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Lady's Magazine;

: SUPPLEMENT, for 1796.

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gaged him T UDLOW castle was built by It remained in the crown till the L Rogei de Montgomery foon fucceeding reign, when Henry II. after the conquest; all the country bestowed it on Fulk Fitz Warine, hereabouts having been given him called de Dinan, together, with the by the conqueror. Its walls are laid vale below it, which lies on the by fome to have formerly been a banks of the river Corve, called mile in compass ; but Leland, in Corve Dale. It was again in the this measure, includes those of the crown in the eighth of king John, town.

who granted it to Philip de Albani, This castle was seized by Henry from whose family it came to the 1. its owner, Robert de Beleime, Lucies of ireland. Walter de. Lucy son of Roger de Montgomery, hav. dying without issue male, left the ing joined the party of Robert de castle to his grand-daughter Maud, Courthose against the king. It re. from whose posterity it descended mained in the poffeffion of the again by a daughter to the Mortis crow'n, at the accession of king mers, from whom it passed heredita. Stephen, but was nevertheless gar- rily to the crown. During the risoned and held out against him troubles between king Henry II. by Gervase Pagnel, during the con- and his barons, anno 1264, this test with the empress Maud. Ste- | castle was taken by Simon de Montphen besieged, and, as some write, | fort, earl of Leicester. iook it anno 139 ; but others af. In the 30th of Henry VI, 1451, fert he was obliged to raise the riege. it belonged to Richard duke of York, In one of the attacks, prince Henry, who there drew up the declaration fon of David, king of Scots, newly of his allegiance to the king, preereated earl of Northumberland, tending the army of ten thousand rathiy approaching too near the men he had affembled in the marchwalls, was snatched from his horfe es of Wales “ was for the public by a kind of grappling iron ; per- wealth of the realm.” This declahaps somewhat similar to the corvus, ration, Stowe lay's, he subscribed as one of the machines invented by follows: 65 In witness whereof I Archimedes, for sbe defence of Sy- have signed this fcedule with my racuse, and mentioned by Tacitus, signe manual, and let thereunto my

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