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key might very soon acquire:-and case of defeat, to emp'oy them in there are called accomplishments! procuring terms of peace, which

Judge how ridiculous it would be from the remarkable complaisance to make creatures, believed to be of their adversaries to the female accountable to their Creator for the sex, it might be supposed, would be employnyent of their talents and the negotiated by the bibbys † with pe improvement of their virtues, spend culiar advantage to their country, the most precious years of life, in I was, however, forced to give up inuing their fingers over certain this conclusion, on being assured, bits of tood, which are so contrived that after years spent in the study of as to make a jingling fort of noise, the language, as it is taught at thele pleasant enough when one is a little excellent seminaries, few are capable accustomed to it, but which, in the of reading, and still fewer of convert. manner executed by them, very iny, with any degree of fluency in feldom equals what is every day to this tongue; and that the o:1ly real be heard from the itinerant inuo adyantage resulting from it kas, that, ficiaus that practise in the streets! | by what they knew of it, they were

Another ingenious contrivance enabled to understand the peculiar for filling up that portion of time terms belonging to the articles of which the friend of landuara fup. dress imported from that country, potes to be employed in the acquisi. which had an acknowledged righi of tion of useful knowledge, is, by the imposing its fashions on the other a listance of a master (whose attend- nations of Europe. ance is paid for at a walt expenie) 1 Dress is, indeed, one science in making wretcherlimiiations of trees, which full scope is given to the faand fiowers: and this is called learning culties of these females; and the love 10 parint! It appears as if great care of it is, at the great schools of the was taken, to avoid the pollibility of Christians, so successfully inculcated, the female pupils ever arriving at that it remains indelible to the latest anv degiee of perfection in the art, period of life. Nor is the mode of as i an well-intormcd, that not one education I speak of confined solely in five hundred is.ever capable of to the children of the higher cast::it cupring from paturt, or of doing extends to all, even to the daughters any thing, when left to herself, that of tradefinen and mechanics; who is not many degrees anterior to the are employed, during the years of little pictures which may be pur- l improvement, exactly in the inanner chafed for the value of a rupee. I have deícribed. All the difference

Another indispenfable part in the is, that at inferior schools, where education of females of every cast, of inferior manters are emploved, the every rank, and in every situation, girls do not, perhaps, arrive at the is the knowledge of the language art of running their fingers over the spoken in their neighbouring nation. I bits of wood, called krvs of a harpiI was for some time at a great loss to chord, with an equal degree of velokoow what reason could be asigned city; they make rather more execrafor so strange a custom; and alierbie copies of more wretched pk. many conjectures, I rested in the tures; and the knowledge thts 2• belief, that, as the French nation quire of the French language does frequently at war with the Eng-loot, perhaps, enable then to rila Jih, it might either be customary over the names of the new fathions to send the women as hircarrahs*, with an equal degree of volubility; into the camp of the enemy, or, in but as to making any attempt 24

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