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ly; we should read, says he, “ non parts, or the sensibility of his temmulia, fed multum." The epigram. per. The compositions which he matic turn of the words fixes the was obliged to bring as exercises precept stronger on the mind, and were not lively, elegant or florid; renders it more casy to be retained but then they were seldom deficient in memory, .

| in orthography or grammar. He The powers of the human mind never disliked the labour of seeking are not strong enough now to acquire the word he was unacquainted with knowledge by intuition : this rapid in his lexicon: and though he did mode of learning truth is reserved not comprehend the full meaning för beings of a superior order. To and spirit of the author he read, he gain a complete knowledge of a could tell the English of every word subject in all its parts, it must be in his lesson, and trace through all frequently reviewed and examined its grammatical variations. In in every light ; a process which re- | Mort he underwent every kind of quires time, labour, and attention ; ; literary labour without weariness or none of which will be in his power, discontent. After all the necessary who hastily passes from science to forms of education, he at length science, and with too much volatili- entered into the profession of the ty to admit thought and recollection. law.

It frequently happens that men l Velox, one of the cotemporaries of natural parts are excelled by 1 of Patiens, was fond of learning, others whole talents are inferior. and defirous of excelling in it; but Nor is this to be attributed to any as he was of a quick apprehenfion, other cause but to that patience of he was capable of construing a labour, which is frequently the con- paffage at one view, which would. comitant of dullness, and which coft Patiens an hour's application. proves an ample compensation for He, therefore, never read his lefwant of vivacity.. A man of flow fon over twice, but diverted his understanding can stop to investi- fancy with light modern publicagate obscurity Atep by step, till be tions, several volumes of which he brings light from darkness, can would frequently devour in a day. combat difficulties seemingly unfur Great hopes were entertained of to mountable,--can repeat the same lively a genius; he went to the labour without fatigue, and review university, Aattered by his friends, the same ideas without satiety; but and elate with confidence in his own the volatility of genius affects to powers. But it soon appeared that pafs over every thing disgustful, and he who submitted to fo little labour voluntarily neglects thofe subjects while under authority, entirely re. which it cannot see through at a linquished study, when at his own glance. The fable of the tortoise and disposal, Plato, Aristotle, and Epicthe hare is too obviously applicable tetus, remained untouched on his to the present subject to admit-quo- | fhelves; but the works of Fielding, tation. Could genius check that Richardson, Smollett, together with precipitation which precludes accu- l those of every modern dramatic rate inquiry and perfect views, I writer, were constantly on his table. it might" surely be capable of en- If at any time he deigned to caft Jarging the boundaries of human an eye over Coke upon Littleton, knowledge, and of deriving to it. it was with the same levity and felf all the light of which the mind precipitation with wbich he read a is susceptible.

monthly magazine. When at last Patiens, when at school, was not he was called to the bar, and the remarkable for the brightness of his time was come when he was to make

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