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Since the ed of this month, it is re- ! three frigates, under the command of ported that the emperor is relolved to admiral Dioza, have failed from Car. join the army on the Rhipe, and to re- thagena; and it is believed they are de fide in Meniz to direct its operations. Itined for America.

Madrid, March 6. The report is There remain in the same port fif. here, that the court of Naples is in- teen vesels of the line, under command clined to make a feparate peace, under of admiral Mazzarado ; and a squadron the 'mediation of our cabinet. "No- of the same force, commanded by ad. thing has leds foundation than what is miral Langara, waits at Cadiz the or. faid on this subject.-Our court has not, der for putting to fca. the smallest influence on that of Na- Hamburgh, Marcb 15. Letters from ples, where the queen, who is the aunt Berlin itate,' that a small corps of of the emperor, governs alone, and Pruslian troops is to allemble next shows heifelf difpofed to make the spring, on the frontiers of Westphalia, greatest lacrifices to the interests of the under the orders of the prince of Hohouse of Auftria. It was the who de., henloc. termined the dispatching of 20,000. According to the last letters from Neapolitan troops to join the Auflrian Vienna, Baron Thugot, the present imarmy in Lombardy.

perial minifter for foreign affairs, is to These dispositions have no relation be appointed cabinet minifter to the with the present system of our court, emperor; and is to be succeeded in which is to keep herlelf on her guard the former department by count Lehragainst England, the proceedings of bach. , which power exact the greatest pre. Letters from Petersburgh contain incaution on our part. In confequence, telligence, that general Kosciusko has all orders for difarming, of which we been lately removed from Petersburgh have forn erly spoken, are revoked.' to a fortress 30 miles diftant troin A squadron of tin fail of the line and Moscow.


Admiralty-Ofice, March 12. the camp's being fixed in a low and

damp fituation, and so near the sea, IsHIS day, in pursuance of the king's that the men, from the extreme heat I, plealure, Richard earl Howe, ad- l of the weather, were almost conflantly

miral of the white, was promoted to bathing : it is now to be formed on the the rank of admiral of the feet, in heights above, in an airy and healthy the room of the honourable John Wation. Forbes, deceased.“

IF biteball, March 17. The king has - The king has been pleased to appoint been plealed to grant to the right hoRichard earl Howe, admiral of the licet, nourable Alexander lord Bridport, of to be general of his majesty's marine the kingdom of Ireland, knight of the forces, in the room of the hon. John Bath, the offices and places of vice-ad. Forbes, deceased.

miral of Great Britain, and lieutenant 1.Sheernes, March 17. Government of the admiraliy thereof, and also of

are incloling a great part of the marh lieutenant of the navies and seas of the grounds, in addition to the fortification kingdom of Great Britain, in the room already erected. An extensive encamp- of the right lion. Richard earl Howe. ment is to be formed here early in the The king has also been pleased to spring. The cause of the sickness of grapt to the hon. William Cornwallis the men lait summer was occafioned by the offices and places of rear-admiral of


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Dunbar. A number of others have 1 faction, as the company consisted on's thared the faine fate.

I of perfons of known respectability. 28. The lord: mayor this day hu. March 18. Yesterday being Fafter manely gave orders that every prisoner | Sunday, thur majelties and iwo of the in the four city gaols. should be fuppli- princellcs went to the Chapel Royal, St. ed with a pound of beef, and three. I jamess. The rev. Dr. Vincent, subhalfpenny worth of bread, which was almoner, preached before the royal accordingly delivered agreeable to his auditory and a numerous assemblage of lorrifhip's directions.

nobilify. This day bong Ealler Monday, the When the sermon was over, the ford-mavor and lady-mayorels, with king and queen came down the back their children, in the private coach, ac- Nairs, and went into the body of the companied hy the two herifis, and al- / chapel to the altar, where they received dermen Pickett, Bovdell, Watfon, New- the holy facrament, which was adman, Ceombe, Glyn, Langston, Ea ministered by Dr. Beilby Porteus, bimer, and Lushington, with their ladies, Top of London ; who received from attended as usual, by Mr. Recorder, their majelties the usual offerings. common ferjeant, city-council, '&c. 29. Sir John Warren has, during his went in proceífion to Christ-church, last cruize, taken, in the whole, 13 Newgate-itreet, preceded by the city merchantmen, a privateer, and I'Etoile marthals, the directors of the Ciferent frigates; and allo detained th ec fricharitable inftitutions, three Bridrwell gates, Danes, laden with flour for boys, and feven hundred children be- | Breit. longing to Christ's Hospital, the whole | The French are forming very great being escorted by the city contables | depots of arms and military stores, and and ward Beadles.

erecling very formidable batteries at The bishop of Norwich, who was ap Cayenne. They have also chlisted a pointed to preach on this occasion, de nuinber of difcontented negros from livered an excellent discourse from the | Surinam, and are preparing Itrong ar. uşth chapter of St. John, verte 24, maments to send again it our West India

8.-" I have sec hetore ye, a new Settlements. commandment, that he love ode allo Mr. Simpson, of the American veste, ther."

arrived at Coweg, in four days, from Previous to the fermon, an anthem Havre, reporte, that the utmost activity fuitable to the occafion composed by had been used at that port, in the Mr. Huillon, was sung by the children. / equipinent of three frigates, and eight

After Tervice, the company returner , gun-hoats; whichi, he understood, were in the fome order, except the childien, to he employed in difpoffefling us of the to the Mantion House, where an ele- lirile illauds of St. Marceau. The gant dinner was provided for near two great zeal and bravery of our cruizers on: hundred of the nobility and persons of that station had effectually destroyed dillinction, among whom were their ail communication between the several royal highnelles the dukes of York, lowns on the coall, and almost annihiClarence, Gloucester, and Leeds, lords lared the tra le of Havre. The threatHood and Bridport, Mr. Dundas, the ened expedition hau long been in con. malier of te rolls, several other mem- templation; but the means for executhers of the cabinet, and sult of the ing it were will now wanting. foreign ambafludors.

Mr. Simplon mentions a circumThe evening concluded with a ball; tance, which was much ipoken of at card rooms were also laid open for the Hyre, with appropriate commendation. accommodation of those ladies who did | An English launch, from St. Marceau, hot dance.

| with one piece of ordnance in her bow, The Egyptian Ilall, having been re- fell in with some fonali vesels steering pair of and beautied, was brilliantly for Havre, and gave them chace ; they illuminared on the occalion. The Aed for fireher under a battery mount

hose of the entertainment, from the ing two 24 pounders, and four fields judicious attention of those genilemen pieces, defended chicfly by the peasants appointed by his lordithio to distribute of the neighbourhood: our gallant coun100 acmiffion ickets, gave great latis. trymen purlued, for some time, engagerl

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