The student's Persian and English dictionary, pronouncing, etymological, & explanatory

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Irish Presbyterian Mission Press, 1880 - Persian language - 558 pages

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Page 88 - It does not occur in words of Persian origin. Its sound, among the Arabs, is that of th, in the English word thin ; but, the Persians and Indians give it the sound of s.
Page 102 - Persian, called also jim-i-fdrA or jim-iajml, the seventh letter of the Persian alphabet, sounds like ch in the English word cheek. It does not occur in Arabic.
Page 364 - A kind of verse, in which the meaning of the first verse of each stanza is completed in the last. IT qat'a or r/ut'a, A division, plot, parcel, or portion of land, segment, portion cut, shape. А. и. ^jiJa
Page 90 - A young woman who has consnmated her marriage, f cernina cujus periit virginitas. — jm or fim-i-ta*i, the fifth letter of the Arabic and the sixth of the Persian alphabet, has the sound of j in the English word judge.
Page 338 - J fd. F. The twentieth letter of the Arabic, and twenty-third of the Persian alphabet. A.
Page 95 - The orthographical character jazm ( ) which is placed over a letter to show that it is quiescent or has no vowel following it. A/STJ Ы-1-jaim, With decision, in earnest. A. .j.
Page 330 - JL-c ^e. the nineteenth letter of the Arabic and twentysecond of the Persian alphabet, has no corresponding character in Sanskrit. It is one of the guttural letters ; its sound being like that of the Northumberland r, or like ag uttered with compression deeply in the throat : and, it has the same relation to i^/ that ~ has to ti/.
Page 122 - It has no corresponding sound in the English language, but is expressed by the Scottish pronunciation of gh in the word right. It seems to have the power of the Greek %• In numeration by the letters of the Arabic alphabet, it stands for 600. And in astronomy, it denotes the planet Mars.
Page 31 - Adding, joining, annexation ; increase, augmentation, increment ; surplus, excess ; stipend, scholarship ; (in gram.) construction of one noun with ' another, the relation of the genitive case or the addition of an adjective, expressed by joining Kasrah to the governing noun. aj*W izfi, ConstructiTe, relatiTe. A W^ ig s
Page 108 - ... the sixth letter of the Arabic alphabet, does not occur in Persian, nor is there in Sanskrit any letter corresponding to it. It is one of the six guttural letters; its sound being an aspiration much stronger, and formed deeper in the throat than that of s . In reckoning by , abjad it stands for eight : and, in astronomical tables, it denotes the sign, Sagittarius.

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