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terially injured in the removing the the rainy season had passed without the forniture, &c, great part of which is death of any European. now depofited in the streets, guarded A factory had been lately eftaNihed by the military, to whom great credit by the company on a neighbouring riis due for their exertions in preventing ver, the Rio Pongas, with the view of the spreading of the flames, as well as maintaining the intercourse lately openfor their promptitude and steadiness ined with the kingrom of the Foulahs, to preferving the property from plunder the capital of which, situated about 300 Unfortunately, two or three of the miles inland, a small body of new coNorth Deyon militia were wounded, lonits, who carry with them the arts but it is said, not dangerously.

of civilised life, are on the point of The engines belonging to the Dock | embarking from this country. It apyard arrived very opportunely, and pears by the pref-nt dispatches, that afforded the greatest affiftance, owing attempts had been made by the slaveto which the prefervation of the whole waders in the neighbouring parts to town may in a great measure be attri. 'destroy this new factory, but that their buted. Great part of the property endeavours had happily been defeated destroyed is said not to be insured. through the good will of several na.

The confternation of the inhabitants tives. .. on this melancholy occasion, it is im. It appears by another account re. poffible to defcribe,-such a fire not ceived from Rio Pongas, that Alima.' having happened here for nearly half mee Sadoo, king of the Foulahs, hava certory : great praise is due to them ing heard of the artempt made by the for their exertions and affistance ren. | Nave-traders to destroy the cmpany's dered the diftreffed fufferers.

factory,--sent a message in the foilowing The premises deftroyed being conti. terms : " If them white flave-traders guous to the water, and the tide fortu. in the Rio Pongas go for do bad to the Dately flowing, the vessels (of which company's factory, you need only send there were nearly an hundred in the to let Alimamee Sadoo know it, and he Pool) were hauled off, otherwise the will send plenty of people. to chafile fames must inevitably have communi. them for their impertinence." cated to the shipping, and in all pro. A brigade is forming for the purpose bability the greater part would have of doing duty at the Cape of Good been destroyed. The whole loss is Hope. It is to consist of three regiettimated at near 30,000l.

ments of infantry, a regiment of light 21. Three thips of the line and one | cavalry, and a corps of artillery. The frigate of the Russian fleet, which was men will be got chieily from those now lately in the Downs, under the com- discharging from the fencible corps, and mand of vice-admiral Makaroff, have of course fit for immediate service; put into the Elbe, and are now at Crux | and they will be occred by genties haven, waiting for repairs. On their men who raised their quotas for rank ing voyage from England they met with a l the corps above number 100, lately resevere gale of wind, and sustained con- duced. They will be fent out as foon fiderable injury,

as transports can be got ready ; and rhe 23. Mr. Mafon, one of his majesty's vessels are to proceed to Benga!, 10 messengers, arrived in town with di. bring home sugars. spatches from general Dundas, whom 26. One of the pallage-boats delinhe left on Thursday last at Cruxhaven, ed to ply on the royal canal was waiting to return to England in the

launched from her flips near the LroadVeftal frigate, which is to convoy the lone. This boat is of a rew and curemaining cavalry home, conaning of rious conftruction, being double bottomithe 11th and rith regiments of light | ed, and having a recess from item to.. dragoons, with a few others now at Stade, and in the environs, and which means a considerable body of the relii. will fail in a week or ten days.

ing water has free paliage where the 24. This day advices were received keels of other boats are placed: har from Sierra Leone, dated the ilt of double stems and iron heathing given November, by which it appears, that her altogether a molt uacomiayn anthe colony was in good health, and that spearance.


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victims to fuffocation and rage.pre- | ertions of their friends on shore, who sented themselves to the unhappy Tuf. made a chain of persons, through a most fering survivors.

tremendous surf, to rescue them. The Those who read this cataftrophe, and failors' clothes and bedding are all favbeario remembrance the fate of the un. ed, and having their pockets full of fortunate prisoners in the hole at Cal money, very little regulation can take cutta, may find some parallel in the ex place among theni so long as it lafts. cess of human wretchedness. This, The squadron under citizen Manguy, charity inclines us to believe, arose from | which failed in September last from indifcretion and ignorance alone.

Rochelle, is now pretty clearly ascerThe matter of the vessel has made an tained to be gone to the Mauritius. It affidavit of the fact, before the collect consists of three ships of the lins, and as or and comptroller of the customs, at many of inferior force.

