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Franconia, Aug. 19. French government do not infift upon

the union of these countries. SINCE the convention between the The following were the positions of W circle of Franconia and general Er- the Sambre and Meuse army on the nouf has been declared null, the French 15th. The left ftretched to Pegnitz, have again imposed on the city and bi in the direction of Steffelstein and shopric of Wurtzburg a contribution of Zelhez: the centre to the brook whichi five millions of livres, and a requisition has its source in the environs of Zalinof 600 horses, and a great quantity of Itadt, and falls into the Pegnitz above brandy, forage, &c. for the delivery of Herfpruch; the right wing was in front which they have required fifteen hof of Altorf, on the road to Neumark.. tages,

The letter, containing the above At Bamberg, on the 16th, the whole details, announces that general Moreau garrison was drawn up in the market has informed general Jourdan of his with loaded pieces; when notice was having, on the 13th, beat the arch- . given that a contribution was laid 'on duke, and forced him to abandon his the city and bishopric, of four millions polition at Donawerth. General Ferion, of livres; besides a requisition of 100,000 on the right bank of the Danubc, has thirts, 100,000 pair of moes, 50,000 been extremely successful. pair of spatterdalhes, 10,000 pair of Nuremberg, Aug. 20.' There was, boots, and 600 horses; for the delivery the day before yetterday, an action in of which they arrefted twenty perfons the environs of Sulzbach. We are igas hoftages.

norant of the result ; but it appears to Co the 17th inft. general Jourdain have been very serious; for, since yellerhad his head quarters at Sulzbach. day, more than 200 waggons of woundThe French have fent away all the ar- ed have arrived here. It is said that tillery from Forchheim.

the Austrians drew the French into a Frontiers of Suabia, Augus 19. On valley, where they were exposed to a the 13th, an action took place between tremendous fire of grape shot; the im. the republicans and the corps of the perial cavalry charged them seven prince of Condé, which was very times. bloody, and ended to the disadvantage . We have just received accounts that of the Condéan troops. Five hundred yelterday afternoon, at three o'clock, wounded royalists were conveyed to the French, after a heavy cannonade, the vicinity of Augsbourg. The troops entered the town of Amberg. of the prince of Condé bave now joined Yefterday evening we completed the the corps of general Frolich.

payment of the first part of our coctri. Cologne, August 19. M. Poissant, bution of two and an half millions of commillary of the directory, has re- livres.' The greatest order and trans ceived dispatches, ordering him to suf- quillity prevail in this city; and it is onpend all measures relative both to the ly by the march of the troops and the organisation of the conquered countries requisitions, that we know the country and to the reforms of the clergy. It to be the theatre of war. This city is is evident that this order is an infal- likewise to furnish a requisition of 10,000 lible fign of an approaching peace; at pair of boots, 50,000 pair of shoes, the same time it is a proof that the 50,000 pair of patterdalhes, 50,000 VOL. XXVII.


thirts, and 300 horses, at four several, Hague, Aug. 20. Our fleet is fill in times of delivery. . The French have the Texel, blocked up by the Engiifh likewise taken all the artillery from the fleet. The other thips of war which arsenal.

are in the Meuse and the Vlie, are, Paris, Aug. 20. It is absolutely however, endeavouring to join the true that negotiations are opened be- Texel fleet, by taking advantage of tween France, Austria, and the empire, such winds as blow off the coaft, and for the purpose of effecting a general force the English to stand off. It was peace with all the powers of the conti. by this means that the Mars man of war pent. It is also.certain that the condi. | made the Texel, and we hope that the tions of this peace are to be dictated by squadron which is lying at Helvoetsluys the French republic, and that they are will likewise be able to reach the Texel. such as will take from our enemies the | The military events in Germany are power of disturbing us for a long time. highly interefting to our country; and The king of Pruflia plays, a great part it is now the general opinion here, that, in the negotiations of the princes of the 1 at the conclusion of a general peace, the empire with France. It is be who has Atadtholder will be indemnified by some detached them one by one from the incontinental dominions, for his giving up terests of the house of Austria. This the stadtholderate. was the object of his journey, and his Stutgard, Aug. 20. Dona werth is conferences at Pyrmont, whence we now in the possession of the French; and now learn that Frederic William is re. the Austrians have retreated over the turned to Berlin,

Danube and the Lech. General FroEvery circumstance seems to lead the lich is retiring over the Iler to Landr. way to a speedy and necessary peace ; berg. The French, on their advance but a long time muft elapse before | ing to Bregenz, and the Voralberg, Europe, torn and divided by revolu. took 18 pieces of cannon, a great quantionary storms and their confequences, city of baggage, and large stores of falt can resume an attitude of tranquillity. and meal.

