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St. Paul's. The children, above 9000 | Exchange, and from thence hack to his in number, all-mbled in the most order. | brother's house in the Old Jewry, and ly manner. The neat fimplicity of their were afterwards' entertained with an dress showed the care that is taken of elegant dinner by the alderman. On them; and the cheertulness of their their way thither, they were both much looks evinced their gratitude to their appiauded -The lad cs waved their beneraciors, while their exemplary con- handkerchiefs, and the mob their hats. duct in the cathedral proved that they Then came the united committees of had been properly impressed wiih jult | Lumingion and Anderson; and then - kpliments of devotion.

Alderman Luhington. " · The church was very happily formed Į Alderman Pi kett, though laft, not for effect, upon the occation. The lealt in popularity, closed the scene : piace was onder the dome. There chaered by the consolatory plaudits of was a temporary building, following the surrounding multitule.' the shape of the church there, in each The judges appointed the several angie of the octagon, and rising, in 17 i circuits for the ensuing allizes. . or 18 benches, about 24 feet from the Home circuit. Lord Kenyon and ground. From thence, on one fide, lar B Hocham.. towards the organ of the choir, was a Norfolk. Lord chief justice Eyre, temporary delk, &c. and about 100 and Mr. justice Afhhurit. benches, for the congregation, role . Oxford. Lord chief baron, and Mr. from thence (also about 24 teet) through juflice Heath. the body of the church, to the welt Millard. Mr. baron Perryn, and door.

Mr. junice Buller. The sheriffs, under sheriffs, and secon Welern. Mr. juftice Grose, and daries, met upon the nullings, at Guild. | Mr. baron Thomion. ball, for the purpose of catting up the Northern. Mrjullice Rooke, and nurnbers of the poll, and making the Mr. justice Lawrence. return. Upon examination, soine liicle 4. Being the anniver/ary of his majefvariation was found from the numbers ty's birth day, the morning was ushered reported yefterday, viz. . in with ringing of bells, and at noon the, For Mria!d. Luthington 4319

Park and Tower guys were fired, and • The lord mayor , 4313 the same the evening concluded with illumina

Mr. ald. Combe 3863 . rions and other demonstrations of joy by
Mr. ald. Anderson 3170 the fame the inhabitants of London and Welt.
Mr. alu Pickett 2795 the lame miuler.
Sir Watkin Leweg 2355.

His majesty having been pleased to The four firit were accordingly re- appoint William Campbell, erg to be turned, and their friends signed the governor and commanier in chief of heriffs' cturn. .

his majesty's Bermuda or Somers Islands, They then severally addrested the in America, he this day took the oaths livery, except Mr. alderman Anderson appointed to be taken by the governors and fir Watkin Lewes. Sir Richard of his majesty's plantations. Cars Glynn addrefled them in favour Intelligence has been received at of Mr. aiderman Anderfon, who is Lloyd's coffee house, that a French con ined through alloets.

{quadron failed from Palma, on the 30th • Alter which, the lord mayor, in his of March, conilling of the following private coach and fix horfer, preceded ! mins : La Force, so guns, commanded ty colours flying, a band of music, his by M. Perry, ard La Soine, 40). Another committee and friends, proceeded to squadron loti Rochfini on the 19th of the Mansion House, where an elegant March last, confisting of La Regenerée, entertainment was provided on the oc- | 30 gunf, and L. Verice, 40; they had casion.

taken the Bethia and Muria, Rayner, · Mr. alderman Combe in his charint, 1 from Portúniolith to Barbadoes, with accompanied by Mr. Skinner (Mr. troops, hores, &c. Skinner's coach following and preceded s. This morning an account was reby his friends, committee, with favours, 1 ceived at ihe admiralty, by a gentle. &c. paraded from Guildhall to the man from Cadiz, containing advice


that admiral Mann, having taken on the command of colonel Harvey Atos. board four months' provisions and water This regiment has been quartered here a Gibraltar, bad resumed his station now above two months, during which before the Spanish port. Admiral Rich. time the conduct of both officers and ery, with his squadron, was ready to | men has been so becoming and regular, put to lea; and a Spanish Squadron as to refic at the highest credit on them. was likewise ready to fail at the same selves, and to cause their departure to time. Admiral Mann, apprised of this be much regretted. circumstance, has sent a melTage to the 9. A frigate is to be got in readiness Spanish admiral, that it was his inten- to convey count Zepphelin to Germany tion, at all events, to attack the French to bring over to England the prince de strips, the inom ent they thould get clear Wirtemberg, preparatory to his alliance of the neutral port ; and that if they with our amiable princess Royal. were at all amined by the Spaniards, The Cork fleet, under convoy of the they must answer for ihe confequences. Laura frigate, the greateft part of The Spanish admiral is said to have dif. which was upposed to be taker, is al claimed all intention of fuccouring the most all arrived at Birtadoes. French, in case of an attack from the 10. The royal family, accompanied by British fquadron ; and, in p oof of his the marchioness of Bath, lady Cardigan, fincerity, allured admiral Mann, it and lady Charlotte Bellaflis, went to was not his design to fail for thirty Ascot Heath races, and, in the evening, hours after the French had put to lea. honoured the theatre, for the first Richery, it is said, perfifted in his in- time this season, with their presence ; tention of failing ; so that interesting their majefties, on account of Mr. accounts may fpecdily be expected from Quick not comicg down on Tecfday, that quarter.

having pollponed going that evening. This day, about four o'i lock in the 11 The marriage of the princess roy. afternoon, several villains entered the al and the prince of Wirtemberg is ex. house (the family being out) of Mr. pected to take place about the latter Hood, Earl-Atreet, Blackfriars, with end of July. a fallc key, and, after being there fome 13. The candidates for Wellminfter, time, were seen by the opposi e neigh. | by agreement, began the poll an hour bours, who, forcing their way into the earlier than usual, in order that it might house, fecured two of them; the others, finally terminate at three o'clock, at in the alarm, contrived means to escape which time the numbers were declared backwards. They had packed up all as follows: the plate and other valuables; but it The lion. Cha. J. Fox - 5160 does not appear that they had been able Sir A. Gardner - - - 48.4 to convey any thing off. What exhi. J. H. Tooke . . . . 2819 bits the daring atrocity of this attempt The high bailiff then returned the in the moft conspicuous point of view, right hon. Charles James Fox and vice is thc publicity of the licuation, only admiral fir Alan Gardner duty clected. iwo doors from Bridge-Street, the Harwich, June 1s. A letter was greatest thoroughfare on Sunday after received here this morning, giving the noon, perhaps, of any in the metro. disagreeable account of the capture of polis.

his majesty's packet, the princess of 6. Was announced at the East India Orange, capt. Anthony Deane, on her House the arrival at Falmouth of the paffage to Cruxhaven, by the RepubliChip Chichester, capt. Blake, laden can French frigate and a brig cutter. with rice, from Bengal, which place The captain and crew were landed at De left on the ift of January last ; ar- Flushing, and, as prisoners of war, are rived at Madras on the 13th ; failed kindly treated. from thence on the 16th, and failed No particulars are mentioned as to from St. Helena on the 3d of April. what became of the mail; it is fup.

Neauport, Isle of Wight, June 8. I pored it was funk before the packet This day the 12th regiment marched itruck. She was taken last Sunday from this town for Cowes, there to be rennight, twelve hours after the had embarked for the East-Indics, under | sailed from Yarmouth..

17. Arrived

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