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Iníopher must ever bear about them | said to have recovered his bodily a dignity and importance; and ve- strength from being thrown upon neration for such characters is at all his parent earth, so the mind of our times, and ought to be supported, champion seemed to renovate the when it arises from gratitude and vigour of its powers, from being esteem. To the enlightened mu- called back into iticif, and to the ralist this tribute is due, for his in- exercise of its native energy. The Itruction and improvement of others, goodness of his heart, and Christian for advancing ihe real interests, and integrity, excelled every thing but thereby promoting the happiness of the comprehension of his mind and mankind. The son of genius de. the strength of his understanding. mands it no less, as being favoured | Thar age which his works have conby nature in the display of those tributed bth to enlighten and adorn, excellencies and accomplishments of beheld him at once the pride of his the mind, which prove to man what friends, the ornament of literature, he is capable of becoming, even in a glory to his country, and an ho. his present condition. All such are nour to mankind.-Need l nok defervedly the objesls of adipiration, I add tliis was Dr. Tobníon? and with justice the beirs of reve. The writings of this extraordinary yence; their performances, when / man are more expressive of his beyond the reach of common capa- 1 worth, and speak more fully in his city, are worthy of more than com- praise, than the highest trains of mon consule.ation,-and, though laboured panegyric or studied eulo(lince notting human is perfet) not gy. They uniformly tend to that altogetherinfallible, ihould be treated point, wbichi (according to his own wito serious defertice and a due words) thould be the principal object хере.

of all writings, – to promote the if such behaviour is the most fits interests of virtue." and becoming tribute to living His life of Savage has been emiexamples of ability, how dear and nently distinguished, and held in the how facred onght to be the memory I highest eftcem, as a performance the of those, who, having departed from moit matterly perhaps of its kind. amongit us, bare lcit their works In this intereiting piece of biograbehind them, and bequeathed their phy are to be found fuch penetrating names to immortality! There is a remarks on men and manners, such peculiar sesisation, which impels tiwl profound observations on the varied noble mind to confider those who licenes and distinctions of human life, are extinét, as fugjeris of awful and as characierise an energy of mind folemn contemplation. The inciit truly wonderful. They display to and the worth which live after a man intimnaie an acquaintance with the o his works, are relies which ought heart, and the secret influences to be pielerved focure though they which govern it, as the most acute too seldom are fo) from the detrac- aiscernment has been rarely known tions of envy, and the injuries of to attain. The 'moral reflections, malice,

which are made to spring fo bappily , I am now about to mention the from the circumstances they are name of one who has, to ihe infinite blended with, are beautifully combuss of Icience as well as virtue, paid , manding, and make an appeal to the common debt of nature. lie every man's bofom for a confirma: nay be ityled trie Herculesofinoderntion of their truth; and the senti. diavs, who was ever ready for enter- | mental conclusions which are per. prile, and always equal to his la | tinently introduced,, are infallible bouls. And as sutæus of old is proofs of the worth of cheir great


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