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officers, with patrols, forming some-) to commence operations between the what more than 100 men, seconded Lahn and Duffeldorf. by a few small detachments to cover The garrison of Mayence is ordered their flanks. This weak corps advanced to keep itself in readiness to march in against the enemy, who were seven ten days. times more numerous, and attacked The Austrians are making prepara. them with such intrepidity, that the tions to form camps near Mayence, latter soon becook themselves to flight, Hochit, Lautern, &c. &c. It is said that after having had two men killed, and the Austrians will, about the 18th of a great numher wounded. Our brave | April, put an end to the armistice. soldiers took poffeffion of several mur. Bruffels, April 13. The new war kets and hats, and two trets of li miniller Petiet has informed all the berty.

french troops who are here, that any On the 8th, the enemy advanced at officer who chuses to retire, will have day break from Voltri towards the leave to do so without any difficulty : heights, and threatened an attack on very few have as yet prohted by this colonel Vuckasiewich's left wing. This permiffion. This proceeding would officer immediately dispatched again it feein like an approaching peace, if we them four companies of the second bat. did not know, that although a great talion of Carlstadt, supported by a di. number of officers have lately been dir. vision of Alvinzi. 'There detachments charged, there Kill 'emain more than alfailed the enemy most courageously, | are necessary for the service of the and forced them to abandon the heights, | armies.. and to seek refuge in the entrenchments This city, it is confidently afferted, they had thrown up near Acqua-Santa. will be declared in a ftate of fiege ; Our troops, however, did not confine 3000 of the garrison have received or. themselves, to this success : they at ders to march instantly towards the tacked the enemy in their entrench: Lower Rhine. All the cannoncers of *ments, and put them to a complete the departments of the north and of flight. Our croats pursued them to the Pas de Palais, are under orders to within a small dillance of Voliri. The march to the duchy of Berg. enemy left 40 dead on the field of bat. All the heights Gtuated on the left of tle, amorg whom were three officers ; the Meure, and which command the they carried off a great number of positions on its righe bank, are about to wounded : we took from thern 28 pri- | be foruified from Maeftricht to Huy. foners, of whom three were corporals. The French are railing palisadoed bat, On our fide we bad one man killed teries on all the principal points in a and eleven wounded.

diagonal line, having the rivulets in Stockbilm, April 12. The office for front, and covered by the high grounds the debro of the kingdom has agreed which offer themselves in that quar to furnith 60 tons of gold to carry on ter the war. The greatest exertions are | The engineers have already visited used for the equipment of our Acet, the Scite, and laid down the plans and a beginning has also been made at which are immediately to be carried Carlscrona. The equipping of the land into execution. forces is also carried on with the great. These defenfive preparations indicate eft activity, and a considerable part of the opinion of the republican generals, the Swedilh troops is expected fhortly that if the war continues, the Auftrians to march for Finland,

will direct their principal efforts to the Francfort, April 12. The arch-duke | Lower Rhine. They know, that if Charles arrived on the evening of the Duseldorff were retaken, and the river soth, accompanied by general Belle- once passed, there are no tenable polis garde, and an adjutant.general; his de- from thence to the Meuse. parture from Vienna was hallened by a Francfort, April 14. The Courier courier dispatched to meet him hy du Bas Rbin mentions, that the exefield-marshal Wurmfer. The armi curive directory has given assurances ftice, it was under flood, would cease that the line of demarcacion thall be on the 18th, when general Nauendorf, respected when hoftilities recommence. and the prince of Wurtemburg were. By advices from the Upper Rhine,


de Au Arian army is in motion ; great! No military movements have as yet part of the cavalry has already left it's been observed in the French army on winter quarters to approach that ri. | the Upper Rhinc ; they are only erect. ver.

