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diately to London; and, at the house | years, easily perceived the occafon of Mr. Harris, the late agent to my l of his conduct. It was the comman father, (whole address I inclore, report that Timbrco was one of the with a letter) you will find a life king's favourites, and that there afylum; where I am certain they were few men in the court who had viil be proud to contribute to your

greater merit than he; whence he comfoit, -The dreary month of was universally honoured and November is fast approaching, which esteemed. Fenicia, therefore, oda will hurry us to the capital." serving, in addition to this report,

Your's, &c. that he had the appearance of a LAURA MERIONETH.

gentleman, both from his appar: (To be continued.)

and retinue, and that he was handtome, young, and well-bred, began

to regard him with favourable eyes A NOVEL,

and, as far as was confiftent with de

corum, to return his falutes. The FROM THE ITALIAN. count became moreenamoured every

day; and the oftener he law her, DETER king of Arragon, being the more violently he felt

I with his court at Melina, in to be inflamed; to that at length, Sicily, had, amongit the other gen. | finding himfelf no longer at tlemen and barons who composed it, struggle with his love, he de one who was called Timbreo di Car- | by every means in his ! dona; whom the king highly esteem

| attempt to gain the poffeffion of the ed for his excellent qualities, and lady. In every instance, particularly for the valóur which he he failed of success; for had on all occafions displayed.

Coot. Fenicia

letter and message he ten This Timbreo becamcdeeply ena- 1 replied, that the was det rigured of a young lady named Fe. I preferve her honour invoud indore nicia, the daughter of Lionato deihat marriage alone shoul Lionati, the most elegant and beau. / her to resign herself to hiin. tiful woman in the country; and in 1 answers much affliEted her! a liort time lis paflion was fo much the more fo as he had

be n ever beca

a intamed that he was not easv but in able to prevail on her to deter's her presence, and he wished to live his leiters or presents. F only for her like. Having been | mined, notirithstanding, to be har froiu his infancy in the service of the session of her; and fecins, king, and done his duty faithfully refolution was such, that and honourably both by lea and only succeed by making her laod, he had been richly rewarded ; , after much deliberation, he among a great variety of other gifts, I to demand her of her firshafis the king hac lately created him though he thought he was count of Colitano, and presented himself by the match, yet, him with lands, which, together | the violence of his love, with a pension which he had fome | mined not to delay his theretime portated, made his income ex moment. He impiediaie. ceed twelve thousand ducats. Tim- ( fore, communicated his a brco accustomed hiinfelf tn passevery ! gentleman of Meffina, W day by the house of his mistress; and he had contracted an intima when the appeared to his view he whip; requesting him to esteemed himself a liappy man.- i posals to Lionato. Fenicia, who, though, young, pof- The old gentleman Telled a degree of prudence above her 'such a prospect for his

at the was determined to

much afflicted her lover, and

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; and fecing that her

ch, that he could

eration, he sefolved

ught he was debating le match, vet, fuch was of his love, he deter:

elay his purpose a

Veflina, with whom dan intimate friend. & him to mike pro.

entleman rejoiced at for his daughter;


homele meures ezbegroet my lof his cadit, les

te king's farming si phop were for measgy Our / grezier mere in

of /sras merere's * iua efter med. Tercatat

| Berring, in 250mg ** I that he had the 6 / genuenian, door

and retince, and that

tome, young, entre 1:n regard hier

2nd, as far as 1.* Porcm, 10/20

1978 ***, Car; and the city the more rett bile income':


JE TO JEDEN cery medesimo npr to gan dem

and knowing the rank and importa | Fenicia had been, for some reason or ance of Timbreo, immediately, with orber, mutually concealed., Gironout conlulting his farpily, replied do then conceived the design of lowthat he felt hintelf honoured, and ling the seeds of discord between would with the greatest pleasure | Timbreo and his iniftres, and of contract an alliance with such a man. breaking off the match by such On his return, he communicated to means; after which, he proposed to his wife and daughter the promise demand her hand himself, and had he had made. Fenicia was pleased no doubt of success. This absurd that her chaste love would have such and iniquitous intention he resolved á happy termination; and her coun- to put in effect; and having found a tenance beanied with delight. But man fit for his purpose, who was fortune, which never ceases to per blindly devoted to his pleasure, he Tecute the human race, foon found opened his mind to him. The perthe means of impeding the suprials, fon whom Girondo thus chore for lo much defired by both parties. his confidant, and allistant in his It was publicly reported in a Niort wicked design, was a courtier of a time that Timbreo was contracted base mind, who delighted more in 10 Fenicia; which report was re- doing mischief than in promoting ceived with great pleasure by the good actions. Having received his Mellinese, as Lionato was universal- instructions, he went early the next Jy elteenied for 'his goodnels of heart morning to Timbreo, whom he and friendly disposition ; but above found alone, walking in his garden ; al), it was highly agreeable to the having entered the garden, he was fainily of the Lionati.

