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cuse. It is, matam, to delive to be, exemplified in the number eight, in informe!, whether you govern your | the life of the, caliph Motallen, tubund, or he rules over you?" called, from his accidental claims, Indeed, fir, (replied the lady) this by the name of cetonary, He gainquestion is somewhat odd : But, as I ed eight battles ayainst the enemies think no one ought to be alhained of of the Koran; he was the eigbeb of doing their duty, I shall make no the Abailides; he reigned eightyears, fcruple to las, that I have been al- eight months, and eight days. He ways proud to obey my husband in lett eighs fons, eight daughters, zigot all things ; but, if a woman's own thousand slaves, and ciz et millions of word is to be suspected in such a gold,

s cale, let him answer for me : for here he comes. The gentleman at that moment

ANECDOTE. entering the room, and, after some apologies, being made acquainted

A Negro,' who had become with the tulineis, continued every A bankrupt, surrendered him word his ojedient wile had reported

| felt to his creditor, who, according in her own favour; upon which he

to the established cuftom of the was invited to choose which horse in

country in such cafes, fold him '15 the team he liked bcit, and to accept the Danes. Before the departue of" of it as a prtlent.

| the vertel for the West-hidies, the A black gelding itruck the fancy | fon of this man came to him on this of the gentleman muit; but the lady | board. After the entierteft effe defired he would choose the grey lions of fenfibility of both fides, the mare, which, the thought, would be lion relped

would be fon respectfully reproached the father very fit for her side. saddle; her huis for north

date; her nu? | for not having maite use of the pot band gave fubftantial reatons way er the law gave him, of selling his the black horst would be most useful

s children for paying his debts; and to them ; but madam ftill perhilted demanded, with great earneftness, to in her clain to the grey mare. be allowed to take bis vlace: büt « What (laid she) and will you not

the father, not leis generous than take her then? But I say you thall;

the fon, having refuted to agree to for I am sure the grey mare is much

this exchange, the fon applied to the the better horse.” “ Well, my los

ell my owner of the Naves, and bail no. dear, (replied the husband) if it must

difficulty in perfuading liim' thát a be found You must take an egs (ie.

young robust perton was better able plied the gentleman carter); and I

to bear the fatigue, than a man al. must take all my hories back again,

ready advanced in years.' This of and endeavour to live happy with

fer was accepted; the fon was put in my wife.

chains, and the father, in spite of hinself, not being able to prevent it,

was set at liberty. Mr. Isert, have NUMERICAL COINCIDENCES. ing been witnels to this generous The number nine has always

conteft, was fo affected by it, as ta I been and is still remarked as

marked as represent it to the governor, who, poileffing uncommon powers, and

moved by the story, fent for the producing coincidences in an ex

owner of the flaves, paid out of his traordona y degrec.

own pocket the money he had given Yet there can scarcely be a greater

for the old man, and restored the number of coincidences than were

son to his father.


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