ng batteries and entrenchments for The arch-duke is going to recon their advanced pofts near Frankenthal, noitre the whole line of troops. The Neustadt, &c. and it appears as if the whole army has quitted its winter Auftrians would be before hand in quarters, and cach corps is marching to Their preparations. The French general its defipation. It is thought the im Primonis posted at Germersheim. perialifts will only act upon the defen- | General Dalmas ar Boheim, and gefive on the right inore of the Rhine. neral Chabot at Oberlultadt. From

Copenbagen, April 16. The govern the French army on the Lower Rhine, meçi has allowed the free exportation troops are fill marching into the neigha of corn and flour from all parts of the bourhood of Strasbourg, and it is kingdom.

thought the French intend to make In the actual State of Russia and an aitack on the Brisgaw. The Au. Sweden, many probable conjectures are ftrian artillery of reserve is gone from drawn from the appointment of Piche. Seligenftadt to the Rhine gtu to the embally at Stockholm, and Leyden, April 18. Citizen Bicker was of Aubert Dubayet, ci-devant minifter elected on the 15th president of the of war, to that at Conftantinople. It national assembly, when there were may be reasonably inferred, if a war long debates upon the differences that takes place between Sweden and Ruffia, have exifted in Friezeland, which terthat it will foco be followed by ano | micated by addressing to the supreme ther between the Porte and Russia. constituted authority in Frizcland, a

Stockbolm, April 16. Several hun- letter exhorting peace, union, concord, dred men are employed in our dock | and oblivion to all that is paft, &c. yards in the firring out of the fleet of &c. • gallies, which will be ready for Ica in Mentz, April 19. The moft active three or four weeks.

preparations are making for opening The duke regent is on the point of ihe campaign. A council of war bag setting out for Carlscrona, lo accelerate been held, at which were present fieldby his presence the equipment of the marshal Wurmfer, who on the 16th grand fleet.

returned to Manheim, prince WirGeneral de Wrede has left this place temburg, prince -Hohenlohi, generals for Finland. All the letters we re. Stader, Lauer, &c. On the breaking reive from that country ftate, that the up of the council, couriers were sent inhabitaots manifest the warmest en. ) to the different corps. thusiafon and utmoft readiness to defend At Pforzheim, thirty pontoons have it to the laft extremity in case of an at. been built for the Austrian army. The tack.

works of the Bechuhein Mounts are Francfort, April 16. The day before now completed. yefterday field-marshal Wurmfer ar Warsaw, April 20. Letters from rived at 'Mentz, from Manheim, when Ukraine state, chat four Russian armies, he had a conferecce with the arch duke of 36,000 men cach, are shortly to'' Charler. Yelcrday a great military march towards the Turkish frontiers. . council was held to deliberate on the The whole force of Russia in the operations of the campaign, which Ukraine confiits of 169,000 men, in.' there is no doubt will soon commence, | cluding all irregular troops. Majorand in which the Auftrians will acl on general de Buxhuden is gone thither the offenfive. Field-marshal Wurmser To affin field-marthal general count de returned to Manheim immediately. Suwarrow, who will have the chief The imperial armies on the Upper and command there. Séveral hundred Lower Rhine will act in combination pieces of cannon are said to have been with each other. The imperial army fent off the Nielter. on the Lower Rhine will be augmented Paris, April 22. The troops for the 10 30,000 men. All the imperiai troop: expedition to St. Domingo 'have failed are now going into camp. Fifty more | from Breft. . The men of war which faitors from Naples are arrived for the cor. Voyed them as far as Cape Fini. flotilla of colonel Williams.

terre have returned, and announce, Hh


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Yarmouth, April 13. town, and will be long remembered by

the princess, who expressed herself THE hereditary princess of Orange highly satisfied with the reception.

and her fon, this day, at two 15. This day his majefty reviewed o'clock, embarked at the Jetty, for the duke of Gordon's regiment of the continent, after a fortnight's de- north highland fencibles, in Hyde tention here by contrary winds.

