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1, 61'.1. te rte! Vienna, 08.2621 yil

1 Nahe at Lebbenheim, notwithstanding

the fire of eight picces of artillery, and PROM the 12th of September to the made himfelf an opening with the 1 22d of October there have palled bayonet; and, after having carried through this city 24,000 men, chicfly rais: three villages, with charge feps, from ed in Hungary, and destined to reinforce the enemy, he favoured tho rapid the armies on the Rhine. The Hun, march of the adjutant general Gauloy, garians still conunue Yheir levies, which who seized Bingen, and the formidable now amount to 40,000 fighting men. mountain of St. Roch. General Klein, All the emperor's hereditary dominions commanding the reserve of the cavalry, follow the fame example, so that multiplied his movements in focha Aalria will bave at lealt 250,000 men manner, as to fupport all thofe attacks; on the Rhine, by the commencement of and that reserve, united with the centre, the fixeb campaign, if the negotiations conffting altogether of 6000 mpen, for peace do not succeed in the course forced the enemy, 'upwards of 11,000 of this winter.

men Strong, to retreat. The enemy Army of the Sambre and Meule. were obliged to abandon their four Head-quarters at Coblentz, &ober 28. camps. Their loss cannot be well

A general attack was made the day enough ascertained, but it must be before yefterday, by the right wing on very confiderable. They left five the whole line, from Creutznach, as chiefs killed on the field of battle, and far as Kaiserslautern ; the troops of the we took from them 100 prisoners, and republic have performed prodigies of one piece of canon. Citizen Dubois, valour, and the generals have continu. who commands the light artillery, dis ed to give proofs of their bravery. mounted several pieces of theirs, by the The main body of the army, directed briskness of his fire. by the general of divifion Ligneville, Army of Italy. Head-quarters, Te whore coolnefs, talents, and intrepidity,

rona, 08. 29. proved fo useful in the campaign of The Austrians have not been more 1791, at Montmedi, put itself in mo- successful in the fortic which they tion at day break, and fought till night, yesterday made from Mantua, tban in that is to fay, till it was master of the those which preceded it..

n i in pofitions, which the enemy defended At four o'clock in the morning, the with obftinacy,

srdce chemy landed, under cover of the reede General Poncet, marched from St. and Ihrubs, of the, Upper Lake, bees Wendel to Kaiserslautern, of which berween Saint George's and the post of took poffeffion, after dislodging the Cipado, a small corps, which had been entmy General Hardy penetrated detached from Mantui: but Morçay, por through the passes of Falckenstein and chief of brigade, who commanded at Kircheim Poland, where he took pofi St. George, being apprised of their de. tion, generall Loages forced those of sign, marched out against the enemy, Farfield and Dicffenthal, where he attacked them with the intrepidity of establired himself. General Dauriez, French soldiers, deftroyed a number in commanding the centre, crolled the their boats, in which a past had emYou. XXVII.

AD17 91 bafted tint 1696 IKI 1,18's !!



hasked in great, disorder, leaving-250 Vicenza, to Montebelloos apd from prisoners, besides a pumbera of killed hence to St. Martin, a and wounded., u

The general in chief has miarched Strefogurs, od. 29. Gencral Delaix the corps which we had upon the has just been appointed to the com. | Adige, which set out from Verona on Mand of all the troops between, this the 21, at ihree o'clock in the afterplace and Landau,. The main corps noon. It met the advanced guard of of his troops marched to Kehl, which, the enemy, between St. Martin and St. 19 all appearances, will be very strong. Michach, which it roured, and pursued ly attacked. General Rivaux has the for the space of ihree miles, .. command of the division of general. The next morning the two armies Beaupuy.

| found the lelves in presence of each Ji has been reported here, that the other, and had a farp engagement. Auftrians were forming large maga| The weather was extremely had : this zines about Spires ; but we are sure it did not prevent the French army, howis not true; nor is it fact, that the eyer, from dillodging ibe enemy keveAustrians have taken Kaifernautern. Tral times from their positiva, after

Stockholm, Nav, 11. His Swedish having made aliout 700 prisoners. The majefly has granted baron Staci, the general in chief having been informed Fata Swedish ambassador at Paris, a thar the enemy were in moiion upon ponfion of 20,000 livres a year; and the Lower Adige with a view of the, duke, of Sudermania, late duke palling it, he marched, at day break, regent, has resigned the office of high- the whole body of the army to Veropa.' admiral of Sweden, as well as all the The battle was very smart. the edeother public places he held formerly, my's Jofs was estimated very high. * Manheim, Nov. 11. A French truñ-1 Launay, general of brigade has been peter has been sent to general Hotze, I killed., with dispatches relative to an armistice. Gentili, general of divibot, com* We are asured that the armistice will 1 mander for i he republic in Corfica, at be accepted by the Auflrians, if the the head of a column of light infadury, French will consent to retire behind made himself mafier of the important the Queich. The prince de Ligoc has height of Mortela, which has obliged been Tent on the fame, subject to the the English fleet ko evacualc the golph arch,duke from general Werneck, to l of Şt, Florence whom the French have also proposed! Three English fhips of war have an armistice. There passed through 'been burnt in the port of Ajaccio. .

this city to-day a courier from general Paris, Nov. 17. Some very im* Werneck to the archduke. Every thing 1 portant changes have taken place in

is tranquil in our environs. The news the port of Breit. Some maries, wbo from Italy Aate that the Austrians egewere held in gencral' esteem, have loft tered Trent on the 4th.

Their, command. Vice-adintral Villa- The left wing of the Sambre and ret. Joyeuse has a fucceffor appointed, Meuse arms has made a movement"; and carries with him much regret. a part of general Lefebvre's division What are the motives of the fe changes ? bas repassed the Rhine, and proceeded 1. We are in poffeffion of very important to the mountains. It is supposed that details upon this fubject : 'But we hall the general in chief intends to keep a not hazard their publication till we Hrong force in the fecond line upon the learn the further results. centre of his army, in order to make It appears that they bave not removements to the left, right, or centre, nounced the plan of the expedition in cale of necefficy.

which was fitting oor ar Bren: thirtyRalladt, Nov. 12. Archduke Charles fix transports with troops on board, Yummoned Kehl to surrender on the ten thips of the line, and feveral friurb, and received an answer of refu- gates, are under orders to told them

Jal. The bombardraent was, there- | Felves in readiness for failing. We are *, fore, hourly expected to take place, ignorant of the destination of this weak

The archduke Charles had also received | Reet, when the Eoglifh tan at a mo. considerable reinforcemente. . .ment's warning, put to te á much i General-quarters at Verona, Nov. 13. more powerful force, The Auftrian army is advanced from 1 The port of Breft, ia respect of mo

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