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AVien of the City of Frankfort on the Maine.

DESCRIPTION of the City of taste : in this the Golden Bull is pre

FRANKFORT in the MAINE. | served, which prescribes the manner (With a View elegantly engraved.)

i l of electing an emperor, and is the

original of the fundamental laws of TRANKFORT upon the Maine the empire. " is the principal of the imperial | The Jews here have a synagogue, and free cities of the W'eiteraw, and / and particular quarter, in which its capital, on the confines of Ilese , they are shut up all night, and are and Franconia, in Germany. It is obliged, by way of distinction, to a populous, rich place, one of the / wear a piece of yellow cloth. hans towns, and the seat of the impe. The territory of Frankfort, lying rial diet, being governed by its own on both sides the Maine, extends for magistrates. It is divided by the eleven miles from south to north, river into two parts; that on the and fourteen from east to west. It South fide is called Saxenhausen, is in general covered with woods and being joined by a stone bridge of vineyards. : fourteen arches. It is well fortified, To this account we shall add some and has a great trade by the Maine remarks on this city, made by the and Rhine, and several other streams ingenious Mrs. Radcliffe, in her which fall into them, by that means Journey through Holland and Gerbringing abundance of corn and many, lately published. wine from the Palatinate and Fran “ Frankfort has gates and walls, conia. Here are two annual fairs, but the magistrates do not oppress lafting three weeks, the one fifteen travellers by a military examination days before Easter, and the other at their entrance. Having seen the on the igth of September, with worthleisness of many places which merchandise and every kind of com- bear oftentatious characters either modity, particularly books, from all for splendor or trade, we were furparts of Europe. Here are also three prised to find in this as much of marts every year.

| both as had been reported. The The city is of a circular form, l quays were well covered with goods and has no fuburbs: the streets are, and labourers; the streets nearest to in general, large. Among the pub- the water are lined with thops, and lic structures, St. Bartholomew's ca. I those in the middle of the city with thedral is a venerable pile; in it the the of merchants, of which emperors are crowned after their nearly all are spacious, and many election in the town-house. In the magnificent. Some, indeed, might city are several poble fountains, | be called palaces, if they had no. mineral springs, and baths. The bility for their tenants; but, though magiftrates, and most of the inha- the independence which commerce bitants, are Lutherans, who have five spreads among the middle classes churches. The papists are allowed does not entirely deter the German to celebrate their service in the ca nobility from a residence here, the thedral, but must make no proces- | finest houses are the property of fons. The Calvinists have no merchants. churches within the city, but two " In our way to the Cigne Blanc, about a league off, one for the Ger- | which is one of the best inns, we man, and another for the French passed many of so good an appear. refugees. There are the most pre- lance, that it was difficult to believe eminent in trade and merchandise. there could be better in a German The principal public building is the city. But Frankfurt, which is the town house, which is very large and I pride of Germany, in this refpcct, handsome, but built in the ancient has probably a greater number of

large large inns than any other place of majesiy, in his private capacity, wa equal extent in Europe. The fairs liable to the toll; declaring at the All these, twice in a year, for three same time, that, though he respected weeks at each time ; and the order, his sovereign, if ever he came to which is indispensable then, conti Barban gate, he should not pass till nues at other periods, to the surprise the toll was paid. A fort time after, and comfort of strangers.

h nest Robert's resolution was putio .“ Round the city are several well. thet ft; for his majesty, in his route disposed walks, as pleasant as the to Worcester, came to Barban gate. fatness of the nearer country will On the arrival of the first horseman permit ; and at intervals, along that piecedeul tlie royal carriage, thele, are the country-louses of the Robert, having previousy locke the merchants, who do not chute to go gate, ftcod with the keys in his hand, beyond the city territories for a and den anded the toll. The ecuerresidence. Saxenhausen, a small ry, in an accent of perturbed impatown, on the other side of the tience, faid, 6. Open thgate instant. Maine, though incorporated with li, for his majesty is at hand."'Frankfort as to jurisdiction, and I know that, (replied Roberi) but connected with it by a bridge, is his majeliv is not at the head of an chiefly inhabiied by watermen and arnıy, and must pay the toll." The other labourers,”

fervant lemonfuated, with threats Frankfort is situated in a fertile and indignation : but Roberi was not plain, 20 miles N. E. of Mentz, and to be frightened; he heard him with po S. E. of Cologn. Lat.49° 55'. N. placid indifference, till his majeity's Lat. 8°. júli

1 carriage caire in fight. The attend

ant was now reduced to the necefüty ANECDOTES.

of having recourse io polite entreaty,

anuning Kolert that ihe person who 0,4 Mifs AUDISON.

followed his majesty's carriage would A Gentleman delegated for the

pay the regular demand. On this tl purpose of foliciting the erec

chung the erec. allurance the gate was opened, and tion of a monument to perpetuate the whole cavalcade, accompanied by the memory of the much-respected an immense crowd, pafled, but Rofather of the honourable miss lert ra

bert received not one penny. Sleath, Addison, one day waited on her for ho

er for however, was aware that his majesty the purpoie.--" Go, (lays the) tell I would return to Cheltenham the them my father has left a monument following day, and muft pats the more lasting than brafs-his works.” This, the only offspring of that I heard that the roval equipave was

gate again. *Accordingly, having truly and juftly renowned man, is approaching, he locked the gate, and now resident at a rural situation near

took his station as before. The same Rugby.

equerry pieceded the carriage, and Or a TURNPIKE-KEEPER. I begau again to remunítrate : but DUKING the royal residence at honeft Sleath fwore roundly that no Cheltenham, it was remarked, by the one fould pass till he had received keepers of several turnpike-gates, the toll for both days. The royal that his majesty, during his short ex- attendant perceiving that verbal curlios, paid no toll. The right of means were not likely to prevail, paid liis imaj: fty to pass toll-free happen. Sleath about twentv.fiven thillings, ing to become the subject of conver- threatening to cruth him with the fation in a large company at Wor weight of legal vengeance; but Ru. ceiter, Robert Sleatii, an honest bert pocketed the money, and has blunt fellow, and keeper of Barban never yet been called to an account gite, fistnuously argued that his ! for his conduct,


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