Elementary Trigonometry

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Page 131 - ... the logarithm of a fraction is equal to the logarithm of the numerator diminished by the logarithm of the denominator...
Page 177 - From a station, B, at the base of a mountain, its summit A is seen at an elevation of 60 ; after walking one mile towards the summit, up a plane making an angle of 30 with the horizon, to another station, C, the angle BCA is observed to be 135 : find the height of the mountain in yards.
Page 340 - OF EUCLID'S ELEMENTS. Including Alternative Proofs, together with additional Theorems and Exercises, classified and arranged. By HS HALL, MA, and FH STEVENS, MA, Masters of the Military and Engineering Side, Clifton College. Gl.
Page 132 - The integral part of a logarithm is called the characteristic, and the decimal part is called the mantissa.
Page 39 - Radian is the angle subtended, at the centre of a circle, by an arc equal in length to the radius of the circle...
Page 132 - Let N be a number whose integral part contains n digits ; then JV= JQ<il>HftiMlon . .'. log^V=(?t— l) + a fraction. Hence the characteristic is и — 1 ; that is, the characteristic of the logarithm of a number greater than unity is less by one than the number of digits in its integral part, and is positive.
Page 185 - From the top of a hill the angles of depression of two objects situated in the...
Page 338 - We will not say that this is the best Elementary Algebra for school use that we have come across, but we can say that we do not remember to have seen a better. . . . It is the outcome of a long experience of schoolteaching, and so is a thoroughly practical book. All others that we have in our eye are the works of men who have had considerable experience with senior and junior students at the universities, but have had little...

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