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actually taught both; though for their young school-fellows in the what purpose those kers of know. light of brothers, they had none of ledge are pus into their hands, it is that restraint, which, before com motery to imigint; few bad coníe- pany, feals the lips of the boarding. quencés, horverare found to re-chool Gibbys, but behived with the fult from this practice, as it is in frankness that is natural in the pure general so wisely minnged, as to be in heart. By easly discipline, their very little prejudicial to the interefts! minds received such an odiot's degree of ignorance; and is feldom em-' of firmness, as often enabled the to ployed for any other parpose, than fuftuin, with dignity, the most tiger that of reading motley tales of love! decrees of adverte fortune; and their and murder, of which care is taken bodies arquired such a repulfive deto furnith them with an abundant gree of health, as rendered them fupply, from certain forchoules of qual to the diicharge of every active tiafii, called circulating libraries. duty. All these multilarious tvis

The System of funale education, are now no longer to be apprehendfuch as I have described, is nowed: the filtem of their fouthera alrofi univeifally prayed over the neighbours is now, I am well atured, iland of Great-Britain ;' though I practised with so much fuccefs, tha have heard that, till lately, a fritem the danghter of a mountain rajabu: of a diffi rentiature was prepolent in foon be as amiably frivolous, as eu the northern part of the unired kinye gagingly ignorant, as weak in bodr,

dom. There, instead of the poojan and in unind, as the pupil of the "" of cards, it was then cuftomary foploreatest boarding school in London. ab the mothers of families to en:ploy

themselves in the education of their ! *** children, in teaching their daughters op the duties of domestie life, and in GRASVILLE AB B EY; 1 inftilling into their tender minds the

"'A ROMANCE. principles of piety and virtue. 'Be. neath' a 'mother's 'eve, the young. By G. M. females were then sent to certain places of initution, called day. ! . (Continued from p. 408.) ichools, accompanied by their bro 'thers: à prnetice which would inevi.« TASPER at lennth fixed on a tably Iv the foundation of a degree scheme, which effeétually con. of fracérnal aff. Aion, inconsistent firmed his withes to serve the un. with that fort of reserved and auftere fortunate, by the courage and ingedemcanıb tti which it is to proper for noity he displaved in the exerutioa men to obferve to rurd their female of it. He determined to let the relatives. Nor was this the only 'much-injured Percival Materiai bad consequence retuling from the know it such a person there irag practice of finding bovand girls to in the Abbey,--a circumstance ci the faine fihool. In the pure hearts which he had little if any doubt) of the little innorents, attachments that there was one, who was al. were often formed, which, in the quainted with his unhappy tituation, minds of the your females, excited and pitied him,- nay, would run al such a win to excel, in order to ren hazards to affift him to escape, it be derthemielves amiable in the eves of could contrive any ftratágem that their little friends, as was altogether carried in it the least prospect of incompatible with the preservation fuecels.-Words to this purpole he of ignorance. Nor did the evil stop wrote on a fheet of paper, -at the here; being habituated id conlider fame time mentioning he would

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