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An American veslel, arrived at Yar- , Prince William Henry, Woodcot, and mouth from the Texel, was on Tuef- Hawke, with a country ship, failed from day brought to by the squadron ; the thence for England; as did the Wormafter was charged with a meflage eester for Bencoolen. The Gabriel arfrom the enemy, acquainting admiral | rived at St. Helena the 27th of June. Macbride, that they purpofed paying | The Minerva left Bengal March the him a visit, The American reports the 30th, and arrived at St. Helena the 29th Dutch vessels to be riding at single an- of June. On the 26th of April, lat.-5. chors, and that they were ready for lea; / 22 S. long, 89. 30. E. spoke with the but expresses his belief, that they will ) Prince William Henry, Woodcot, and not venture from their coaft while our) Hawke; faw them again the ist of fleet remains in its vicinage.

May, in lat. 11. 41. S. long. 82.50. E. The Alligator cutter brought intelli- | They were hourly expected at St. Hegence to government nearly to the same lena. effect; but she left the squadron on | The Trelawney, (Whaler) Robert Tuesday evening.

Hillman, and Canton, Abel Vyvyian, 31. The Eaft India company's vo were at St. Helena when the Minerva lunteer corps is to confift of two regi failed for England. ments, ten companies in each, forming, 1. Lieutenant Cook has opened a ren- . with officers and rank and tile, five dezvous at Newhaven, for the entry of hundred and eighty seven men.

men to serve on board the gun-boats The regimentals of the officers are and fire-fips intended to be ftationed scarlet turned up with black, buff waist- along that part of our coast. coafts and breeches. The company's | Circular letters have been sent off to arms and motto on their gorget the officers on the impreis service in the Aufpicio Regis et Senatus Angliæ.'' different ports of Great Britain and The button to have the company's crelt, Ireland. Uncommon exértions have a lion,- and East India Company, as lately been made in this branch of the inscription.

service. " The privates, a jacket, leather cap, | Eight additional ships of the line are and black stock, upiil disciplined; when

ordered to be got ready for being put in they will have a proper paradę uni. commission; which will require at least form.

6000 men in order to man them for serSept. 1. The following interesting in. | vice. telligence, relative to the outward 3. The French priests, who have bound fleet of East Indiamen, was, yes- hitherto resided in the castle of Winterday, received at the India- house, by chester, are ordered by government to the American Mip Minerva, capt. evacuate it, as it is to be occupied by Crownshield.

troops who are to be sent to that place. The Canton, bound to St. Helena, { Carisbrock-castle, in the isle of Wight, Coaft, and China, parted company with is very hortly to be converted into a the undermentioned thips, on the ift | depor for Eait India recruits, under the of May, in lat. 26. 50 north-long. 19. | immediate management of colonel Cors 1% welt. His majesty's ship Jupiter, so guns, Plymouth, Sept. 3. Yesterday arrived Taunton Cattie,,

here the French cartel mip Nicodemus, Nottingham,

captain Maften, from St. Domingo, in Aria,

| thirty-eight days, having on board 50 Lord Macartney,

English oificers and soldiers, who had Eflex,

been taken prifoners on board the tranf- ; Lord Camden,

ports in the West Indies, on their pat. Manship,

sage from Martinico to Cape Nicola General Goddard,

Mole. The Nicodemus is 900 tons Wiliam Pirt, and

burthen, and is one of the ships that four transports, bound to the Cape. - | carried troops from Old Franse to St.

The Gabriel (extra-hip) captain | Domingo, in the laft fleet that failed Carfe, failed from Bengal, March 2:. from thence for that island: the other On the 20th the company's ships thips of the flect are expected to jail


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from the West Indies in the same man- ! Within this laft fortnight, ninety-fix • ner, that is, under the idea of cartels, to fbips of large hurtben, with valuable

which they are converted by putting a cargoes, have entered the port of Hull, few Englih prisoners on board for from the Baltic. England; a political scheme of the Chatham, Sept. 5. Yefterday failed French, if it succeeds, as hy this means from hence to Blackstakes, the Parmene, they will get the whole of their tips to of 66 guns, commanded by Chevalier Europe, without the smallest risk of Alexander Cruise ; alfo failed yefterday capture, and be ready to receive troops from hence to Blackstakes, the Philip, again for any other expedition they Ruffian ship of war, of 63 guns, com. may be wanted for.

manded by captain Chevalier Snerpoy; Weymouth, Sept. 3. The cabinet | from thence, we hear, they are to prominifters met his majefty in council at сced home. two o'clock, for the purpose of pro. | The Saint Helena, Russian fhip of roguing the parliament to l'uesday the war, of 74 guns, commanded by captain 27th inftant.

| Chevalier Theliger, was put out of 3. The fortresses at the entrance of dock on Saturday laft, after having reCork harbour are putting in the most ceived a light repair. refpectable ftate of defence. Charles The Graff Orloff, Ruffian ship of war, fort, al Kinsale, has been reviewed, of 66 guns, commanded by captain and is immediately to have its full com Chevalier Bakeff, is arrived here, but plement of guns mounted, which will so rotten, the is not worth repairing. present a battery of more than three 6. The cight gun-hoats ficting at this hundred pieces of ordnance..

port are nearly ready for sea; comIt is intended to line the South West manders are appointed to some. All coast of Ireland with troops, and erect ornament to the heads and flerns of batteries on every place that commands king's thips is to be difcontinued in fua creek, a bay, or an harbour.

ture; instead of a figure for the head, a By a vellel just arrived from Guernsey, scroll is to be adopted, and the Aterns we hear that the idea of invasion from to be as plain as possible ; probably a -the French had nearly vanilhed. But copy from the French, as the principal that, notwithftanding, the troops and in part of their ships are similar. habitants did not relax in preparation There being no court of aldermen for defending themselves againtt any held at Guildhall this day, the master fudden attack.

and wardens of the bakers' company The internal defence of Great Britain, waited on the lord mayor at the Manat this time, amounts to no fewer than fion-house, respecting the aflize of bread; 152,000 effective men ; and from the and it appearing, by the return made augmentations that are about to take by the meal-weighers of the Monday's place, will shortly be little less than market, that wheat fold from 708. to 180,000 men. Our navy is also the | 348. per quarter, forming an average most numerous ever known.

upon 6626 quarters of 498. and 1d. per · The amount of the naval establish quarter, 4s. 6 d. dearer than last week, ment at this time is greater than has and the prices of flour were returned at been known. The lait return to the 403. and 455. the fack.-His lordfhip zist of August makes the number of observed, that the increase in the price tips in commiffion 467, of which 122 | of wheat would oblige him, by the diare of the line from 64 to 112 guns, rections of the act of parliament, 10 eighteen of 50, 180 frigates from 24 to 44' | make an alteration in the price of bread, guns, and 147 finops, brigs and cutters. and should therefore raise the same one

At the fair at Horniger, near Bury, allize, or ad. in the peck loaf, to take there was a large show of sheep, which place to-morrow; the quartern loaf in general were sold at exorbitant will then be 8 d. . prices. Some ewes were sold at 30s. 8. A beautiful model of a 36 gun frieach ; and several score of Norfolk | gate, made on board the Hero prison wethers'were bought at fo high a price ihip, at Chatham, by the French Sailors, as 40$. cach, which, according to was presented to the lords commillioders weight, is supposed to be od. per pound. / of the adıniralty. This curious piece.

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