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Frankfort, July 19. | flexible; but general Jourdan, on the

contrary, received the deputies with AFTER the archduke Charles had great poliseness, and teftified his regret A quitted the Lower Rhine, to pro at being forced to have recourse to such ceed to the army of the Upper Rhine, disafirous measures. The capitulation after the abandonment of ibe pofition did not take place; and the alarm of of Friedberg, general Wartenleben re- the inhabitants became only deeper and ceived orders to occupy the post of Ber- limore jusly founded. The command. gen, and to maintain himself in it till the ant resolved to defend the city to the main body of the army had entirely | laff extremity, and prepared fire-engines pafled the Mein ; but, fearing that he in all parts. hould be turned by the French, who | The next day, at eleven at night, the might proceed from Friedberg to Ha- French recommenced the bombardment Dau, Wartensleben thought proper not from three batteries, which they had to obey the order, and retired also be- between the gate of Echelheim and All yond the Mein towards Neuisenbourg, Saints. A Mower of balls destroyed the after having thrown 4000 men into buildings that were in the direction of Frankfort, whole defence of it might the batteries, and the flames burft forth protect his retreat.

in several parts. We should have been On the 12th, at five in the evening, buried under the ruins of the buildings, the troops showed themselves near the if humanity had not induced the French city. The batteries of the ramparts themselves to suspend the bombardment. fired a few shots, to which the befiegers The French general Kleber carried even replied from their howitzers. A short his generosity so far, as to send three time afterwards the city was summon- fire-engines which he had taken in the ed: the commandant refused. A fe- environs, with 120 men without armis, cond fummons followed the first :-a in order to assist in extinguishing the fire; fimilar refusal on the part of the com- | but they were not suffered to enter the mandant.

city. The bombardment commenced at 'At length general Wartenfieben suftwo o'clock in the afternoon: several fered himself to be prevailed upon, and parts of the city weré fet fire to, and asked leave to surrender; and the next many of the inhabitants were killed in day, the 14th, the capituiation was their beds.

figned at Bornheim, by general Brady The alarm depicted on the counte- and general Kleber. nances of the citizens wandering chrough A public notice has been given to the the streets, and the dispositions of de- citizens here, that the French general in fence which the Auftrians continued to chief of the army of the Sainbre and make, formed a striking and terrible Meuse has imposed on this city'a con. scene. At three o'clock the firing ceaf. tribution of six millions of livres in ed, and one deputation of the magi- ready money, and two millions in kind; itrates went to general Wartenlleben, 1 to be paid at three payments; the first while another deputation proceeded to payment of one third to be made withgeneral Jourdan; the former was solicited in three days; the second third to be to capitulate, and the latter to spare the paid by the 27th inst. and the last third city. General Wartensleben was in- by the fixth of Auguft; under pain of VOL. XXVII.


increase of the fum, and military exe- , on the 16th of July, and occupied all cution.

the important posts which the enemy It was fortunate, that, during the had abandoned. They were well re. bombardment of this city, the wind was ceived at Haltingen, Wiel. Larrach, calm, otherwise the whole city would and other places in the Margraviate of have been schroyed.

| Baden. The general pushed his ad. This morning at two o'clock, we vaneed guard farther. heard an extremely heavy cannonade,' On the 7th of July he arrived at which continued till seven, and was di- Rheinfelden, where were considerable redted against the fortress of Kaning- magazines. The same day he occupied stein, into which 600 Austrians have Seckingen and Lauffenbourg. On the thrown theinfelves.

18th he pursued the enemy, and drove. Mentz is now formally blockaded on their rear guard from Waldihut. The all sides, and we no longer receive any Auftrians retreated, without firiking a intelligence from that city. It is said blow, towards Constance. the Austrians have withdrawn the great: Vienna, July 21. This day, the peo. er part of their troops from the garri- ple of this capital having a flerabled in fon, and supplied their place with troops different parts of the city, repaired to of the empire.

the hotel of the baron de Thuguit, cry. Marseilles, Yuly 20. Yesterday was, ling, “ Peace! peace!” It became ne. to our unhappy city, a day of horror ceísary to call in the aid of the military and defolation). Every honelt citizen to difperfe the crowd. expected that his last hour was arrived. Beinz/aug, Head-quarters of General 'In a few words, the following affairs Jourdan, s Thermidor (July, 22,). occurred:

The army has, this day, taken its pos The hangmen, alfalfias, &c. all pro- fition on the Werem, to the right of fiting of the amnelty, armed, like the Carlfladt, and to the left of Schuenfort, robbers they are, io bands, went into all both ficuated on the Mein. We yesterthe fections, where they cut down all day took poffeffion of this last place, who did not fly. They all: flinated after having driven away the enemy. eight or mine citizens, and mortally General Bernadotte occupies, in dewounded about thirty.

tached parties, all the country situated In the number of the murdered is the on the right bank of the Mein, as far as urhappy fon of Bourguignon, whose Mitclbourg, and secures our communifather and brother were guillotined. cation with Frankfort. This body Savon is reported to have affafliaated will join the army the moment of our him, by stabbing him in the back, as he marchirg against Wurtzbourg went out of his lection, No. I... 1 Frankfort, Offenback, and Aschaf

