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crown of these realms, and the un- tion of mills on those parts of the banks thaken throne of your people's hearts. of the river Thames, in the neighbour. “ Signed by order of court, | hood of London, as a means of reduc.

“ WILLIAM RIX.” ing the price of flour. His majesty was pleased to make the Nov. 8th. A court of aldermen was following molt gracious answer. held at Guildhall, at which the lord. · " I thank you for these fresh and mayor, lord-mayor elect, recorder, cordial assurances of your attachment common ferjeant, eleven aldermen, and to my person and government. the two meriffs were present, wher

“ Should my endeavours for the re- William Hearne, efq. citizen and rict. foration of general peace, on juft and ner, attending, was called into court, honourable terms, not meet with success, and his election being attested by the I confidently trust that the spirit and deputy and inhabitants, he was swara firmness of my councils, supported by into office as alderman of the ward of the bravery of my feets and armies, Castle Baynard, and took his feat in the and the united efforts of my people, court accordingly. will, under the blessing of Providence, 1 9. Dispatches were received at the enable me to maintain the fafety, from rear-admiral Har. nour and interests of my kingdoms 2-1 vey, commander in chief of the British gainft all attempts of the enemy feet on the leeward ifland ftation.

" My loyal city of London may re. They contain the agreeable intelligence ly upon my unremitting attention to its of the arrival of rear-admiral Bligh, in welfare and happiness.

the Brunswick, of 74 guns, and the o. 27. d court of common council was ther ships of his fquadron, with the held at Guildhall, at which the lord merchant fleet which sailed from Portf. mayor, eleven aldermen, and a great mouth on the uth of August, at Marnumber of commoners, were present. tinique, all well. Previous to the date

The proceedings of the last court of these dispatches, the Iris and La were read and confirmed.

Victoire French privateers had been The inhabitants of Great Tower-hill captured by his majefty's fhips l'Aimaand parts adjacent presented a petition ble and Zebra. to the court, faring that great incon- The Expedition frigate, of 44 guns, venience and danger has been sustained captain Allen, which brought the a by a number of idle and diffolute per bove advices, failed from Martinique fons assembling on the said hill, as also towards the latter end of September. by the bad fate of the different paths At that time our troops and feamen at leading over the same ; that they have the several islands enjoyed a better ftare caufed a plan and estimate to be made of health than they had done for a conby Mr. Wyatt, for inclofing the centre fiderable time before. thereof with iron rails, and paving a This day, about twelve o'clock Brook regular and fufficient foot-path and car- Watson, efq. the new'lord-mayor, and riage-way round the same; which they John Curtis, erg. the late lord mayor, conceived would be an effectual remedy together with several aldermen, the the, for the evil complained of; that the riffs, recorder, remembrancer, towomarquis Cornwallis, confiable of the clerk, and other city officers, attended tower, had given his approbation' to in the council-chamber at Guildhall, and the plan, and that the estimate of the proceeded in proceflion to the Three expen'e amounted to 2,50gl. which Cranes. They embarked there on muft be raised by subscription, and board the city and other barges, and therefore prayed the affillance of the went to Weltmintter-bridge, where court, in granting such sum as they they landed, and proceeded from Mould think meet. The court referred thence to Westminster-hall, wbich the the fame to the committee for the city proceffion entered about two o'clock. lands.

The utual ceremonies took place in the The committee appointed to inquire court of exchequer; the new lord mayor into the causes of the present high price was fworn into office before the barons of flour, &c, presented a report, with of the exchequer, after which ebe rethe evidence produced to them annexed, corder, as utual, addrefled the court en by way of appendix; in which report the occafion, and the chief baron replied he commiliee recommended the erec- in a neat and apposite speech.


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