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of the play:

and elegance.-Having resorted to Mr. Kemble never fails to deli. the Italian school for his subject, he neate the transitions of the soul with has caught the fioramenti of their fideliiv; and, if he does not always manner; and we have rather to ac-move our sympathy, it is because his cuse him of tameness than of exalta. tones do not execute his intentions, tion in his dialogue. It is not, Mr. Palmer delivered the exalted however, always devoid of paflion. / sentiments of Titus with a manly

There are passages which are ani- " and dignified fimplicity, from which mated by quick and powerful emo. | he never once departed; and Virs. tions. But the foul is 'not kept Powell never failed but when the long upon the wheel: the interest is strove to do too much. In the loi. so broken and divided, that the im- " logue she was liurried and unmeanpression melts away; and we find inz.-If it had any meaning, it flew the single incident too feeble to ate to the gods. tach the heart, and carry on the agi The following were the characters tated affections to the catastrophe.It is rather to be regarded, then, as a Tirus, - - Mc Paimer :'"*** pretty pnen, well constructed in its

Sextus, - - Mr. Kemsie;"...

Ainius, • Mr Barrinore; design, and artfully interspersed with

***Lotus,.. Nir, Cruificid; fhining coruscations of passion, than Pun us, - Mr. C. Keinble; as a great and powerful tragedy, .., A Greck Slave, Mr. Tru'nun; where the emotions, once roused, are

Vitellia, - - irs. Sidden; not suffered to refume their calm,

Corneia, - Mrs. Pinell. ** until they are conducted by the magical illusion of the bard to an af.

Solution of the ENIGMATICAL fecting and a moral end. It will,

List of F-OWERS, p. 324. *** therefore, be a work rather desirable | 1. V IOLET. 2. Niyrtle." 3. in the closet than on the ftage; since I V Solomon's-feal. 4. Role, the charms of the poetry can receive 1 5. Narcislus. 6. Heart's eale. 7. little foreign aid from the perform. Jentamine. 8. Snowdro. ''Q. 11d. ance; and there are delicacies of rygo.d. 10. "Flos. Adonis. ir. language that will be doubly felt Sun-flower. 12. Hyacinth. 13when intionately known.

Carnation. 14. Sweet pea. *** In the performance of Mrs. Sid.

CANSICUS. dons we may be fattiilions, but we considered her delivery of the lofty SOLUTION of the ENIGMATICAL fiilutation of Cornelia, when the

Lisr og BIRDS, p. 420. thought her the bride of Titus, as

XOVE. 2. Lark. 3. Sparurorth all the rest of the character. I

row. 4. ilren. 5. Robin. In this style, Mr. Siddons, we will I 6. Crow. . Starlinn. 8. Martin. presume to say, never had her equal

er had her equal | 9. Hawk. 10. Goldfinch. 11. Stork. on any stage; and if in the more ve- 12. Raven. 13. Parrot, 14. Jay. hement pillions of the foul she is

*Spila-quare. Jefs affecting, it is only because the is less intciligible,- it is only because the fulness of her emotion chokes the

ANSWER 101h. ENIGMATICAL Lisr utterance of her words, and the

of Fruit, in our buj: montb's MaItrong emphasis on ane part of a gazine, p. 468. Tentence is too exhausting to enable 1. RAPES. 2. Peach, 3. her to articulate clearly the whole.

Raspberry. 4. Melon. But the dignity of her declamation is 5. Apricot. 6. Nectarine. 7. Fig. beyond the power of description in 8. Nuiberty. y. Nonpareil. beauty:

Cansicus, 7

. 3U 2 ENIG

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TWO SONNETS. CRADLE. .BY MR. GIORCE DYER. ! | By Mifs HELEN MARIA WILLIAMS. I fair Afteria's fond employ

I. TO Lore, Torock yon little refleis boy : Within that cradle's narrow space TAH, Love, ere yet I knew the fatal How great the treasure that we trace!


[ful days,

Bright glow'd the colour of my youth. Not all Arabia's spicy store, Not all Golconda's glittring ore,

As, an the sultry zone, the corridrass

That paint the broad-leav'd plantais's Elysian ficids, nor Eden's grove, ,

glory bower! Could buy that little reltiels love.

Calm was my borom, as the filent hour Sweet babe!" the fair Aleria cries; When o'er the deep the fcarce-heard * Sweet habe! (the litt’ning Muse re

Zephyr ftrays,

playe, plics); i

'Min the cool tainarinds indolently While here a faithful guard we keep, Nor from the orange fhakes 108 od'rous Sweet babe! enjoy the housed Nicepi"

flower Ere yon fair orby, that rules the sky, But, ah! Gnce Love has al my heart Dieand on that beauteous infant's eve;

rear A:, ere te whimperer pin it and wept, That' delied heart what forrors Cofe in the fileat womb ir fint.

Disturbid and wild as Ocean's troubled And who can tell the licer finart


- Tis there! That pierci Asteria's trembling heart? When the hoarse tempel of the night Yet fure there's magic in that bor, Yet, mycomplaining fpiritus mireil; That wakis the foli parental jy.

Thisbiceding botom chtrihesrepair.


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