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Bagdad, (in Turkish Persia) 08. 29. , at that period.-General Urrutia, after

having reposed from his fatigues at St. EVERY thing announces considerable Pedro d'Arena, has entered into this 4. changes in Persia, which must have capital amid ft the applauses of a nume. considerable influence upon the balance rous populace. of power in Afia, and will in a special | . Banks of the Rhine, Dec. 20. From manner affect the interests of all the Eu- the 13th not a day has elapsed in which Topean powers, bit most that of the fome action has not taken place between Turkish empire. Aga Mabmet Kan, the French and the Austrians. That an eunuch, has twice defeated the young which took place near Helmltein, on the prince Loff Ali Kan, and made himfelf Hupfdruck, has been chiefly fatal to the master of Chiras, with all the treasure latter ; they were completely beat, and of the grandees at that place. The had a great number killed and wounded. prince has retreated to Kierman, with The French, on this occasion, pillaged the wreck of his army, from whence he the town of Layen, bur were at last bas sent to claim the affiltance of Ruflia, completely driven out of it. We are This power, it seems, has formed the informed, that the baggage and park of design of seizing upon some of the pro- artillery of the army of Jourdan have vinces, as an indemnification for its been already sent into the territory of trouble. A Chan of Maserandan, a | Liege. partifan of the prince Loff Ali Chan, Cablentz, Dec. 25. As neither oxen having marched to Ghilan with some nor other cattle are to be obtained in the troops, was joined by 1500 Russians neighbourhood, for the supply of the from Astrakan, and afterwards se zed French troops on the Huntdruck, 1400 upon Becht, the capital of Ghilan. peasants are employed weekly to procure

We also learn from Teftes, the capital provisions from the distance of 6 or 7 of Georgia, that prince Heraclius was leagues. in daily expectation of two Ruffian re: The pallas which lead to the position giments, in order to penetrate, with the of the French on the Hunsdruck are Georgian troops, into the provinces of now fortified in the lirongest manner. Chervan and Aderbelan. 'Prince Hel Upper Roine, Dec. 26. Mentz is to raclius is the mere creature of the Ruf be ftill further fortitied; the circle of the fians, who leems glad of any pretext for Upper Rhine is to furnish from five to making an irruption into Perlia. fix thousand men, to work upon the

Mentz, Dec. 27. Since the confer- new intended works. ence between the French and Austrian They write from Heidelberg, that the generals at Heinweiler, near Kern, in Austrians tcok, on the igih instant, one which the ceffation of arms was con hundred belis, which they had taken ceried, all our troops that had advanced from the churches in the Palatinate, towards the Moselle, are ordered to fall and were conveying away. The town back.

of Spires has not a liogle bell left to ring Madrid, Dec. 17. A royal order has to church with. been illued, fignifying that the French Heidelberg, Dec, 26. On the 16th, merchants, obliged to leave their fettle- the imperial general, Lauer, declared to ments at the commencement of the late M. de Vinningen, president of the Parupture, are to receive a full indemnini. latine government, and M. de Percation for the loss of their effcats, &c. 1 glasy, the chamber president, that he VOL. XXVII.



had received orders from the emperor | winter quarters. -The heavy cavalry is to seize upon the general treasury of to commence its march on the ed of NIanheim, as well as the several others next month, and the infantry is to fol. in the Palatinate ; tha: it was done low without delay. partly with a view of restoring the for. 1 Spire, Jan. 2. The day- before tifications, partly to raise new workson yellerday a French officer, with a band. .the other side of the Rhine, and partly age over his eyes, was introduced to the to provide necessaries for Manheim. Auttian general Otto, where he stayed

Both the presidents formally pro- an hour. The horse he had rode upon tefted againft fuch proceedings; the ge- was conducted by a trumpeter and an neral, however, remained inflexible in husfar on his return, and the officer his duty. On the following day, an having the bandage taken from his eyes, imperial counsellor of revision arrived was conducted back again in the gene. to take poffeffion of them. Time will ral's chaise, accompanied by an Austrian thew what conlequences this step will officer of rank. From the civilities mu. be productive of.

qually shewn on this occasion, it was Manheim, Dec. 26. A letter from conjectured that the French officer had Deux Ponts, dated the 238, Qated, brought some aufpicius inteligence, that the French were preparing to quit and that negotiations for peace were ac. that city and its environs. It is pre- tually on foot. fumed that this movement has bern nc Ehrenbreit/icin, Jan. 2. The French calioned by the arrival of the Austrians are hard at work upon batteries at two Dear Treves, and that the division of places between Capellen and Oberwerth, general St. Cyr is proceeding towards They are allo uncovering the abbey at Saar-Louis.

the latter place; the fine new church Bonn, Dec. 29. Whether the head. was likewise unroofed. * quarters will continue here during the The principal at Crux. winter, or be removed farther towards haven was blown down by the violence the Maese, is as yet uncertain.

of the wind on the night between the At Cologne the French have arrefted 20 and 3d inftant. A vessel from Lon. a number of the clergy as hoiages; don, as an instance of quick sailing, had they having imposed a contribution of arrived there from London in forty. roo carolines on each of the monafte- eight hours. ries, &c. &c. and one of ico rix-dol. Franckfort, Jan. 2. . The armiftice lars on each order of the regular clergy, has not yet been formally published in the poorer classes of mendicants only the armies, neither will it be, till the excepied.

ratifications arrive from the emperor and Vienna, Dec. 30. There has been the French government. All is quiet much agitation reipecting the founda- , at present, as hoftilities are quite at an tion of the new univerfity; but it has end between the advanced polts of the been naily fettled, that the edificc hail enemy, and the armies of Jourdan and be built out of the city.

Pichegru.. The French general Kleber Genoa, Dec. 3o. The French have is at Strasbourg, where he has taken the entirely evacuated Piedmont. The command. corps which was advanced to Ceva, and A number of the troops of Hefie. had for two days blockaded that fort. Darmitadt, on their return from Olna. refs, has abandoned the enterprise, at burgh, are said to have been taken into the appearance of the united Sardinian the pay of the emperor. troops, under the command of prince The headquarters of the imperialists Carignan, and generals Argenteau and are likely to continue all the winter beLatour: this corps of the army occu-tween Kreutznach and Mentz. Count pies at prelent all the country before | Erbach commands the army of the em. Ceva, to the extreme frontier which pire pro tempore. joins to our territory.

Hague, Jan. 2. A rupture between Kreutanách, Dec. 31. The fufpen the provinces, and a separation of the fion of arms is now finally settlest. - federative union, had nearly occurred Field-marthal Clerfaye leis out to-mor on the 29th, when, upon the decisive Tow for Vienna; and the troopa go int conclusion respecting the choice of a


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