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· THE NIGHTINGALE'S NEST. , antes, given her the pre-emigence,

I and made the nightingale particu(From Mrs. Charlotte Smith's Rural Jarly the favourite of the poets.") FO Walas.]

Hardly had nie finillied the seq.

terce, when little Edward, who had THE beauty of the country now wandered on before, came running

T daily increafeil; the spring back out of breath, without his hat, was mild and forward; Easter hap- which be held in his hand, and in pened to fall very late, and the little which, with delight sparkling in his boys, Harry and Edward; were ar eyes, he showed his brother a neit of home for about ten days,

young unfledged birds as Theis litter and their coulin were Edward. Oh, Harry! see, my dear now employed for some hours every | Harry, what a nest of birds! Tire morning in repairing the children's boys there, that have taken them, say linen, or making up new against they are nightingales. - Mamma, their return to school, after these tell me if I may buy them. They Tort holidays; but their walks were ask only fixpence for them., I will continued.

: give you half of them, Harryoso Thit of the firft day after the boys' Harry. Mamma, are they nighting årrival was through woods, which | gales? May we have them were alieady nearly in leaf. The Mrs. Wocdfield. Indeed, I am reluctant oak aud the timid amh, no afraid they are nightingales; and resiting the warmth of the they are so tender, that, you will fun, jure Nowly unfolding their never be able to raise thein, lo that fichieves. The bedges and anders to take them seems to be wantna

OU were every where green, and cruelty. affordas, concealment and theiter to tarry. Bui, mamma, these are an wanite number of birds, now taken already; anai, I am fure, il buls building their neits. they are the tenderest little things, in

Liitening to this wild concert, the world, my fifter Henrietta will, Mrs. Voilfield repeated fron nurse them up. Don't you remema

Tuomtoo thule lines in which he lo ber how she nursed the young goldwell describes it. . ...

finches, which the cal threw down

from the almond-tree in the garden .

" Erery copie Dcep tangled, tree irevular, and buch Mrs. Wod field. Poor, little, unfor: Beading wita de y moisture i'erth heals lunate creatures! see how they pant! Ofre y qui ifter har ludse with), I have no other objection to your Are Aronial of harmony. The ihruth

| buying them my dear Harry, than Andswbodlari o'er the kind conrending

as I think it encourages idle boys to. virlarithrong ..

[lingth! Superior heard, run through the lwere it continue their cruel robberies ou of'nores; while listening Philomela deignis the birds. But, however, as there To let them joy, and purposs, in thonynt i poor nightingales are prisoners, I beElaté, to make her sight excal their day." Ilieve we may rescue them out of

" This, however, (added the) is worse hands by taking thein into not quite true; for it is certain that ours. Can the boys there, tell you the nightingale sings like other birds where they took them from per during the day, but is then not di. haps, after they are out of light, we ftinguished so much from the rest ; may be able to put them back into it is the night-song which, as Miiton the tree where they were hatched... says he u

[Tie two bys go, though with « Warhles at even when all the woods are some liule reluciance, and all the

pafant children to jhow them the that has, as much as her delicious' iba..]

- 3 2 2

222 Edwar

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I have often fancied that something I lefs delighted. An immediate conmight be done in foften the cruel sultation was held, as to the arrangehearts of the lower classes of people, ments necessary, and Mrs: Wood. if any person of abilities would adapt field, leaving them to enjoy this anremonftrances to their comprehen. tep?It of pleasure, (all that life's debon, and teach them to fear hereafier ceptions frequently allow us to'afte, fuch punifoments as they now infict, and which is at their ayes fo keenly io dreadful retaliation. I tasted) went to infpeét thedintelme.

They were by this time arrived at nagerie of thetbree younger children, a village, woofe feve ftraggling lately increased by their nightingales, houses edged the extenlive nood, about which they were all anxiously and in a neat cottage found a decent. emploved. It was more neceffary Jy dreffes sunman, whole bulband to repiets their ill.judged folicitude, was a flax-dresler, and who was em- than to reprove them for carelessness ployed by Mrs. Denzil to fpin for of their litile charge. But deficous her. She doared the woman to of teacbing them to refle. 1, Stale manie bring out some fax in its raw siate ; ufe of the present opportunity; rafosíbort the process of making it when the eldest of the tio boys said, into tow, fit for Spinning, and then “ Mamma, I do not believe thefe made leach of the girls endeavour to little birds would be more comfort spina thread. Not far from thence, able if they were with their own in the same village, was a loom; mother." they there saw it woven into Meeting, Mrs. Woodfeld. Admitting it to and other coarse linen, Their walk be 10, my dear Harry, (though I home' was designedly varied. Mrs. greatly fear it is not the fact) piay Woodfield led them across a rustic tell me what you think is the opinion bridge, and along the banks of a of their own mother? rapid stream that turned a paper-| Harry. Perhaps flie may be a title niill, into which they entered, and sorry, when she comes back and finds faw the whole operation of making the nest gone.. Teveral kinds of paper. She then Mrs. Woodfield. Harry! how do explained to them the materials and you think I should feel, if, on my means by which it was made; and return from a journey where I had bade them carry their imaginations been to procure money to pay for back, from the stalk of the flax they the subsistence of iny children, I found had teen, bearing a blue and fimple my house vacant; and that fonie flower trembling on its slender'sum. tyrant, whom I could not parfne or mit. through all its changes and mo. punish, had taken them from nie. difications, till it contributes to make and condemned them to imprisona licet of paper.

