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The little troop foon rejoined their , hail completed their confusion and general, and, while they fympathised | destruction. in his atliktion, they shared in his oe man had, however. contrived consolation.

means to deliver his country from .66 Ah! dear Bilamich!” said Ray. the dreadful scourge which now gado, " what handsome legs thou ravaged it; and conceived that he fhouldst have carried about thy and his countryinen might arm neck! Never couldnt thou have themselves with flings, and, with borne a softer burden. But we are stones thrown from a dillance, overnow forced, like the dervise, to lead power the plunderers. Guillarich a life of penitence; let us, at lealt, observed this man trying his new keep it up till midnight, that it may invention. He saw him ready to be ihe more meritorious. Thou, acquaini liis friends with the use and Batteniltabour, as I have great con- advantages of it: but, at the very fidence in thy abilities, I charge thee moment when he opened his mouth with the care of our repose till fue to do so, an arrow from NadhertaLife: go take thy round at half a vil's boiv pierced his throat, and league's distance; beat eighty drums, stopped the good advice by the way. and when thou perceiveft any im- General delpair prevailed through pertinently curious persons approach, the country, and news were conveyed found thy trumpet with a firm from all quarters to Kallaca habalaba, tone."

by an hundred arrow's; for it was Batteniltabour obeyed, while his in this mode that requests, comcomrades continued io divert them- plaints, or information of any kind, felves, and to drink away till they all were conveyed. funk under the table.

The tviant assembled his council. It is not every day that weddings An aftrologer of great ikill in geo. happen, at which so good a meal can inancy was his only conveniently be found ready “ You fee!” said the tyrant, i to dreiled. On the day following, what condition we are reducedRaggado's troop made many plun-nobody can come to disturb us here; dering excursions on different quar- but nothing can avert the famine ters, and with so much the more which threatens us. My arms have confidence, because under such a hitherto combated those rubbers leader they flattered themselves with who infeft my country with success; the hope of impuity. But they but they are now more audacious were now obliged to dress their than ever, and this, no doubt, in victuals themselves. They encampo consequence of receiving an acceftion ed every night under the tent, the of strength. At their head is a leader situation of which could not be who has, alone, destroyed several known, as it was never pitched and detachments of my soldiers, whom I spread till after it was daik.. By had sent out to maintain peace and day they were frequently obliged to security through the country, and to fight, in consequence of meeting collect the taxes. In the reports and with small detachments like that complaints is a great deal of the which had before presuned to attack marvellous. Think of some means, them ; but all such detachments were then, by which we may provide for always e ually cut off. Those who our security." escaped the swordt or fire were struck « This is what I have been em. motionless by the voice of Battenilta. ploved upon for fome time," replied beur, the dreadful tounds of which the fage.--" I have constructed the piercing their ears, ftruck then with horoscope of every one of our eneinconceivable horror, A shower of inies, Ordinary arms will not avail


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