courteously received by Timbreo, Tliere lived then at Messina an- | After the common salutations, he other young gentleman of a noble entered into conversation in the fol. family, whose name was Girondo lowing manner : Olerio Valenciano, who had gained “My good lord, I am come thus great reputation for valour, and was early to speak to you on things of one of the most magnificent and ge- great importance, in which your nerous mon in the court. This honour is much concerned ; and young nobleman, having heard the since it is probable that what I have report, was very much distressed, as to communicate may be highly dir. he had for some time admired the agreeable to you, I must request you beauty of Fenicia, and was so delpe- will pardon my boldness, as my good rately enamoured, that he deter intentions and zeal for your happimined not to live, if she were mar- | nels prompt me to this proceeding. ried to another; and having resolved Now, lir, to the business itself: I to demand her in marriage, he ho heard yesterday, that you had confooner heard the was promised to traéled a marriage with the daughter Timbreo, than he was ready to die of Lionato de Lionati. Take care with grief. Finding no remedy for of what you are about, and have his affliction, he suffered his passion some regard to your honour. I fav so far to get the better of him, that, this to you, because a gentleman of without istening to the dictates of | my acquaintance paffes two or three reason, he determined to attempt to nights in the week with her, and is obstruct the marriage, by means in- | violently beloved: this very evening confiftcnt with the character of a gen- | he has an allignation there ; and I, tleman and a man of honour. He | as usual, accompany him. If you had been, in every campaign, the will give me your word that you companion and intimate friend of will not attempt to moleft either my Timbreo; but their affection for l friend or me, you Juall be convinced


Tem of luce


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to-night of the truth of my affertion. ; day and night; hither sometimes My friend has poffered the lady for Fenicia retired, to enjoy the beauty many months. My zeal for your of the garden. The family se ficted welfare, and gratitude for the many in another part of the palace, which benefits I have received froin vour was very large, fufficient not only for kindness, have induced me to disco- a private gentleman's retime, but ver this affair to you: now you may for the court of a sovereign prince, act as you think proper; it is fufh This c: der being established, the cient torineto have acted as my duty crafty agent de parter), and returned directed nie."

to the perfidious Girondo, whom be Tiinbreo was thunderstruck with informed of every thing he had this narrative, and so atnicted that he | done with Timbreo"; at which Ginearly lost his fenfes. After having rondo was greatly rejoiced, thinking helitated a short time between his his defign would fueceed even belove and indignation, at length a josiyond his expectations. The apresentment, as it appeared to him, pointed boor being come, the trai. overcame his pallion), and he ad. torous Girondo ordered one of his drelied himself to the young man as servants, whom he had already infollows:

itructed in his part, to dress himself “ My friend, I mall consider my. magnificently, and perfume himselt self as eternally obliged to you for with the most delicious perfumes. the regard you have manifested for This domestic and the young man my honour in fo friendly a manner. who had spoken with Timbreo, toI hope to have it in my power to gether with another servant carryreturn the obligation, and to showing a ladder on his shoulders, pra you how fenfible I am of your friend- i ceeded to Lionato's palace. " thip. At present receive my warm. ) It would be a vain attempt to enest thanks, and rely on my future deavour to describe the various etno: gratitude. Since you have volun- tions which agitated the mind of tarily offered to low me what I Timbreo in the interval. - The too Mould never have imagined, I re-credulous and unfortunate lover, queft you, by the kindness which blinded by jealousy, ate little or tras induced you to reveal the cir- | nothing the whole day, and appear. cumstance, that you would frecly led rather dead than alive, to pallid accompagy your friend as before was his complexion, and his eyes and I pledge the honour of a gen-luok in his head. Half an hour tleman that I will do no injury before the appointed time he went either to you or him, and that I will and fecreted himtelf in the ruins, le : never reveal the screi, so that your that he could easily perceive every , friend way peaceably enj v his good thing that palied; ftill believiny it fortune, I ought undoubtedly to impoflible that Fenicia should have have been more cautious at first, and resigned herself to the arms of an.' to have examined carefully bufore I other. He said, however, to bimmade proposais.”

fell, that young women are fickle, The young man replied, “Sir, inconftant, and fond of novelty : to.night at three o ciock, be near and now condemning, then exculing Lionain's house, and conceal your- her, he remained attentive to every self in the ruins which are opposite motion. his garden."

The night was not very dark; but One front of Lionato's palace Every thing was in profoiind cran. faced this place, in which there was quitlity, when he began to hear the an ancient apartment, whore win onod of foot-fteps, and a confused dows were constantly open both by nuimuring of voices. He imine

. .. diately

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