Park. She was accompanied to the shore This is the first regiment of highby a vast concourse of people, who vied landers his present majeity ever rewith each other in paying her the viewed. They met at the Horfe-shoe most marked attention and respect, of inn, in the Borough, at half pall nine which the seemed highly sendible. in the forenoon, and proceeded on their

Our worthy mayor, fir Edmund march to the Horse Guards, where Lacon, attended her to the prince of; they were met by his majelly, the Orange packet, which was laying ready prince of Wales, duke of York, prince for her reception in the roads. During Ernell, prince of Glouceiter, gen. Bawker stay here, the was entertained at ceit, and most of the general and the house of this gentlemen iu fo hof: field-officers in England, accompanied pitable and elegant a manner, as must by a detachment of the life guards, and reflect the highelt 'honour upon the a battalion of the foot guards, they



proceeded to Hyde Park, where they cers and workmen meet with much were immediately reviewed. The wea: indulgence of extra, and the hours bether being favourable, a vast concourse tween working are greatly curtailed, of the fashionable world had assembled in consequence the people work with on the occasion. The duke of Gordon much more spirit and alacrity in their commanded in perfon. The men made different branches of business ; much to a very fine appearance, and went their own honour, to the satisfaction through the whole of their manoeuvres of their officers, and to the advantage with an' exaełness and promptitude of his majesty's service. that would have been honourable to Intelligence was this morning reany of the veteran corps : their march- | ceived in town of the capture of the ing and firing was managed with par. following vessels by the Patriot French ticular dexterity, and his majefty ex- privateer, viz. the Friendship from Liprelked the higheft satisfaction at the verpool to London; the Harlequin, whole of their conduct. The music from Belfast to London ; the Duchess of the band had a novel and pleasing of Hamilton from Teneriff to Portreffect. In addition to the usual in mouth, and the Jenny and Mary, from ftruments, two bagpipes were intro

, 10 Newfoundland. The.

privateer, after removing the cargo, After the review was over, the regi Rowed as many prisoners on board ihe ment commenced their march to New. | Jenny and Mary as she would contain, catle, where they are to be encamped and sent her into Torbay. Two vefleis under the command of prince William have likewise been captured on their of Gloucefter.

passage from Kingston, Jamaica, to 16. His majesty reviewed the ihe north side of the island. prince of Wales's regiment of light This day mails from Barbadoes, dragoons on Afhford common. His Martinique, Jamaica, and St. Domingo, royal highness appeared in his uniform were received at the general poftat the head of his corps, which made office, brought to Falmouth by the a most martial appearance, and went Grantham packei, capt. Bull, in 54 through their evolutions with a degree days from Jamaica ; the Grantham of skill and address not to be exceeded. vend the Alarm and Le Pique frigates His royal highness Prince Erneft, and in Carlisle Bay, on the 13th of January, several general officers were on the and the Majestic, admiral Laforey, Stound.

with the Matilda frigare, at MartiniHorje-Guards, April 16, 1996. A que; on the 16th the Regulus of 44 letter, of which the following is an guns, capt. Oaks, failed from Fort extract, dated Calcutta, December 15, Royal on the ift of February; for 1795, has been received by the right Port-au-Prince, as did the Jane armed hon. Henry Dundas, one of his ma: Mip, capt. Morgan, for the Moie. jesty's principal secretaries of late, from is. There are 8o English prisoners major-general fir Robert Abercromby, closely confined at Rotterdam, being K. B. commander in chief of his ma- | the crews of Mips which have been jefty's and the East India company I taken. Diffatisfied with their allowforces, in Bengal.

ances, which are scantily divided, they ** I have the honour to inform you | lately attacked their guards, but were that major Petrie, foon after the fur- at length quolled without blood-thed'. reader of Cochin detached a force a- | Since that time they have been de. gainst the Dutch fort of Quilon, and prived of every indulgence before en-. ibeir factories of Porca and Quilor in joyed. the Travancore couniry. They were The city comptroller and surveyors delivered up without refinance; and were einployed in giving directions for we are now in poslefion of all their pulling down thai ancient barrier of faltlements on the continent of In- | London, Temple Bar, with the several

houses, as planned by alderman Pickett, Cbatham, April 18. Thereveral ships in order to make a noble entrance from now fitting for sea at this post are or the west end of the town, and in join ceved to be expedited with all poflible | London and Weliminller together. dispatch ; and as the respeclive arrifi. 1 April 20. A letter was received at

