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ried her into Rye. She turned out to 16. The homeward bound flects from wbe the Brothers, of Caernarvon. The the East Indies, which are daily expeci. captain, his wife, child, and filier, who led, are fo numerous, as to make them were on board, heartily, thanked their very formidable ; belides which, they deliverers. There is no doubt, but had have a convoy of the Standard, of 64 the Dolphin had a few muikets only, I guns, and another man of war. fhe would have taken the privateer a'fo. Extracts of a letter from an officer of

12. Late at night, M. Nettman, fe- high rank in the Ean India company's 'cretary to monf. Chareti cr, arrived at service, dated from Wolfencahi, Feb. Dover in a cartel from Boulogne. 113, 1796, relating to the capture of

14. The dispatches which were Colombo, in the Ilie of Ceylon. brought to the admiralty, from fir John " On' the gih of February, major Jervis, on the Mediterranean filarion, Petrie marched with a confiderable de make the most honourable men:ion of tachment from Nigambo, and croffed a the intrepid conduct of captain Macna- river 100 yards broad, deep, but not mara, commanding the Southampton rapid; the whole distance making about frigate. - This efficer having failed at eleven miles. once into the harbour of Toulon, at- « On the uth infant, to our com. tempted to cut out a French vesel plete aitonilament, a formidable pais mounting 24 guns, and was on the was discovered to be abandoned; and point of easily succeeding, when the with the utmost expedition we crolled enemy, ala' med, rushed forward upon almost all the army, in the course of the deck, and prepared for relictance. The same day. action now became gateral. The { "On the 12th the flank companies French capezin fell, and twenty of his were alracked by 200 Europeans and ciew were also killed. The frigite was, 600 Malays. The line was ordered to at lennth, towed out of the harbour, / advance for their support; but before amidit the tire of the fort, and with the any of the corps could render any efloss of only one man.

I fectual aid, they had charged and ioThis morning his majesty reviewed, tally defeated the enemy: this huppened on Wimbledon Commen, the 21, or almost under the walls of queen's bays, commanded by the mar- 1 “Inchis gallant and decisive affair, our quis of Townther.d; the king was ac- l lofy was two European greuadicrs killed, companied by the Prince of Wales, and nine wounded -volunicer Grant o'rince Ernest, and the puke of Glou. was feverely wounded, and captain retler; the review began at lalf past Frendi lightly.-- ! he enemy loft about Bine, and was not over tillater ta eive, 1 170 killed and wounded, chiefly Malays. af de ciofe vif which, the fix fepoys, Some oficers of rank fell, and lieut. col. and the capiain of the vertel who brusle | Raymond is dead of his wounds. them over, were fent from Mr. Dun- is in the beginning of the action, the dao's house, and placeri on an envinenie, Malays displayed their usual treachery; for the view of his maje!ly and the and appeared befüre our potts, making company; they were in the Indian lizes of submission, laying their crefles, cruis; the ferjeant ard corporal diff red &c, on the ground. from the four privates, in their woiform 1 “ On the Toth Colombo capitulated ardenauleite, which were or silver lace to colonel Stuart. i he king itkud the capiain a great “ The dilunion and want of exerturber of questions, and teen.eclisily tion anungil the enemy, fuggefted the entertained with the fingularity of incir propriety of summoning the fort; and appearance; their iron spiked hats, major Agnew, the arjutant general, Large turn-up fhoes, and their legs, half- / was accordingly dispatched with a flag way above the linee, quite naked, at- of truce. This happened on the 14th, tračied more the atiction of the nume- and towards evening a ceffation of hot. sous fpeciaturs than the excellent disci- vilicies was proclaimed for 24 hours ; pline of the troops, which gave the when it was understood that articles of highest satisfeien to the king, and capitulation were agree) 10. their commanding officers. One of the “ The 15th was employed in finally huen has feverely lurt in being thrown adjusting the terms of the surrender; fro. his horse.

and this morning, at ten o'clock, the Bank corps of the three regiments, two Henry Shepherd, cfą. lieutenant of companies of artillery, the 52d regiment the light dragoons, to inils Åan Hall, and grenadier battalion, cook poffeffion of Lower Haliford. of this important conqueft.