ment or death? Tell me, Harry: This speculation amused them for and do you, Edward, tell me, how the rest of their walk. On their do you think your namna would arrival at home, Caroline and Eliza- feel? beih were agreeably surprised by a 1 Harry (looking earnefily and forcard they found upon their table, in rowful). Certainly, mamma, you viting the whole family to a ball, would cry, and be very unhappy.... given by the officers of a regiment Mrs. Woodfillat. Just so muft the quartered in a neighbouring town. mother bird feel, when she returns

Pleasure, danced in the eyes of and finds the vacant bongh from Caroline, when the found Mrs. which her neft has been torn. But. Woodfield intended to return an to impress this ' niore forcibly a answer that they would accept this your memory, Harry, you shall invitajiun. Nor was Elizabeth'niuch I write these lines in your copy-Book:

. Of

** Ort, when returning with her loried hill, !'

min" ennvenience S. Th’atoriind mother hnds a vart neit, Or laluny, interiru, his righasard etis By the hard hands of unrelenting clowns Arepararoun:, 190 mnd exci: yurtheit; Robb'di lo the ground the way provitios | Els they are only the inncit Luisaga blue Luli,


ale, Her cinions run. and, low dropriy, Asiatriive, acid toe is that life,', Can bearehe niou - rto the poplar Thad.." AGA Wis!ree to 10-mthem at the 11, Eduard (with lears farting in his

Woo, in ius furoreign wildem, matic than als.

flons eyes).* 'Niamma, if I had thought Ya, hecefore, who love mercy, teach you about what the old bird auft feel, I Ti love it too." would have made the boy, I bonht Thete ot, put the neit back again.

And now, my dear brós, vou muf M1 !/biely. If you be done fo,

release youitister Henrietta ; for the my dear litile boy, it wouid hardly,

is going out to morm evening, and in this case, have answered your hul

I tancy has tome little preparation to mane intention; for those iole bous, !

make. "My drar: Henrietta, tollow

nie. : :: : as soon as you were out of light, would have taken the ocht again, and have fold the poor birds to tome 1 [A rooin above fairs-Caroline end oiher perfon. What I mean is, not

Elizabeth "confulting about the only to induce you to take care of

dreji.] ; them, since they now depend on you, Caroline. I dare fay I shall look as but to engage you, in every case, to horribly old-fashioned as polfiyle; put yonelt in the place of whatever is five inonthis fince I have leen jag creature you are about to injure or creature who could iell me what bog oppres; that you may acquire an wear. habit of saying to yourself, How ! Mis. Woodfeld (entering) What thould I like to be treated thus? | they wear!" There is no term in What Tould I suffer, if I were in the whole cant of frivolity that is the place of the cat we are wantonly half lo disgusting to me as that. hunting with our terriei's? or the Who are they, my dear Caroline, to Jooks which we are wounding with whole mode of diefs you are deter. our arrows? of the ducks we are mined to pay such oblequious delesetting the spaniels at ? Whoever rence ? learns early in life to make these i Caroline (confused). Nay, aunt, I refections, will never have a re- I mean people that people that are in proach to make himself on the score the world, you know that is --220of humanity, cii her towards the ani- ple-in short .......! mal or the human species.

Mis, Wuodfield. That, are not Herry. But, mamina, grown pen- twaddlers and quizzes, and grubs and ple hunt, and thoor, and 6ih, and do goodies, and half an hundred ather pot stem to think there is any cruel- odl names, that you give to the folks iv in it!

you usually meet with in the counMis. Handfield. So far as it be- try. Tell me now, Caroline, if it comes neceitary to kill, for our sup- | would not have afforded you great port, the animals Providence has al. pleasure, had you known of this Toited to us, there is notbing crimi. Dall foon enough, to have written nal in it; but to prolong their tor- lily to your fathionable friend, aus tuits is highly fo, or wantonly to Freemantle, to have sent you down deitioy any living creatures that are some very whimsical drels, with a innoxious. For to morrow's task, new name, such as, you imagine, Edward Mall write out for me these having never been seen in this could Times, on the subject of inferior ani- | try, would make people (tace? mals, anui even repriles and insects:! Caroline.' I thould not have ten


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