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manner in which the loan had been neral Doyle's army had embarked contracted for.

at Me Dieu, on their return to 8. His majesty sent a message to England. parliament, informing them that a.. Both houses of parliament ad- ! government had at length been journed, the lords to the 5th, the constituted in France, capable of commons to the 2nd of February. being treated with, whenever they | 27. Intelligence received of the fhould thew a disposition for that deteat of the French army under purpose.

the command of general Marceau, An important victory gained and the confequent evacuation of by the French army in italy, and a Kreutxnach by the enemy; and. check experienced by the Autrians that the British Mediterranean fleet on the Rhine, were announced to had returned to St. Domingo in the French legislative councils. distress...

13. The outward-bound Weft- ! 3.) Advice was received of the India fleet dispersed in a gale of outward-bound West-India convoy wind, fince which time numbers of having been again disper ed on the the transports, and some of the | 26th, at which time there were only hips of war, have reached port. ninety-five fail in company.

is. The house of commons resolved to address his majesty to order the attorney general to prosecute Mr. Reeves, as the author of a li: SINGULARITIES of Mr. HOWARD bellous pamphlet ref ating on the the PHILANTHROPIST. :conftitution of this country.

18. Two bills for the preserva (From Mr. Pratt's Gleaning se) tion of his inajesty's person, and the prevention of feditious meetings, I TE was fingular in many of the received the royal affent by com- IT common habits of life ; for miffion. These bills caused many instance, he preferred damp fheets, very fpirited debates in both houses, , linen and clothes to dry ones, and, and petitions from various parts of both riding and going to bud, the country, both for and against | swathed himself with coarse towels them were presented.

dipped in the coldest water he D. The whig club resolved to could get : in that state he remained intitute associations for the purpose half an hour, and then threw them of procuring the repeal of the above off, freshened and invigorated, as bills.

he said, beyond measure. He neAdvice was received of the, ver put on a great coat in the coldest French having refused to consent countries, nor had been a minute to a cessation of hoftilities with the under or over the time, of an ap. Germanic empire, which had been pointment, so far as it depended on applied for by the emperor, through himself, for fix and twenty years. He the court of Denmark, for the pur: never continued at a place, or with a pofe of entering into a negociation. person, a single day beyond the pe

— The Britifh cavalry, and leve- ! riod prefixed for going, in his whole ral emigrant corps, in the pay of lite; and he had no , for the last Great Britain, arrived at Shields fixteen years of his existence, ate from the Elbe.

any fish, fleth, or towl, nor sat 22. Weldon, a private soldier, down to his fimple fare of ica, milk, found guilty of high treason in and rusks all that time. His jourDublin.

neys were continued from prison to 21. Intelligence received that geo prilon, from one groupe of wretchVol. XXVII.

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