16. The rev. Henry Cooke, rector of “Since the affair of the 12th, not | Dantfield, Yorkthire, to inils Brown, of one shot had been exchanged, and every | Wimpole-street. step of the enemy had exhibited the most 1. The rev. Richard Reece, of Tar. apparent marks of imbecility and in- vin, Cheibire, to miss Marlden, of decifion.

Mancheller. “I am not informed of the particu- 21. Lewis Dimbar, of Grange, efq. lar articles of capitulation; but learn, I to miss Sophia Brodie. that, in general, they are becoming the 1 John Frauncies Gwyr, of Ford AbBritish character-highly favourable to bey, Devon, efq. to mils Elizabeth the befieged, without doing any injuft- Norman, of Holles-treal, Cavendithice to the interests of our honourable square. employers; and that about 60,000l. of William Tibbs, of Chelsea, erg. fon paper currency is to bear an intereit of of fir Benjamin Tibbs, io mifs Virtuc, three per cent. for which our govern. | daughter of William Virtue, of the fame ment is to become security.

place, elq. “ The public property of Colombo is 24. I be hon. William Leeson, broimmense, without noticing the great ther of the earl of Miltown, to mila quantity of riches at P. de Galle, in Buchanan. cluded in the capitulation, as well as ! 23. Thomas Osborne, of Trinity Cole every other poil remaining with the | lege, Oxford, cfq. to miss Catharine Dutch ; four companies of Madras fe- | Duberiy. poys failed last night to take poffeilioa 27. Harvey, esq. late high of P. de Galle, which finishes ihe com. sheriff of the county of Bedford, to mits plete reduction of the island of Ceylon. Susannah Gibbard, youngest daughter of

“ The capture of Colombo, may, William Gibbard, of Sharnbrook, in the without any hazard of contradiction, be fame county, eiq. deemed one of the molt valuable that Lord viscount Andover, son of the has ever fallen to our arms,-the article earl of Suffolk; to miss Coke, eldrit of cinnamon alone is valued at a sum of daughter of Thomas William Coke, of no less magnitude than twenty fix lack Holkham, Norfolk, erg, of pagodas.

28. John Partons, of the Middle "The garrison confilted of 8oo foldi. | Temple, ciq. to mils Grace Alder, ers, 500 failors, 1800 malays, 300 lepoys, dau hier of William Alder, of Hornand 700 cingalese, beide burghers.” cliffe-house, near Berwick upon Tweed,

elq. BIRTHS.

July 2. Samuel Baiker, of Billing

borough, Lincoinihire, eiq. to miss Tol June 16. The lady of fir John Sin

Iler. clair, of Ulbster, bart. of a daughter. July 4. Lady Mary Drummond,

| The rev. William Benwell, fellow wite of Andrew Bollelly Drummond, I Loveday,' elden vaughter of the late

1 of Trinity College, Oxford, to Niss of Putney. Heath, cfq. of a fon.

John Lovelay, of Evertham, Oxford8. The lady of fir William Langhain,

Thire, efq. of Cumberland Place, of a son.

The rev. James Etty, redior of The lady of colonel Slade, of a son.

Whit church, Oxfordshie, to miss. 15. The lady of Charles Mackinon,

Middleton, dauglicer of the rev, Mr. of Wimpole-firect, elq. of a son.

| Middleton, vicar of Pcon, bucks.

Sir Richard Gairon, bait, member MARRIAGE S.

for Winchester, to the right hon laly Pune 15. Thomas Weld, jun. of Amelia Cooke, filer to the duke of Lulworth-Calle, eiq. to the lion. miss thol. Lucy Clifford, daughter of lord Clif. 4. George Borth Tyndale, of New ford, of Chudleigh."

Inn, elg. 10 mifs Rule, targller of William Veel, of Cotswold-house, Thomas Runule, of Great Rullel-treci, esq. to inits Sarah Huntley.

Bloomnibuy, t. q.


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Entertaining Companion for the Fair Sex, appropriated solely to their Use and Amusement.

. For AUGUST, 1796.

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London, Printed for G. G. and J. Robinson, No. 25, Pater.

noster Row, where Favours from Creffondents will be received.


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