The directory has just now ordered | The peasants of the Voralberg, as the caitle of Ruelle, near Paris, to be well as those of the Tyrol had taken furrounded. It is there that the ter- / arms, and joined the Austrians against rorists were collected and trained. It the French; but the greater part of was to have been the central point of a them have dispersed. Feldkirch is now movement which has been for come in the poffeffion of the French: they time in preparation. We Thould not have likewise made themselves matters wonder if Drouet were, again, to be of the pass of Fusmer in the Tyrol. found, by accident, in this afiemblage. General Wolf has taken a pofition in

Vienna, Aug. 20. The disasters in Bavaria from Weilheim to Portenkirch, Italy have rendered it neceffary to carry to cover Tyrol on that side. ou the recruiting here in a more vigo. Paris, Aug. 22. A conspiracy was rous manner than ever. Men will not discovered at Rome on the 7th ult. in only he raised according to the usual | which no less than 1500 persons were conscription, but the gentry are reqdir. ałociated for the purpose of overturning ed to lend their coachmen, footmen, and the government, and introducing jacodomestic servants to the army. No biniim. The principal leaders were foreigners are exempted but Hungarians, Barbieri, clerk to the regiment of the Ruflians, and Pruflians. The prince of blues, and Tognoli, a native of Boe Kaunitz, and other of the nobles, have logna, who had served as deputy comgiven diftinguished czamples of patri. missary in the French army of the Pro otism. The former, among others, has rences. The major of the blues dif. promised ten creuizers a day to all his covered the conspiracy, by means of fervants who shall enter as volunteers, two serjeants of bis corps, who conand to receive them again into his fer trived to take away the plans which vice after the war.

Barbieri had drawn out. The confpira. Some commotions took place in tors had resolved to imprison the priLeghorn when the news arrived of the cipal persons at Rome, and leize on the first advantages of Wurmsor; but they castle. They were both sent to prilor were foon quelled.

the same day.




Anspach, Aug. 22. The free impe-', with two brigantines, l'Atocha of 22 rial cities of Windsheim and Weiffen- guns, and Tartaro, of 18. burgh have demanded protection of | The American squadron, commanded the king of Prufsià, offering to subject | by the marquis del Socorro, whose themselves to his majesty's government, | vice admiral is Don Joseph Quevedo, in consequence of a resolution of the | amounts to the fume number, and of magiftrates and burghers.

there are Principe de Asturias, carrying His serene highness the prince of 112 guns; San Carlos, 94; San VinHohenlohe Kirchberg, in the service of cente, 80; Bahama, Soberano, Pethe house of Austria, died at the mo- layo, Conquiftador, Arrogante, Gal. ment when he was to take upon him the lardo, and S. Damafo, all of 74; the command of the army, which count frigates, Flora and Ceres, of 40 guns ; Warrensleben was to have quitted. Elena, 36; Diana, Cecilia, and Teris, His serene highness the duke of Birken of 34. feldt, count Palatine of the Rhine, · Leiters from Germany mention that after having retired from Landlhut to the pretender is at present at Amberg, Ingolstadt, went to Anspach with his We are assured that the Austrians have confort and family.

offered to evacuate Manheim and PhiHague, Aug. 23. In the memorial lipsbourg, on condition that these which the Portuguese minister, M. l places are treated as neutral. The Pinto, delivered, on the 13th inflant, French require the ceffion of each of to M. Gildemeester, our consul at them until the conclusion of a peace. Lisbon, to notify that the embargo on The army of the Sambre and Meuse the Dutch fhips in the harbours of Por | is advancing upun Ratisbon ; never was tugal had been taken off, her Portu la march more obftinately disputed. guese majesty exprefles ber with to pre The elector of Saxony, dreading the Terve peace and amity with the Batavian approach of our troops, has determined republc, and that no further occasion to negotiate. He has fent three depuof difoute may arise between the two ties to the armies, to conclude an ftates.

armistice. Paris, Aug. 25. From Angers we Army of Italy, Head-quarters, Milan, learn, that general Hoche is arrived

August 26. there, and that he is employed in eftab. 16 The divifion of general Sahuguet lishing peace in the western departments. | has blockaded Mantua.

The directory has appointed a citizen | “ On the 24th, at three o'clock in of the name of Jacob, as chargé d'af. the morning, we attacked the bridge faires to Turin.--As soon as an am- of Governolo and Borgoforte, in order bassador is appointed, Jacob will be first I to force the garrison to retire within secretary of legation.

the walls. The failing of the two Spanish squa. « After a spirited cannonade, general drons is an event which as naturally as Sahuguet in perfon crofled the bridge forcibly rivets the attention of all the of Governolo, whilft general Dallepolitical world. One of thein proceeds mayne took Borgoforie. -The enemy upon an expedition to America. The loft soo men killed, wounded, and other is to cruise on the ocean. This taken prisoners. laft, commanded by Don Juan de Lan “ The 12th demi-brigade, and citizen gara, who has under him the vice ad- Lahos, have diftinguiñed themselves miral Don Joseph Garcia, confits of greatly. ten men of war of the line, exclusive « Our famill gallies have left Perof smaller tips. Amongst there are, chiera, from whence they took ten the S. Trinidad, mounting 136 guns ; large boats and two pieces of cannon Mexicano, u2 S. Nicolas and Nep. belonging to the enemy. . tuno, 80; S. Telmo, Firme, Oriente, " Every thing here has the molt faAriante, Terribile and Gloriofo, 74 ; tisfactory appearance. the frigates Guadalupe, of 36 guns ; “ Tain informed that general Wurmand Catalina, of 34 ; the corveries | fer is recalled, and replaced by general Atrevida and Elena, carrying 22 guns ; De Vins. Descubierta, 30, and Pio, 18, together (Signed) “BUON APARTE."



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