The Fly, a small cutter-floop of only 4. A small schooner-rigg'd veffel, of

four guns, is dispatched to Gibraltar, only fix carriage guns, is now fitting out with dispatches for the new governor, in the river at Deptford, to carry di general O'Hara. This little veltel, from spatches to the East Indies; and after- the pressure of affairs, bas made no fewwards to remain in that country with ler than three trips from the Old Rock admiral Elphinftone, for the purpose of to the channel, and back again, in the conveying dispatches to and from the course of the last three monchs. different settlements.

Four regiments of infantry are order. The convoy ordered and now equip- ed to be reduced immediately, and ping for the Mediterranean is to conlili transferred to the marine service, with of Eve fail of the line, and four others permiffion to receive the bounties now of inferior force; the Atlas of 98, offered for such augmentation. Namur of go, Defiance of 74, and Re A late letter from the Cape mentions pulse of 64, are already ordered on this the loss of the leading boat of the deService: they are to remain on the fta tachmnt fent from the flect to co-opetion as a reinforcement to the squadron rate with the military; the commanding under the command of admiral fir John officer of the detachment, and all on Jarvis.

board the boat, except two persons, peThis day the Amethyst failed from Torbay in company with the Trulty, The bread fruit trees, landed in Jaon a cruise in the channel. Early in maica by captain Bligh, on his return the night the missed the commodore's from the South Seas, were in full bearlights, and by the severe gale of winding when our last advices left that which then raged, she was driven on the island. Hannouaux rocks, near Guernsey, where 5. Sir Sydney Smith, on board the the struck on Tuesday morning at four Diamond frigate, with his squadron of o'clock; and having got off from gun-boats, are at anchor in a bay off the thence, was driven upon the island of island of St. Marcoul, on the coast of Alderney, and at half past nine ran on Normandy: he has landed some ftores, skore in the Bay of Prayne in that | intended for the use of the royalists. illand. It was luckily near high water, This afternoon arrived the Leighton and by waiting till the water was low, transport, of London, capt. John Hathe crew was Tafely landed without lof. milton, one of admiral Chriftian's fleet, ing a man. The three malls and bow

having on board 200 of the Irish artilsprit are gone, but if the weather proves lery, under the command of capt. Hugh moderate, the stores will probably be. Swain. She parted from the fleet on saved. The people of Alderney were the 19th of Dec. in a gale of wind, and extremely earnest in carrying warps and joined them again on the 20th; parted mellengers to the ship; but the lea ran again in another gale on the 22d, in lat. lo very high that they could not get 49. 28. North ; long. 10. 44. W. Next Dear her, excepting one boat, which got day fell in with the Fowler transport, under her quarter, and near enough to belonging to Scarborough, and three catch a rope, but was unfortunately over others of the fleet; parted from those Cet, and two of the men drowned ; the veflels in a gale of wind on the 30th four others were fayed by the great ex following.


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Lady's Magazine ;

Entertaining Companion for the Fair Sex, appro

priated solely to theit Ufe and Amusement, For f" E B Ř U AR Y, 1796.

.. .

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1 The Dete&ion. A Tale; 51 of 15 Account of the new Entertainment 2 00 Taite,

enduled The Lock and Key, 83 3 Anecdtó of Catharine Tu lor, 55 | 16 Description of the Town of Ca:: 4 On the States of the Poor ansi narvon, Rich, 17 Anecdote,

84 s Summary mode of Courtship, 15 Enigmatical Lifts,

ib. 6 Picture of a W'. Atphalia in', . 19 Prctical Exays - Prologue to the 7 Derweut Priory. A Novel,

Comedy of the Man o. Ten Thou& Uncommon Voraciy, .

fand. Epilogue to the 9 for February,

Ode to Liberty. On the Death of 10 De Courville Castle,

the Rev. Dr. Kippis.--Song in * 11 Adventures of Enima,


the new Entertainment of the * 12 Story of the Exploits and Death of Lork and Key, -Sunnet.--Epie Captain Kaggado and his bravos, taph on Dr. Samuel Johnsün,

73 13 Granville Abbey. A Romance, 79 20 Foreign News, 14 Account of the Comedy Callej The

21 Home News, * Way to get married,

22 Births--Mariiages-- Deaths, 96

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This Number is embellished with the following Copper-Plates, viz.

1. A new Pattern of Sprigs for Gown Pattern of Sprigs for Gowņor Apron. 2. Carnarvon Cule, Norih

" Molic by R. Hudson, M. B. Wales. 3. The Detection, and 4. Tit for T3

London, Printed for G. G. and J. Robinson, No. 25, Pater. noiter Row, where Favours from Correspondents will be received.

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