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Engraved for the Lady's Magazine.


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did was always in the night. It was and gestures, which did not-appear a blue weak fame, and did no mate-tome very impressive A bramin rial injury to the health of the peo. interpreted to me. Different chaple, who frequently went into it to racters of both sexes were introducsave their hay or corn ; and obferv- ed; and theintention of the piece was ed that it was extinguished by any to exalt the character of the branins, great noise, as blowing of horns, making many allusions to the untor. firing of guns, &c. A further ac-'tunate condition of their country, count of it may be found in the and the infernal difpofition of their Philosophical Transactions, and in late perfecutors, who are exhibired the Addenda to Camden; but the in the form of devils. These inconjecture in the latter, that it pro fernals swear to destroy tie world, ceeded from locusts said to have been and to put to death, in the first place, drowned, or to have died ashore here, all the bramins. They ially forth about two months before this exhala. on this defign, and commit many tion, seems but little probable, because murders, and at litt merta Bramin, no such effect was ever heard of, on against whom they advancé quite the drowning or death of locusts in furious. The bian'in, in deep meAsia, wbere they do no such mischief. diration, continues his devotion Something like this, both in the ap. without regarding them ; which pearance, and in the effect, happen- ftrikes them with reverence, and ed in France, in the year 1934.

-- hcv protivate theníelves on the The Roman way, called St. He-ground. The bramia, full of be. len's way, from the mother of Con- nignity, dilmilles them with an ex. ftantine the Great, who is said to hoitation and his bleting. The have constructed it, is still vigible in | Furies soon return to their formir . the north-west part of this county. couries, and are repeatedly forgiven;

but the blamin,' perceiving the in. fincerity of their repentance, obtains

their deftruction from Bramah. ACCOUNT of a DRAMATIC EN

The representation confifts of a TERTAINMENT in the EASTINDIES.

variety of separate stories, one of

which particularly engaged my afA N officer of rank lately paid a tention. A visit to the rajah, to be prefent] A god marries two young and at the marriage of his daughter to the beautitul wives; they appear on son of the Pey penard rajah, and each Gde of him, full of nodefty and communicates the foilowing curious refervę. he pays tbem the moti afliaccount of a Malabar play:

duous love, which they return with In the evening the Mopillas re- affection, and uizhout any appeartired to their homes, and the rajah ance of jealousy or uncafin's. He entertained his Nairs with a Mala- dances with them nizht and day; bai play. At this exhibition there! but at last a li tle repose becomes were present, besides my people, five neceffary, and he retires, leaving lifs or fix hundred Nair women. It wives embracing each other. This commenced at nine o'clock, and con- , aparent cordiality does not laft tinued until fix the next morning, long; and the gou is hardly allces

The actors were brought from a before the rivals begin a fierce barile. peighbouring country, and were | The combat.ints awaken the god, judged excellent. They were dressed and his prettrice restores order; but in the most fantastic Merry-Andrew- he is foun lentille ibat it is impofii, ljke manner. The story, or moral, ble to preserve peace between two, is. represented by action, screams, wives. In his distress he applies to

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his fuperior, Bramah, who advises, Grey gloves and shoes. Silver fox hiin to keep one always aflcep, which | muff. would give him the varitty of tin, . MOURNING DRESS. without the anxiety. This experi. L. Toupee in loose curls; black ribment does not succeed The waking bón mixed with the curls; black gorrefs torments him with her jes- enamelled crefcent, and black plumes lousy, and he is obliged to watch le coq in the front; the hind hair that the may not krangle ber Necp / turned up plain, the ends return. ing rival. In thort, conviaxed thated in ringlets on the neck.he is unable to manage two rives, | Dress of black muslin; the petticoat he Turrenters the born to a greater | with a broad pointed beli over the soil. .."

body; Innrt ffeeves it finall plaits, The Nair women appeared at this trinuned with black lace; Epaulettes entertainment, and mingled with ! of the same; scarf trimming round tbcu male friends and relations with the neck, looped on the froulders an agreable freedom.

and behind, the whole trimmed with The performance. was accompa black fringe. One string of baths nied by the country music, vocal beads round the neck; black enamel. and instrumental. vero ed ear-sings; black gloves and Ances;

white swan-down muft.




List of ROYAL ACADEMICIANS THE front hair combed straight of London, in our lajt zacete's

upon the forehead, the sides in Magazine, p. 516.;. toukosta Tmall ringiets, and the hind hair in 1. DURCH. 1. Coplev. j. maloole chignon. 'Travelling cap of : D Lawrence. Welt. .

fole.coloured fatin, trimmed with Opie. 6. Kauffman, 7. Weitai. 'whit fure :

8. Garvey, 9, Bourgeoisan , 10. Amazin diefs of lady's green Rulel. 11. Banks. 12. Stothard. cloth, itunes with hole-coloured farin; 113. Northcote. 14. Yenn. I cape, cuffs, ang dappels with the

Bacon. 76. Hamilton. 17. Smitke. fame. Suvait plain m in handker. 18. Rigaud. 19. Hoppner. 20. · chief Full fuck. Square pierced Farington, cold earrings. Fox tippct. Puff

:: Cassicus. coloured gloies, Blue striped thoes,

PA: MOURNING DRESS. : Bandeau of white mufiin, embroi.

ENIGMATICAL List of the et dered in black; to'upce and fides in

celebrated BEAUTIES 13 tbe Tows farse locte curschignon turned up

of WINDSOR. Calvin, and the ends muurned over 1. THE reverse of diminib, this bandeau in ringlets; two black l vowel, and a male beir.

In Itathers in front. 'Round 2. The preter of run, and thyertown of thick plain muffin, en broj. fourths of a place between twa bilis. dered in black; fort cloie ficeves, 3. A heavenly body and what trimined with black lace. Small / belongs to a lock, changing a better. 04mailin fliasvi, the bosder embroider: 4: Two-fifths of a time-piece,

din black. Black and white ftiped l and a poetical compofition, ... with pinned together' behind.-1.5. A maker of clothesi

White enamelled hoop ear-rings---- 6. An eeclefiaftical sidle.. **923 vg of pearls round the neck.


Totsile Soin Barletiturun deppnis981.pris

...POETIC AL ESSAY S...019227

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