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ment succeeded ; when his father, , into his family a servant, discharglooking stedfastly upon him, thưs ed from the castle of Clairville on replied, “ Ever ready to promote the death of the late marquis, and vour felicity, I shall not attempt to who, being a native of Switzerland, reason you out of an attachment, had returned to an uncle reliling which you describe so worthy of there in credit, by whom he had your choice, in everything but been recommended ;- that Prevot, birth and fortune. You are un- interrogated relative to the motive doubtedly the safest judge in a point of his quitting France, had given of such consequence as an union i him a circumstantial account of the for life.-But a subject of still more | occurrences which had paired in the present importance nocu demands family of the mirquis, including your attention. You must in future i the fatal death of the marchioners, decide your own destiny :-I no and the loss of her young :on. longer can claim from you the duty These events, (continued the count) of obedience : you are the child I found from Prevot's recital, only of my adaption, but the real, 'pared at a period when I was rethe indisputable son of a noble and turning with my wife through unfortunate marquis, the heir of a France to Switzerland: but fo exprincely fortune, the real Henry peditious was iny journey, bat the de Clairville ! wronged of your na- foregoing circuinftanse's never reachtural rights by an ufurper, who ed my ears. An intant lon had acdoomed you to a death in early companied our tour; and, by a infancy, from which Providence ludden Hiness incident to children, rescued voor innocence”

it pleased heaven o recall the gift And who murdered with barba- with which it had blessed us for a rian hand, my honoured mother thort time. The countess was in(exclaimed Albert, attentive with confulable, and I feared grief would increasing wonder to the words of have had a fatal effect upon her the count; and whose imagination delicate frame; when an extraordihad been wrought up almost to a nary incident roused her attention pitch of phrenly at the close of the from the indulgence of her private ipeech.) This aim (cont nued hie) | woes, to exercise it on an object fhall revenge her sacred blood in whose interesting age claimed the that of an aflaflin!

| offices of humanity from her materBut suddenly his features softened nal care. to a look of grateful tenderness : 1

(To be concluded in our ncxi.) recollecting himself, and falling at the feet of Bournonville, he thus continued : “ Forgive, oh parents of my deserted infancy, the force

STORY of the EXPLOITS and DEATH of nature, that suspended in my

of CAPTAIN RAGGADO and his breast the endless debt of gratitude

Bkavos. which I owe you. Here let my (From the Arabian Tales: or a Confieart ever acknowledge the tribute tinuaiion of the Aration Nights Erdue to filial love, while my sword tertainments.) avenges the blood of murdered inDocence; from whole honoured (Continued from p. 31.) lource I drew my own existence. -But lay, my lord, whence do you UILLARICH cast his eyes all derive this strange intelligence

over the earth, and perceiv. : The count then informed bim, ling what no human eve could ever that in his late absence he had taken I have perceived by the buit icl fcope. Vol. XXVII.


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