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fapient legislators. I should have | blazing fire, whore cheerful light wished to obtain much information was reflected from the bright utensils upon a subject so curious; but all that adorned the white-wathed walls. that I could learn, was, that the My first appearance dismayed the provincial rajahs, devoted to the little train : but some candied swert: worship of these animals, are mostly meats, with which I presented ihem, Iprung from the first caft. (A cere quickly reconciled them to my comtain proof of their Braminical ori.. plexion. The genii who delight to . gin.) They despise the vain pur revel in the troubled air, howled suit of literature, and conscious of around this humble dwelling; and their native and inherent fuperiority, l pouring the dafing torrent from the thev pique themselves upon their black-bofoined clouds of night, they ignoran e of all the sciences that are heard with joy the thunder's rvar, in esteem among the lower orders of while, nimbly following the lightmen.

ning's fialh, they exalted in the ming. From such exalted personages led tempeft. The pale hue of terror much information was not to be sat upon the matroni's cheek : fhelintlooked for : but a circumstance tred, with anxiety and in patience, which occurred while I journeved for the voices of her husband and her over the remote parts of the kingfon, who were not yet returned from dom, threw fufficient light upon the the labours of the day: and while subject.

| her own fears increased with the In one particular, however, the horrors of the tempest, Die employed higher casts in that country must be herself in appealing those of the acknowledged to differ widely from infant group, who dlung to her, the race of Brahma. They are de demanding, with accents of clamourficient in hospitality! Never did ious forrow, the return of their father See the doors of a great man open to and their brother. receive the wearied traveller: the When the storin a little abated of milk of his cows Aows not into the its violence, the little creatures ran stranger's difh. Nay, so very rude by turns to the door, eagerly peepand in hospitable are the manners of ing into the dark abyss of night, in the people of high caít, that once hopes of discovering their approach. upon a time, when, being overtaken The anxious mother added fuel to by darkness in a rainy evening, I the already blazing fire; again the attempted to pro. ure lodgings for swept the unsoiled hearth; and again myself and my attendant, at the adjusted the chairs, which had long house of one of these provincial been placed for the reception of the rajahs, which was situate near the supporters of her hope. At length, road, I was not only denied admit- the well-known steps were heard; tance, but repulsed with the lan- every heart fluttered with joy, and guage of contempt, and necessitated every lietle hand was stretched out, to continue my route, in a dark and eager to receive the paternal and Horny evening, till the right of a fraternal embrace. The old man peasant's hat cheered my heart with and his son were for some time oc- . the hope of shelter. I was not dis- cupied in returning the careítes of appointed; for in this country the their family; which they did with {pirit of hospitality is only to be the tendernets of affection: and then found beneath a roof of thatch. the venerabie master of this humble The decent matron who inhabited abode came forward, to welcome me this lowly hut, received me with to a share of the comforts it afforded. lonks of cordial welcome. Five. He had looked at me earnestly for blooming children surrounded the fome time, when, to my utter afto. YOL, XXVII,

31G niliinent,


nishment, he addressed me in my | round the object to which it was in native language. The Mhors he | youth united; so the heart of this spoke was but indifferent; but it was honest peasant, in all the storms of intelligible, and more charming to fortune, hovered round the cottage my ears than the music of the leven that contained his wife and child.

At length, her obscure retirement In order to account for what ap was gladdened by his presence. By peared to me such an extraordinary the employment of her needle, the phenomenon, he told me that, in had procured, during his absence, early life, he had been tempted, by an honourable and virtuous subthe god of love, to win the affections | listence for herself and son. The of a damiel, whore beauty had little fortune he had brought froin touched the heart of the village lord. India was loft by the villany of the The place of wife, in the establish agent into whose hands he had inment of this great man, was already | trusted it. But in the endearmens occupied by the daughter of a neigh of mutual affection, this honest coubouring rajah; but he had probably ple had a fund of felicity, which the been convinced by the philosophers, malice of fortune could not destroy. of the 'propriety of the system of Both the good man and his son found Mahommed; and thought that the employment for their induftry in damsel, though the daughter of a cutting down the trees of a neigh. mechanic, would be no unworthy bouring wood: a work which had ornament of his zenana. It is not been committed to their care, and to be wondered at that he Mould be amply recompensed their diligence. filled with indignation at the pre When they returned from their sumption of the voung peasant, who | labour, the cheerful appearance of dared to interfere with his pleasures, the well-ordered family at home, the and disappoint his schemes, by mar. | smiling welcome of the little innorying the object of his hopes. It is 1 cents, and the affectionate tendernot proper that inferiors thould be neis of the worthy matron, present. permitted to defeat the intentions of ed to them a reward which went their lords with impunity. This farther than the gifts of fortune have great man was of the same opinion; 1 power to penetrate:- it reached the and, in the height of his resentment heart. against his successful rival, he had' The recital of these circumstances him torn from the arms of his bride, was made to me during the most and sent in a company of foldiers, cheerful repast that I ever saw who were all collected in the fame Christians partake of. When it was arbitrary manner (probably as a ended, a ceremony ensued, which punishment for the same sort of having never seen practised at any offence) to the Laft. Indies. Here other period, I have reason to think this unfortunate martyr to love spent peculiar to themselves. Upon a hirt eleven years in the service of the from the old soldier, his eldes company, in the rank of a petty daughter presented him with a very officer: when having, by his econo- large book, from which, with a clear my, saved a fum fufiicient for the and folemn voice, he read some adpurposes of humble competence, he | mirable infructions and exhortaobtained leave to return to his nations. The sublime and commande tive country. As the gay pennant, sing energy with which these prethough forced to obey the pressure of cepis were expressed, might lead to a the changeful breeze, still clings to conclusion that this was a copy of its beloved mast, and, at the return the fame Shalier with which the of every Mort-lived calın, flutters departed Saib Percy presented the


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