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fine are ordered immediately to sea, un- The lady of William Smith, of der the ommand of admiral lord Hugh Park - ftreet, efq. M. P. of a fon. Seymour.

· The lady of Jonathan MickieIt is reported that the Dutch Heet are thwaite, of Warbrook Houte, Hants; at sea in considerable strength.

efa cf a fon. Horse-Guards, April 23, 1796. Let 26. The lady of Francis Burdett, of ters, of which the following is an ex Piccadilly, elo. of a lon. tract, have been received by the right 29. The lady of Claud Rufell, of hon. Henry Dundas, one of his ma Upper W mpole-ftreet, eiq, of a fon. je Ay's principal secreraries of late, froin May 8. The lady of fir Hugh major-general the earl of Balcarras, l'allifer Walters, of Greenwich, Kent, lieutenant-governor of the ifand of bart, of a fon.

9. The lady of Henry Gregg, of Castle Wemys, January 30, 1796. | Beutord-square, efq. of a daughier.

11. The lady of John Eldaile, of I had the honour to inform you, hy | Harley-street, ciq. of a lon. my dispatch of the zoth of December, 1795, ihat I had entered into a treaty of peace with the Trelawney Maroons. MARRIAG É S. Two of the aricles were very important, namely; the furrender of themfelves and arms, and their giving up April 9. Major Thomas, of the 28th all the runaway flaves who had joined regiment of foot, to miss Mary Bul, them in rebellion Notwithitanding mer, of Lymington, Hants. the treaty I had not the smallest conti- William Barnelt, of York, elg. to dence in their fincerity, and every pre mis; Elizabeth Catharine Markham, paration was made to con inue the war daughter of the archbishop of York. with unabated vigour.

14. John Coleman, ela of the royal Three weeks liaving elapsed without | Lancashire regiment of ruilitia, to mifs any apparent intention, on the part of Douglas, of St. Thomas's Hill, neac the Maroons, to fulfil the treaty, lor. Canterbury. dered the honourable major-general Enlign Nodin, of the gih regimento Walpole to move forward, on the of foot, to mils Elizabeth Lloyd Lyulea 13th instant, with a Bronz column of

ton. . . Tegular troops.

Thomas Askew, esq. of the new He had only advanced some yards, Rumney light dragoons, to miss Lucy when a melTage was delivered from the Elizabeth Cary, of Wimpole Street. Maroon chief, begging that no fur 19. The rev. Mr. Ripley, vicar af ther boftiie step ihould be taken.

Kelvedon, to miss Mary Marret, of As we had experienced much dup: | Fulham. licity and evaliun, it was judged expe George Nathaniel Belt, of the Midlo! dient to move flowly on, and the line dle Temple, elg. barrilter at law, to of 'march was so arranged as to give mniís Elizbeth Wood, tecond daughier the Maroons an opportunity of coming of the lare colonel Wood. io with safety. This had the delireu The rev. Charles Holden, of Bakers ciect. The Maroons, to the number ftreer, Portman fquaie, to miss Rolie of soo, surrendered the micives, and mond Amelia Denne, of Lansdownwere conducted within our posts. In. | square, Bach. duding those whom I had formerly le-1 20. Earl Temple, io roiss Ann Eliza: cured, I haye in my poflcflion near fix | beth Brydges. hundred.

Capt. 1 albot, to the hon. lady

| Elizabeth Strangways, cldest daughter BIRTHS.

of the earl of Ilchriter.

Edward Wilbrahani Bootle, of Rode. April 12. The lady of James Morris, hall, Cheshire, elg. M. P. for Welt. of Wimpole-freet, Cavendish-square, bury, to miss Taylor, eldest dalighter esq. of a lon.

of the rev. Edward Taylor, of Bitrons, 23. The lady of John Gribble, of Kent. Suho-square esq. of a fon.

Frederick Prescott, of Upper Grof.'


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Lady's Magazine ;



Entertaining Companion fot the Fair Sex, appropriated solely to their Use and Amusement.

For JUNE, 1796.

This NUMBER contains,

1 On the Anniversary Meeting of the Charity Children,

243 2 The Healing Surprise. A Tale,

- 214 3 Anecdote of Dr. Cary!, 245 4 D script on of the City of Frankfort on the Maine,

247 S Auecdoies,

248 6 Scury of the Exploits and Death of Captain Raggado and his bravos,


249 5. Anecdotes of Gwinn the Painter,

253 me 8 Letters between Charles Wailer,

chaplain to Oliver Cromwell, and Frances, one of the Protector's favourite daughters,

254 de 9 Grasville Abbey,

259 10 Acconne of the Life and Writings of Pliny the Elder

202 Mn Female Fashions in Paris, 264 12 The Dongler. No. II.

205 13 Derwent Priory, 14 Ladies' Dreffes on his M jesty's Birth-day,


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LONDON, Printed for G. G. and J. Robinson, No. 25, Pater.

nofter Row, where Favours from Correspondents will be received.


The Letter on the fingular Character of the Rev. Mr. Harvest, in our next.

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The Continuation of the Remarks on Mrs. Inchbald's Nature and Art, in our next.

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