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Lady's Magazine;

For M Á RC H, 1796.

DESCRIPTION of the City of for them in the palace. This city VIENNA.

has fix gates, well defended, and

twelve walled bastions, with strong (With a View elegantly engraved.) ravelins, which have twice refitted

thie force of the Turks, namely in VIENNA, or, as the Germans 1529, and 1683. There are 80

V call it, Wien, which is likewife streets, and 18 large market. the name of the river on which it places. The emperor Charles VI. ftands, and which near it falls in rebuilt the ancient archducal palace, to the Danube, is the capital of the in which the emperors formerly circle of Austria in Germany, and resided; he also erected a hand. of the whole Gerinan empire. The some opera-house. Besides this city itself is not very large ; but the palace, there are others in different fuburbs are so extensive, that in streets, the principal of which are the whole it may contain about those of Eugene, Lichtenstein, and 600,000 inhabitants. Between the Daun. In the suburbs there are å city and the suburbs, all round the great number of houses of pleawalls, there is an empty space of sure, with very handsome gardens; about 600 paces in breadth, in which and the Pratt, a grove on an island no one is allowed to build. The formed by the Danube, is very much city contains no more than 1223 frequented in fine weather. houses all built of ftone, with 29 The city of Vienna is the fee of churches and 8 chapels : nor will an archbishop; and the cathedral of this appear extraordinary when it St. Stephen is a ftately fabric, the is remembered that the public edi. windows of which yield but a dim fices, facred and profane, 'occupy light, on account of the painted about the fixth part of the city. glass in them : it is 1 14 yards long, Besides, the houses are almost as and 48 broad, and the steeple is deep below. the ground as they 447 feet high. Instead of a weatherare raised above it, and they are cock, there was formerly a Turkish generally fix or seven stories high, crescent, in memory of the fiege in of which the middle story is always | 1929 ; but after the second fiege at the difpofal of the archduchess, in 1683, they changed it for a wherein she lodges her officers and golden cross, which three months domestics, when there is not room after was thrown down by a storm.

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