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tbe Admiralty, from the first lieutenant fix princeses, accompanied by lady of the Diamond frigate, off the coast of Charlotte Finch, breakfailed with his France, containing an account of the | royal highness Prince Erneft, at his capture of that gallant officer, fir syd. apartments in St. James's Palace ; the ney Smith.

prince of Wales and duke of Clarence Sir Sydney, in the night of Monday | were of the royal party ; the enterJalt, went in his boat to cut out a 1 tainment confined of tea and coffee, French lugger in the port of Havre. after which an elegant collation con. This he accomplimed, after some re. I lifting of every delicacy which the leafilance, by which one Frenchman was son could afford, was provided, and he killed ; bui deterred from iminediately company were amused during their failing by the rapidity of the current, ftay with a concert of instrumental he cast anchor. During the night, music ; at half paft one the queen and however, the Tip drove from her an. I princelles left his royal highnefles's a. chor, the cahle, it is laid, having been pariments and were conducted to their cut by one of the prisoners, and was carriages. amid a number of Specia. carried by the current above the town. tors, by the prince.

In this firuation, be was attacked on a few days ago as some labourers the morning of Tuesdav, by all the were digging in a garden at Fox.lane, gun-boats and other vefleis which the near Notsing hanr, They discovered fix enemy could mufter ; and after a gal. human keletons intire, depofted in re Jant and even desperate refillance, ac gular order side by tide, supposed to be gainst a forve so infinitely fuperior to part of the fifteen forefters that were, his own, he found himself at length killed by the outlaw Robin Hood. Near obliged to surrender. We are happy, the above place anciently stood a church, however, to find that he received no built in the early ages of Christianity, injury in the confic.

dedicated to St. Michael, which was The fociety for the encouragement totally demolished at their formation, of arts, &c. have laudably offered very but the parishioners at certain times téconsiderable rewards for the inventing pair to this place to offer their religi. a mill for grinding of corn for the use ous functions, as being some centuries of private families or parish poor, and ago consecrated ground ; great quantifor contriving an apparatus wherebyties of human bones have been found, the abominable custom of employing most of which were in a mutilated children in the business of sweeping Rate; also several Saxon, and old Eng. chimneys may be obviated.

lita coins, viz. Angels, Marks, and The following is an exact list of the Nobles, that denote it to have been a number of officers in the British navy, place of consequence. -No doubt but as they stood on the ift January, 1796 ; the bones in question were properly one hundred Rag officers, that is to say, I buried in St. Michael's church-yard. admirals, vice admirals, and rear ad- / The proprietors of the garden huminemirals; four hundred and fixty cap. ly ordered the pit where the bones were rains ; two hundred and forty-four found, to be filled up, being unwilling commanders ; and one thousand nine tu disturb the relics of huinanity and hundred and fixty-one lieutenants, mak. the ashes of the dead. ing in the whole two thousand four 22. This morning their majesties, hundred and ninety-one commissioned and the princesles, accompanied by the officers.

pripe of Wales and prince Erueli, aiThe navy of this country, exclulive ended by lord Harcourt and lady of the hired armed vessels for protect. Cathcare, visited the royal academy at ing the coat trade, confiited, on the | Somerset house, to view the paintings, gift of March laft, of one hundred and previous to the exhibition opening for seventy ships of the line, twenty-nine public inspection ; the royal family fitties, one hundred and eighty-eight Itaid near two bours in the apartments ; frigates, two hundred and cleven floops, after which, her majelly, the princesses making in the whole, a nary of five royal, suguta, Elizabeth, and Sophia, hundred and ninety-cight Tips of war. I left town for Windfor. This morning lier majesty and the Port (792, April 2:. Six sail of the

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