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A CATALOGUE of the Books belonging to "The Library Company of
Philadelphia," was published in the year 1789, and another in the
year 1807, to which Supplements have been occasionally added.
Since that period, the Library has been very considerably increased
by donations and purchases; and a desire having been expressed, by
many of the members, that another should be published, the Direc-
tors have therefore prepared a complete Catalogue of the Books now
belonging to the Institution, on a plan now generally approved of and
adopted. A Synoptical Table of Contents is prefixed, and an alpha-
betical Index subjoined, to facilitate inquiry.


The Roman capitals which immediately follow the number of the
books, refer to the size, thus:

F. Folio.

Q. Quarto.

O. Octavo.

D. Duodecimo.

L. At the end of the title indicates that the work belongs to the
donation of the late William Logan.

P. In a similar situation, that the work forms part of the be-
quest of the late Rev. Samuel Preston.

M. That the work forms part of the bequest of the late William
Mackenzie, Esq.

The names of other donors are given in full.

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