity of grain into the poris of correct map of the 83 departments of Franco, cipecially from Barbary and France. It com priles too Jemappe, the Levant, tas noi only rellored ple). Savoy, and the other departments ty, but confiderably lowered the price which have been conquered and unicu of viat article. Au Alcrine frigate to the republic. hasiakanitalurge Neapolitan veels, This idea, which is most artfully of Curtica, i caved with grain. The conceived to flatter the vanity of the


Parifians, is as beautifully executed. rent quarters, and march to other Each path marks the boundary of a places; and several corps, which had department. Every mountain is reiheir winter quarters in Luxemburg presented by an hillock; every foreft and the environs of Mentz, have adby a thicket; and every river has its / vanced nearer to the Mozelle. corresponding ftreamlet!

Vienna, March 4. The command of Thus every Parisian in his morning's the army of Italy is given to baron iwalk can now review the whole of the Beaulieu. republic, and of her conquests.

The minister of Atate, count LehrManbeim, March 2. The young re- bach, is going to the armies on the quisition men who pass through this Rhine as principal administrator ; and town in parties of 30 or 40, on their foon afterwards to Balle as negotiator. road to the army of the Rhine, are Perhaps this is the real piace of his deguarded by - detachments of Gens ftination. d'armes from one brigade to another. Frankfort, March s. The operaThese unhappy youths are in the most tion treasury of the empire of this 'dreadful itate, and openly declare their town contained last month the sum of repugnance to bear arms.

1162,200 forins; but contracts were In consequence of the complaints concluded to ten times that amount. preferred by the central administration The principal fum is paid out of the of the department of the two Neithes, treasury, and the rest remains in arat Antwerp, who ftate; that, notwith-rears. ftanding the measures which they have It is generally believed, that notwithtaken in concert with rear-admiral Van Standing the active preparations conti. Stabel, the free navigation of the nued incelantly on the part of the Scheldt is fill impeded by the admiral- | belligerent powers, their cabinets are ty of Zealand, the executive directory / very much employed in establishing a have ordered citizen Noel, 'minister negotiation for peace. plenipotentiary of the French republic It is also afferred, that the northern at the Hague, to address a note on this part of Germany, by the patriotic mesubject to the flates-general of the diation of his Pruffian majelly, will in United Provinces, in order that they future, during the continuance of the may give the necesary instructions to war, enjoy the blessings of neutrality. the different persons in power, to put a The fortress of Koenigitein, in the Aop to the violations of the treaty of electorate of Mentz, is rendered strongpeace and alliance concluded between er every day, and will have a garsilon the two republice,

of imperial troops. The electoral paA great number of young men, of lace of Schwetzingen is getting ready the first requisition, who had places for the reception of archduke Charles. in the different public offices, were His suite and equipage confitt of 62 leized on the 19th inst. by order of the persons and 100 horses. Active movecommanding officer, and confined in aments are obferven among the German prison where they are to remain until troops in the neighbourhood of Kule', they are fent off under the escort of and orders have been given to them to national gendarmerie, to join the hold themselves in readiness to march. armies on the Rhine. If we may ! Ratisbon, March 6. The imperial be allowed to judge by appearances, decree of ratification of the einpire, rethe return of general Jourdan to the specting the Roman months, concludes head-quarters at Bonn is the time with thef: words; " His imperial mafixed for putting an end to the armi-jelty, as well in his own name as in that ftice. That general, it is said, will of the country, expects from the elec. bring with him a new plan of operators, princea, and itates, the most ener. • tions for the ensuing campaign.

gerić efforts ; that they will arm themDiseldorff, March 4. Since Jour-felves with German firmness and couldaa's return from Paris, the prepara. | rage, in order to arrive, under the protons for war on the fide of the French tection of providence, at a jult and ac:,: iocrease every day. Several bodies of ceptable peace, which can only be detroops on the other bank of the Rhine Layed by the ambitious plans of con. have received orders to quit their pre- quest of the enemy."

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