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yet the grand motion goes on, and, away with the utmost speed. No will go on, to fulfil the benevolent I sooner was he gone than the cham. intentions of its author.”

berlain ca ne in, and finding a contiHe cuased, and sleep on a sudden derable deficiency in the cath he had Icít the erelids of the Solitary. He llett, began to be much alarmed:Tookeri abroad from his cell, and be which the vood-natured king perheld all nature smiling around him. ceiving, bid him unt be unealy at The rising fun firone on a clear sky. I the lois, as he that had it stood more Birds wcre sporting in the air, and in ned of it than they did. fith clancing on the surface of the waters. Flects were pursuing their EniGMATICAL List of Birds f. adv course, gentiy wasted by the pleatunt breeze. Light frecv clouds1. TIVO-fifths of unbaked paste, were failing over the blue expanse of

- and two fourths of a heaven. ilis soul lvon paihiied with covering to hide the face. the scene, and peace and joy filled 2. Two-Gxths of an intirument, liis boiom.

one-fourth of the reverde to poor,

and a confonant. " ANECDOTE of EDWARD the

1 3. Three sevenths of a sporting:

dog -one-fourth of toramble--and CONFZ550K.

three-fifths of a part of a fpur. TTING Edward the Conferior re- 4. Two filchs of a joint, and

clining one afternoon on his two-thirds of to conclude. bed, fomculat indispored, with the ! 5. Half a man's name, and a curtains nearly drawn round about preposition, him, one of his courtiers came into 1 6. Two-thirds of to weep-2 the chamber ; where finding the vowel,--and one-fith of a colour. king's calker open, (which Hugoline | 7. One-fifth of a fempelt, -A the chainberlin, who was jult yone common name for a failor, - threeout, of the room, had accidentally fourthis of scraped linen,-and onelest lo) he took out as much money as fourth of to yawn, he could weil carry, and went away. 1 8. Two-fourths of a man's name,

Infiigated by an intatiahle avarice, 1-one-fourth of an uproar,-and 1 he foon iemrned; and finding every metal. thing in the same titusion, and no ..0. One-third of a covering for interruption likely to ensue, he again the head, -two-fifths of terrible, tilled his pockets. He even did io a 1 and one-fourth of to salute. third time; when the king, who had 10. Two fixths of to rule, -"WO. Jain still and patiently beheld the confonants,-three-sixths of a part of piliering of the courtier, could no the hand, - and two-tights of to longer consin himicif, but spoke baptise. to him in the following manner: 1 in. Three fifths of a flower, -one.

“ I think you had better (laid I fixth of a villain,- and a consonant. Erward, calling him by his name) 2. Two fixths of a child's playa to content with what you have got, I thing,--two-thirds of to provoke,and retire whill you are well; Tor, 214 one-third of a negative particle. ii Hugoline returns and finds you 13. One fourth of a fine fruit,here, you may not only be obliged two-thirds of a limb,-two-fourtis to refund, but the theft may cost of a thick cord,—and one tenth of a you your file.

place of worship. . Thecourtier, alarmed at the found | 14.' Two-thirds of an eartben of his roval mallur's voice, and ter. I velic), and one third of to bicrup. Titled at his ad.nonlich, haltened


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