In the afternoon the infamous fenbourgh, we found abundantly fup. wretches,' marching always in bands, plied with magazines. Relpecting the and vociferating against every thing amunition and artillery found in Frankgood, paffed a door where fat an old fort, there were about one hundred and man, aged 74 years, whom they also af fixty mortar-pieces, chiefly brass, and sassinated. As I hear, his name was about fifteen hundred thousand musquetFabrice, a painter by profeffion. In cartridges of our own bore. At Zem. the suburbs, the famme horrors have been menden, twelve boats were intercepted, committed. Ac Mazargues alone, two laden with bombs. Between ffleck citizens were killcú and eight or ten | hundred and two thousand deferters have wounded,

come over to us fince we palled the Balle, July 21. After the defeat of Lahn. No action has taken place subthe Auflrian army under the command | fequently to the capture of Frankfort. of generals Trobach and Klengling, and The light troops of the enemy haye alof the corps of emigrante, general ways, after the exchange of a few.pile - Wolffe, who had fixed his headquar- cod fhots, retreated at our approach. ters at Larrach, though it to retreat in Paris, Fuly 22. From Switzerland the greatest hale, in order to avoid be- we learn, by advices dated the oth of ing between two fires. Our troops, July, that the princes of the empire have commanded by general Deborde, parte demanded a peace of Barthelemi, as ed the Rhine at Hiunir. yen and Keinos, those of Italy did of Buonaparte. A

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deputation from the city of Stutgard is, enormous quantity of mortars of a large arrived there, headed by the duke of calibre are employed night and day to Wirtemburg's minifter.

bombard this rock, one of the Itrongest Head-quarters at Frankfort, 4th Ther- places in Europe. midor (July 22.)

As there have been placed fome batThe fort of Koenigntein, which kept teries on the left bank of the Rhine to the Pruffian troops before it for four attack Ehrenbreitstein, and as the he. " months when we occupied it in 1793, lieged direct their fire particularly on has capitulated. The garrison, confill - this point, the inbabitants of Coblentz ing of 60 men, prisoners of war, are dread a renewal of those horrid scenes released upon their parole, not to serve which took place last year. In confifor a year against us or our allies. Wequence of this, an arrangement has takea found in the fort twenty picces of can- | place between the French and Austrian non, three mortars, artillery, stores and generale, by which it is.greed to ceale provisions for fix months. This fort, all fring on this town. situated at the entrance of a dehle of the Paris, Yuly 27. The directory are mountains of Wetera via, rendered our taking suih nitarures in the cou quered communications very difficult, and ob provinces of Germany, as by no means liged us to make long detours by al- indicate that intention of giving thein moft impassable roads; its pomestion is up upon the conclusion of the peace; avery important to us.

morg there is the farming of the faltArmy of the Sambre, Schwenfort, 81 works, in the counties of Bliescaille and Thermidor (July 2'5.)

| Momplegard, and those of the emigrat. This morning the troops in the ser ed baron Baude. vice of the republic took poffeffion of The French national inftitution of the city and citadel of Wurtzbourg. | arts and sciences having fent a deputaThe garrison confifted of the militia o tion to prince Henry of Pruília, io rethécountry. We found here considerable quest a inanuscript of GrefTet's, supposed magazines, about two hundred pieces of to have been in his poileflion, the cannon, and a great quantity of ammu-l prince's answer assured them that if it nition.

I had been in his cullection, he would Hanau, July 26. Every thing is pre- have parted with it, with the greatest pared at Wilhelmstadt for the recep. pleasure, to a fociety of fo laudable a tion of his Prussian majesty, where al description, requesting their acceptance congress will be held of the princes of of one written by Dideros, in its room. the circles of the Rhine, Franconia, and 31. It is not only at Marseilles that other Lates; and negotiations for peace jacobinisin has fignaliled its fury; the fet on foot under the mentiation of his town of Aix has also been a prey to it. Pruffian majefty. All foreigners and Therommillary of the directory fell the fugitives are therefore ordered to leave firit victim. the town within three days. His Prur. | 1 Aug. . Oir armies continue to fian majefty is expected this day from march into the heart of Germany, auch Pyrmont in Castel.

terror is in their van. They are falt Brusels, July 26. The siege of the approaching to Vienna. Orders have . fort of Ehrenbreitstein has commenced been given to forsify that capisal. We with the greatest vigour. The bom-thall toon be there, to ask the emperor bardment of Thal, in front of this place, whether he will consent to ask for has been carried on with such violence, peace. that the greatest part of the magazines General Buonaparte has sent to the and houses within have been reduced to directory 100 fioc black horses. They ashes.

arrived yesterday morning in Paris. Nevertheless the enemy has 'returned A decree of the directory, dated 12 this firing with such activity', that the Thermidor, ordains that the depart.' befieged luffer very confiderably. Seven mects of the west, heretofore over-run batteries are directed against Ehren by the Chouans, Mall be no longer ronbreirflein; these batteries are composed fidered a: in a fare of liege, but ball of fixty pieces of cannon, which fire participate in all the advantages of the without interruption ; besides this, an now conftitution.

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